Dang, Minecraft is 10 years old this weekend. It seems like only yesterday that it came from literally nowhere.

@Alistor I never had as much fun with it was I had with like... the first alphas. Just exploring and building stuff.

It's certainly improved! I just mean... I can't believe that was like 10y ago now.

@Trysdyn The huge thing back then was figuring out recipes and discovering interesting areas, before game wikis were just all around us.

@Alistor Like one of the biggest memories of the game is the first thing I "built" which was a cobblestone skywalk across the entire explored world in my very first world.

Because mean things spawned on the ground.

I hadn't figured out it was light, not block type, that spawned enemies. Just so happened I lit the skywalk so nothing spawned up there. Then I ran glass lava tubes along the sides because it looked cooler.

It was so chintzy and janky, but it was fun.

shitpost of Minecraft origins 

@Alistor Ten years since it was gracefully given to us by Hatsune Miku, from outer space.

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