Sven inspecting postholes last week. They passed, but had no mice in them.

End of the garden. Frost forecast tonight. Here are the last pole beans, shelled and ready to blanch and freeze for soup or salad.

Fence repair completed. Asher and Archie inspect the work. Took ten days to get a day without rain or outside obligations. We got the posts in yesterday, finished up this morning.

Either a mangled gate, or else an avant garde metal sculpture by Oak Tree [deceased.]

Weirdness: Letter from the ham radio club at my undergrad school (Michigan State, class of 1971) asking for a donation. Yes, I have a ham license now, but did not get it until years after moving out of Michigan. The university quit begging me for money long ago. How did MSUARC find me (including my call sign) after 48 years and half a dozen address changes?


[redraft] I am doing a survey for a class on the affects of content warning prevalence on Mastodon. The survey takes a few minutes and should no longer require you to log in. If you could complete and retoot, that would be fantastic! The more responses the better.

Issue: Being followed by accounts tat follow hundreds, but have no profile, no followers, and no toots. I block them. Is this wrong?

Husband (as a not so Imperial storm trooper) cuts up that dead tree so we can fix the fence. The get up is almost absurd but safety before style and I do want him safe.

And here's the temporary repair, with the horses back in their yard.

Dead tree falls on horse yard gate. Barn cat Delta tries to take credit for the kill. We were eating breakfast, saw it all happen right outside the windows.

Parade feature on 20 "greatest TV shows of all time." Any of them that I have ever seen were, in my opinion, offensive, obnoxious, and often repulsive. No wonder I don't bother with television now.

medical rant 

Shay logging locomotive (high torque shaft and gear drive) in operation, Illinois Railroad Museum yesterday. Slow but powerful, these engines hauled heavy loads on steep grades.

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