Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

Federal officers who do not have badges or answer to local authorities and state officials have been found in Portland Oregon, pulling protesters into unmarked vans.

Today the Acting Homeland Security Secretary released an extremely scary letter condemning protesters as lawless anarchists destroying the city.

I am fucking terrified.



Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

To be clear, I live in Oregon, always have but I'm clear on the southern end of the state. So the fact that it still chills my very being from 275 miles away says something profound I think.

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Portland, OR. Federal violence. 

@Alistor knowing these things are going on from the relative quiet of the edge of PDX suburban sprawl is just as chilling.

This is wrong on so many levels.

The feds and police escalate and *CAUSE* the violence, without them in the picture this is a relatively peaceful effort.

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