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I did it y'all! The Kaiju Girlfriend design is up on Threadless Artist Shop. Available in three flavors; black, white, and kaijuottr pink! I also have a kofi if you want to support me that way. 💖💖💖

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I went ahead and did it, I set up a Ko-fi page last night! I set up my first goal for a few face electrolysis sessions. Still have a lot of figuring out to do but I think this is a good start.

Thank you all for your support. 💖

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I'm late to the party on this discourse nonsense but I'll keep it brief:

Don't stop being kind, protect the good people around you, be a community. Ask for help if you need it.

Don't let bad people break you down.

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Pygymy falcons are one of the smallest species of raptors. They only grow to be about 7 inches high!

Don’t say your company is family friendly if a single raising parent can’t work there.

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retoot if you love who youre in a relationship with =)

So serious question, has anyone who purchased shirts from Threadless Artist Shops been happy with the quality of the print design? Does it hold up after a few washes?

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Engage in random acts of kindness and altruism. This has been linked to mood boosting.

Holy cow this Pantene commercial from the Philippines acknowledging transgender individuals is so huge. :sparkles_trans:

Makeup get!

It was my first time going into Ulta alone and it was a really chill experience despite there being so many people. Everyone was super helpful and I could just go in and be comfortable. Managed to spend only $50 on a lot of the basics, the foundation was a purchase from Thanksgiving.

I am thankful for having a smartphone so I could see reviews and sale prices while in store, helped with my shopping anxiety.

Every now and again I keep coming back to the fact that my old email address needs to go since I, in my eggy wisdom back when gmail was but an april fool's day "prank", put my deadname on it.

Now I'm struggling to come up with something that's not taken, easy to rattle off, and not embarrassing. It's actually stressful.

Finally went out to town, cleaned up and looking pretty fem. I even brought my purse out for the first time!

It’s :sparkles_green: Plushtember :sparkles_red: y’all! It doesn’t need to be punny, it can just be soff!

*snaps fuzzy reigndeer antlers next to her horns*

Still kind of exhausted but in a much better mood. At least my energy is being used in constructive ways rather than flailing wildly and wanting to scream.

Boosting because this is still one of my favorite pics this year. It’s still a desktop wallpaper and makes me smile each time I come home and start up the machine.

Ok, things are looking better today and likely tomorrow. Still wish I was stuck at home though... literally.

Yup, I'm unapologetically furry and :sparkles_trans:plush :sparkles_trans: today, sorry.

Wait, no I'm not!

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