A dozen English muffins, fresh from the griddle. (Was a Baker's dozen, but I ate the runt of the litter.) 🎠

Making Picalilli, a sweet pickle relish without cucumbers. It has cabbage, green tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, and spices.

This year's largest beans. The straight one is 12 inches (30.5 cm) and the curved one is 13 inches (33 cm) Scarlet runner, quite tasty, with bright red flowers.

I voted. US citizen? Then you should too. It really matters this time.

New toy arrives! As if I didn't have enough already. But I wanted to try this and had some Amazon credits. Once tuned, it sounds pretty nice. (And weighs a heckuva lot less than my banjos do.)

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Another of my stories is up on The Voice of Dog, nicely narrated by @khakidoggy. anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi
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Butterfly of the day. While going out to scrub horse water buckets and refill the, saw this Giant Swallowtail (Papilio cresphontes) fluttering about. Said to be the largest North American butterfly.

@Altivo: First actual eastern tiger swallowtail (Papilio glaucus) seem by us this year. We used to get hundreds of these.

@Altivo: For a decade or more, we made these little cookbooks as Christmas greeting cards. I'm happy to share them now. drive.google.com/drive/folders (Use and share freely, no commercial use please.)

How Menander Got His Name: He's a Pegasus descendant, living among wild horses in North America. Over 3000 years old, he serves as a teacher to young foals. Audio for my story at anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi

Cat on a shady roof (what's left of it.) Sven likes this perch in the evening. We haven't used the woodshed for years. Time to tear it down this fall.

Woodstock, IL. We didn't wash the money. Current advice is to wash your hands. But the virus is primarily spread in the air, not by surface contact.

Oh my! ThingamaJig just made our first appearance since last year. Everything was canceled up to now. Two hours, outdoor market. $78 in tips!

Unlike yesterday's native lilies, these are from Asia. Yes, a spectacular show, but probably the result of generations of selection too.

@Altivo: Michigan Lily is native in this area. These plants grow to over 6 feet (2 m.) high and are perennials.

Furry Science Fiction, Audio: My story "A Close Port of Call" (2007) is now available for free access in audio format (38 min.) on The Voice of Dog: anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi

Hear Huskyteer reading her story, "The Zeroth Protocol," on The Voice of Dog podcast. Cats on a submarine, with puns. Great stuff! anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi

Here's your chance to hear me reading my own short story, "Beyond Mundane Horizons," today's feature on the Voice of Dog podcast. anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi
Old vixen Naryssa gets a new way of seeing life, the universe and everything after meeting an interesting stranger.

I'm pleased to invite you to hear @khakidoggy reading my story "Catch Me if You Can" on his podcast The Voice of Dog. Rusty is the fox in a radio hunt when a slip up turns the game serious. anchor.fm/the-voice-of-dog/epi

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