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I did it y'all! The Kaiju Girlfriend design is up on Threadless Artist Shop. Available in three flavors; black, white, and kaijuottr pink! I also have a kofi if you want to support me that way. 💖💖💖

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I went ahead and did it, I set up a Ko-fi page last night! I set up my first goal for a few face electrolysis sessions. Still have a lot of figuring out to do but I think this is a good start.

Thank you all for your support. 💖

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I'm late to the party on this discourse nonsense but I'll keep it brief:

Don't stop being kind, protect the good people around you, be a community. Ask for help if you need it.

Don't let bad people break you down.

I finally have to reach out for support that friends or family just can’t provide.

Time to start wearing a sports bra!

I finally told my dad I'm trans! It was awkward as hell and I wish I was better at speaking out loud but it's done and things are good between us.


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Missing person in Portland, OR area. Please share widely.

There are some changes coming to my Patreon this week! If you want to be in the reformed $10 tier, you'll have the chance to snag one of the 30 slots on Tuesday!

Treat your plushies well folks, theyre friends too

Some see a label maker, I see a fascist fighting sticker machine.

An FYI, Payless is closing ALL their stores after an private equity firm saddled them with more debt than could be paid (same thing happened to Toys R Us).

So if you were looking for inexpensive shoes, now is the time to do it I guess.

Pour one out for the retail crowd.

Nothing like a one-off comment elsewhere that makes me contemplate having a unicorn horn...


I knew it would happen, but its so so so good to hearing it out loud. I got my new name and gender designation approved by the court!

I know I've been talking about being queer/trans a lot lately, but honestly it's been like the one thing going for me at the moment!

Today is a powerfully queer day I guess. Have my name change hearing scheduled and I mailed out my coming out letter to my dad and stepmom. Also my hrt seems super effective today.

One project I really want to do is produce a gem like the one my OC has, possibly resin casted and hang that puppy on a collar.

I’m thinking about putting together an amazon wishlist for my birthday, but I hate asking for things at all!

Got a call from the courthouse this morning asking if I could come in, but I was asleep when I got it. So trying to call back all I got was voicemail so now I have to call again tomorrow, probably way before I wake up to see if I can come in and do a hearing to get my name change moving forward. :blobglare:

Sentient space crystal that literally feeds off of good vibes forms a symbiotic relationship with a girl, turning her into a goddess is probably the most anime thing @LexYeen and I have come up together for me in a long time.

There! I wrote a coming out letter. Now for phase two, where I come back to it later and rewrite the entire thing.

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