Hear Huskyteer reading her story, "The Zeroth Protocol," on The Voice of Dog podcast. Cats on a submarine, with puns. Great stuff! anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi

Here's your chance to hear me reading my own short story, "Beyond Mundane Horizons," today's feature on the Voice of Dog podcast. anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi
Old vixen Naryssa gets a new way of seeing life, the universe and everything after meeting an interesting stranger.

I'm pleased to invite you to hear @khakidoggy reading my story "Catch Me if You Can" on his podcast The Voice of Dog. Rusty is the fox in a radio hunt when a slip up turns the game serious. anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi

Also two Rose-breasted Grosbeaks (front and side view) less formal, more clownish, but better singers.

Today's big bird: Red-headed Woodpecker, always in formal attire.

This morning's birds complete most of the spring flock we expect. Several Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, male and female, showed themselves just after sunrise. An Orchard Oriole put in an appearance as well (we never see but one.) Summer comes.

And today, heated buckets washed and put away until October. First oriole sighted, robins singing like madbirds.

Today's egg haul. White ones from the [feral] chickens, green ones from our domesticated ducks. At this rate we will have to start giving some away. 🐎

I thought those were different. Heist is a theft, simply. Caper is more complex, like a scam or con job.

Spring progress: yesterday the first hummingbird. Today, the first indigo buntings. Also, a barn swallow has eggs in the old nest she claimed and repaired in the horse barn.

Libertarian goldfinches disregard social distancing orders.

Hear the story "Coyote's Voice" that I wrote for ROAR, now given life superbly by Khakidoggy on his Voice of Dog podcast. anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi
A really fine interpretation.

Snow falling in big clumps. No wind. Ugh! Where is spring?

Bagelach! Hybrid of bagel and rugelach fresh from the oven. Because it snowed overnight and I'm f-f-freezing.

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