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I did it y'all! The Kaiju Girlfriend design is up on Threadless Artist Shop. Available in three flavors; black, white, and kaijuottr pink! I also have a kofi if you want to support me that way. 💖💖💖

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I went ahead and did it, I set up a Ko-fi page last night! I set up my first goal for a few face electrolysis sessions. Still have a lot of figuring out to do but I think this is a good start.

Thank you all for your support. 💖

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I'm late to the party on this discourse nonsense but I'll keep it brief:

Don't stop being kind, protect the good people around you, be a community. Ask for help if you need it.

Don't let bad people break you down.

bad vore joke, self deprecating 

It’s vore day, but the only thing on the menu is my free time.

Your kaiju friend offers you a piece of candy as she digs through her purse. You laugh and politely decline, knowing that the 'candy' is actually a compact sedan wrapped in colorful cellophane.


Fuck this, I'm not going to let it ruin the two hours I have left in my day.

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It's painful when even the little things dig so deep into me. My mom is home all day and I come home after 2 am from a 10 hour shift and pretty much the only interaction I get is "I'm hungry, want to drive to taco bell?"

I am a tool. If I argue against it, I am a disappointment.

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I honestly feel more like a tool and less like a person any more. And like any tool I'm going to be too worn out to be useful and thrown out.

Hot tip, if you're macro, then golf courses are a great place to sprawl out and chill. The players shouldn't be there anyway given the circumstances so I'm doing them a big favor.

*rubs a magic lamp*

"You have freed this genie! You get three wishes."

"Yeah, I want the REM music video to Imitation of Life in 4k please."

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That late night mode of thinking that music videos peaked at like 2004, or just before HD became a thing. Which is tragic in its own way.

Get yourself a partner you can tease all day long. Makes both parties feel real good.

macro trashposting 

The top of the cruise liner did end up taking a bit of beating in order to make the top deck flat enough to comfortably lounge on (sorry water slide!) but honestly, it's not that much effort at all as steel just kind of gives up against those curves.

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twitter link re: alternative hijab fashion

Yo, check this out: Hijabs with mohawks added. :blobyeengrin:

macro trashposting 

Consider this, your kaiju girlfriend having commandeered a pair of ships for her own amusement. The first being a luxury cruise ship to use as a pool raft, and the other is an aircraft carrier so she can have her cocktail and snacks within reach on a handy floating table.

Anchors are dropped not far from the beach too, letting anyone on a day out get a gander at a kaiju sunbathing.

Still tired, but damn it I can't stop now. Can't keep a kaiju (and part time ✨plush✨) down for too long. That's a fact.


Working 60 hour work weeks versus 40 is a lot of extra time taken from your life. It's not just the twenty hours extra for work, it's another two for commuting, more energy expended to do laundry and self care. Extra gasoline gets used and more trips to get food for the week.

Sure it's overtime, but some percentage goes right back into just functioning during that extra time at work.

I'm just so damn tired and that's all I can offer right now.

re: life update, request for funds 

Still displaced, now with shelter in place orders due to COVID-19!

I'm in a stable place with friends that may as well be family, but anything anyone can spare would help.

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God I'm so god damn sorry, I'm tired of begging and I hate hate hate hate hate hate this beyond measure and I feel ashamed, but the unemployment commission hasn't paid me in what is now 35 days and counting, for... indiscernible reasons no one can tell me at that damned office, they even said there should be no hold up.

I have enough for rent, getting a new/repaired tire for the car (got punctured in a local work zone by some shit in the road), and nothing else.

If it isn't fixed in the next few days, I am going to try to go to the next claims event this week in Ardmore, Oklahoma. I *cannot* do that on a spare tire, and it's 200 miles away. This is the only way I can talk to a flesh and blood human being that I know of.

Hopefully I only have to stick it out a little longer...

Please help us?

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