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CW: Personal merch plug:

Just in time for March it's my Kaiju Friends: Second Evolution Collection!

Each design is available as shirts, stickers, magnets and masks, covering monstrous girlfriends, boyfriends, partners and friends! I get double earning on regular tees too! ROAR!!

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macros crushing buildings between their thighs is too easy

gimme macros crushing the mt rushmore heads between their thighs

Sun Pharmaceutical expanded testosterone recall 

This is due to a bacterial contamination and is to be taken seriously.

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Sun Pharmaceutical expanded testosterone recall 

Transposed from a Twitter link, which will also be provided:

Recalled Lot Numbers for Testosterone
Cypionate from Sun Pharmaceutical

Lot: HAC1974A, HAC1978A, Exp 06/2023
Lot: HAC3427A, EXP Date: 08/2023
Lots JKX3267A & JKX3686A Exp. Date 08/2022
Lot JKX4700A, Exp Date 10/2022
Lot JKX5727A, Exp date 11/2022
Lot HAC4337A Exp date 11/23

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heat advice from a Californian 

* Hydration is more than just water. You also need electrolytes - various mineral salts, basically - for your body to function, but as you sweat these electrolytes leave your body with your sweat. One sports drink or glass of fruit juice for every 2-4 glasses of water is the advice I've heard most frequently.

* Keep a handful of canned beverages (soda, La Croix, fruit juice nectar, whatever you like - the point is that it's a cold liquid in a sealed metal cylinder) in the fridge. When you get overheated, get one out and press it against the side of your neck without opening it - yes, right where you'd take your pulse. Congratulations, you're adding a heat sink to the circulatory system at one of its highest-flow closest-to-the-surface points. If it's too cold, take a shirt or a towel or something and wrap the can in that.

* Don't work in the sunlight if you can avoid it. Early morning and late afternoon are your outdoor working hours, and the latter only applies if your area cools in the evening.

* Heat stroke is deadly. Symptoms: High body temperature, altered mental state/behavior, change in sweating, headache, rapid breathing, racing heart, flushed skin, nausea and vomiting. First aid: Immediate rapid cooling by any means available.

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heat advice from a Californian 

* If humidity allows, build a swamp cooler. This is a simple creation: Fill an insulated container, or just a bucket, with ice. Point a fan at it, in such a way that the stream of air just catches the lip of the container.

* Don't be afraid to augment your sweat with sprayed, wiped, or sponged on water.

* Breathable clothing is incredibly important. Go for lighter colors, ideally white for its broad-spectrum reflective properties but khaki or pastels work too. If you wear skirts, or feel like expanding your clothing options, now is the time to wear them.

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heat advice from a Californian 

* Don't chug cold beverages when you're overheated. Sip instead, letting the liquid warm in your mouth before you swallow. That way you're not shocking your core temperature, but easing it down. This is especially important for heat stroke first aid.

* Public transit and libraries are often air conditioned, if your home isn't. Remember to mask up, covering all your breathing holes.

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I haven't been boosting this much because it isn't an urgent need, just a request for assistance, but the request is still open.

Again, to those who have helped: Thank you. No matter how much, any amount of help is still help.

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financial and material aid request (moving assistance, paypal only), amazon wishlist link 

I'm moving back to the place I was flooded out of before the COVID-19 pandemic soon, and while the place is dry and inhabitable it's still in a sorry state. The catch(s)? I'm disabled to the point I can't find traditional work by severe scoliosis, quite autistic, and I don't drive because I can't afford to maintain any kind of vehicle more complicated than a recumbent bike.

I need cash for bedroom furnishings, bathroom and kitchen supplies and accessories, replacement clothes (so much of my old underwear has utterly fried elastic, f.ex.), storage boxes, cleaning supplies, and other expenses. The only way I have to accept funds right now is Paypal, and it still has my deadname attached to it because I have had more pressing matters to deal with than fighting them. Email is: glowhore [at] gmail [dot] com.

I also have a wishlist on Bastard Bezos's Bargain Bin for things that are simply easier and cheaper to order there, if anyone is so inclined. The delivery address is pointed at the place I'm currently staying, the residence of two of my most trusted friends. Items on the list will disappear as they're purchased, and I may add things as they're suggested or I see a need for them.

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I've updated my font VCR Jazz Mono for (hopefully) the last time!

v3.0 features some new Unicode characters, mainly stuff that can be interpreted as either input devices, or just stuff on a camcorder!

As always, download is here!

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hey! i made a new track with the dirtywave m8 tracker. undercover hop!

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I hope today finds everyone well, and hope everyone finds time to step back and breathe, clear your mind of the stresses both large and small.

I cannot fathom describing my joy after finding my little universe necklace after I misplaced it in my bedroom for months. And that sentence is both humorous and kind of sad to say out loud. I should really clean my space, lol.

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culinary culture, boost please 

Heck, let's do a poll for this. Since I'm pretty curious how my anecdotal experience talking to people translates to broader trends.

Do you, or have you picked mushrooms on your own? And where do you live?

(only four options allowed per poll, so if you're not in the US, give me an indication in a comment where you live. I imagine this might vary wildly over the world)

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Just weird personal furry conundrums 

@Alistor This is not at all a serious problem at all, but it does make me think a little too hard about it at times because my brain is like a horse that sometimes goes ‘nah, I’m just going this way, I don’t care how hard you pull the reins.’

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Just weird personal furry conundrums 

I have an OC with a ref sheet and everything, and I’ll be the first to admit that I have bolted on a lot of features to my fursona over the years.

However, one artist has been very consistent with how they draw my tail, with a line of fur along the top ridge rather than a ribbon-like fin. I have never bothered to correct him and these are just free sketches because that’s how just he works. Thing is I like it? But I don’t want to make changes *again.* 🤷‍♀️

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food recall (Jif peanut butter, salmonella contamination)

"The J. M. Smucker Co. is recalling select Jif® peanut butter products sold in the U.S. due to potential Salmonella contamination. Salmonella is an organism which can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems. Healthy persons infected with Salmonella often experience fever, diarrhea (which may be bloody), nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain."

They include a long list of affected product UPC codes, as well as a lot code range of 1274425 – 2140425. Lot codes are printed alongside the best-used-by date.

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CW: Bio, health, teeth, anxiety, Seattle area request for help, (redrafted) :boost_ok:​ 

I have anxiety about my teeth. when I'm really high, i can imagine my mouth is dying. it sucks. I have anxiety about dentist. They are all experts in guilt, no matter how gentle they try to be, and every visit is just excruciating.

I still need recs for one, though. I need a lot of work. Preferably one with the good machines and surgeons and the Good drugs. femme dentist preferred. Queer friendly preferred


Free covid test PSA (US residents) 

Looks like there's a third round of covid test that can be received through the US Postal Service, but unlike the first two rounds, this will be a total of eight tests (across 4 2-packs) versus the 4 tests. If you've signed up for them before, it's the same setup.

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