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CW: Personal merch plug:

Just in time for March it's my Kaiju Friends: Second Evolution Collection!

Each design is available as shirts, stickers, magnets and masks, covering monstrous girlfriends, boyfriends, partners and friends! I get double earning on regular tees too! ROAR!!

Blahaj is now available for your blobby emoji needs at !

Thanks to the amazing commissioner, these are all free for use. Also in telegram sticker form at

(If you want your own, I'm open for commissions!)

Brain is extra mush tonight. Also hi, long time no see.

It may be a tad late from me, but happy holidays and I hope the rest of the year treats y’all well.

Macro humor;

Just about ready for my trip to see my partner and friends in california! Had to give the travel advisory the thumbs up to make sure I make it through the pass with as little issue as possible.

Just trans things (+) 

After a couple solid months of losing my job, wrangling with name change BS with state insurance and jumping between parties, I finally have my estrogen patches to see how those will work.

I finally just put them on.

When I went to community college, I was commissioned to to the logo for their sports program (yes I was paid). Eventually that logo was used on merch by the time I graduated & now I see it’s even used in their trucking program.

So now I totally have my art on the side of a semi truck cab!

It's an osprey and they wanted that kind of "sport logo look" but I was happy to do it. That kind of gets me a bit pumped to do stuff again, because I love seeing that I left some kind of mark out there.

trying to find a dark-mode extension that doesn't mess with certain elements is really cheesing me off. Like I can't remember if I fave'd a toot or not because all the stars are grey. Sigh.

furry thoughts (macro/sizeplay) 

"Oh, this? It's not a shrink ray, it's a forced-perspective ray with just a smidge of mass-reduction tech. She's the same size she's always been, she just looks smaller."

"Are you gonna tell the restaurant?"

"No, their sign says all you can eat and we're going to test that hypothesis."

gofundme re: internet infamous person death (Richard "Lowtax" Kyanka) 

This gofundme was set up on behalf of the ex-wife mentioned. If you choose to donate, please make an effort to keep any comment you choose to leave positive - the children involved may read through the comments when they're old enough, and their mother did ask for some measure of respect on that front. As this gofundme is known to the SomethingAwful forums, please do not feel too much pressure to donate - they may be assholes, but they take care of their own, and have grown a heart since the wild years I took part in as a teenage dumbass.

If for whatever reason you'd rather not toss money their way? Dishonor Lowtax's memory and donate $10 to a trans person's crowdfunding. Given how many of us the thing he created has hurt, and how many of us fell into that barbed-wire-lined rabbit hole when we were young, I figure it's a good second option.

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Random object vore out of nowhere 

Taking the phrase "eat the rich" in a whole new direction by finding a treasure hoard and just snacking on it.

Bonus if there's a dragon TF trigger cascade.

The maker scene would be kind of wild, though a lot of it would also be just like the eccentric weapon makers on youtube today, but they occasionally partner with actual enchanters.

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In thinking about fantasy adventure in a modern setting, I like the mental visual of a steel chest plate with band stickers plastered on it.

Did you know you can make a Zine? :blob_aww: 

Like, right now! You could take a thing you made (or make a thing!) and print it into a book form!

You can make little 8 page ones that take one sheet of paper per book:

Or you could make a Booklet from any document! I find PDF readers to work best. Adobe's tutorial here is great, and works in several other PDF readers!

And how to staple them:

Go make something new! :blob_aww:

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Friend's birthday, ko-fi link 

Hey y'all, it's my internet bro's birthday today and I'm boosting his ko-fi link in hopes that it's made just a little bit better. 💖

In this, our darkest timeline, find joy in the world. Like being excited that a friend is finally getting a ref sheet for their fursona.

let your loved ones know you care.

even if they're not the same biological species you are.

in fact, I'd say especially.

remember: actions speak louder than words.

Rambling about unemployment, opportunities, moving in the PacificNW (help?) 

So I am recently unemployed and moving has been on my mind for a long, LONG time. I've settled on Washington state, more or less as close to the Seattle area as I can afford. I have a decent chunk of money in savings but I have no idea where to even start with moving despite being in my late 30's.

So I guess this is a formal cry for help. Whether it's for a possible queer/furry roommate or just some advice.

Seriously, after many dry, hella smoky days I am grateful for blue skies and some rain.

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