Nothing like my mother poking her head in saying that I should really see a dentist. I work 60 hours a week and I don't really want to deal with the stress of leaving for home around the time I wake up, then stressing about making it to work on time. Also I need extensive work done so... fuck.

She keeps poking at me around this time of year because of medical insurance reasons.

So goddamned stressed.

congratulations to Chile for voting to get rid of Pinochet's constitution

Music writing exercise that turned out chill as heck

I must be hella conditioned to loath talking about money, because even having a few thousand dollars in savings makes me feel gross.

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I hit my soft goal of stuffing money into savings, which means I need to keep doing that as well as start looking for resources to move outside of Seattle.

Yeah, that didn't last long. Still feel bad though and I have about two hours left in my day before I need to pass out.

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I sunsetted a couple twitter accounts and for the time being I'm just going to close every social app but telegram for the time being. Catch y'all later I guess.


Today is a surprise day off given the shift in work (or lack thereof) so it should be a nice, relaxing day in the middle of the week. Sadly that’s not the case right now. Not going to go into specifics but all I can really say is my whole mood is ruined and I lost a rather sizable chunk of respect for my mother, whom I still with with.

Just feeling extremely blah today. Can’t even let my brain wander and daydream. Not bad, just... here

Hades, SAVE DELETING GLITCH, no spoilers 

so, heads up, if multiple people play Hades on the same device, you MUST create a new save file or it will delete the other person's save.

On that note, as I get older and creakier in my bones, the percentage chance that I ending up full goo-critter goes up.

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Letting one's self kind of let go and do some light and wholesome kink with friends really turns my mood around.

So today is my second HRTiversary! What does that mean exactly? I've been taking prescribed hormones to help transition my body into something I want.

What does that mean for everyone? You have a more confident and powerful kaijugirl to pal around with!
✨ROAR!✨ is not your friend! 

What follows is a link to a Reddit post in which a person talks about how's practices favor businesses over workers (no shock there).

They then go on to talk about how they suspended them for leaving a detailed negative review against their horrible ex-company… 2 months after it was posted. It had previously 6 "helpful" votes.

Just trans things 

I just sneezed real good and now my left nipple tingles.

I lost my job this morning.

If anyone happens to know of freelance or remote work opportunities, please let me know.

Thank you.

giantess/hypno/deity kink (non-adult) 

Stuck on the idea of my kaijugirl Alistor singing infectious pop songs* to lul in hundreds, even thousands of lovelies to dance and sing as if it were all choreographed, and she feeds on those good vibes like it was precious nectar.

*current brainworm being "You spin me right round (like a record)"

Hooray for small projects! Did a hardware store run yesterday and picked up some cheap supplies to make a whiteboard that can exist on a sliding closet door. It juuuust fits!

Just some 2'x3' whiteboard, heavy duty 3M command strips and some electrical tape for a thin border.

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