i hate that so much technology just assumes you have access to fast unlimited internet and is totally usable wherever thats not the case

@Altivo: Garden is being stingy in this drought. On the other hoof, the few cucumbers and tomatoes coming out are really tasty. 🐴

@Altivo: No matter what outlandish claims you may see on the net, this stuff will not cure or prevent COVID-19. For use in horses only! (as labeled here)

On today's Voice of Dog podcast, hear Madison Scott-Clary read my poem, "Thoughts Chelonian," with both grace and power. Under three minutes, give a listen. thevoice.dog/episode/thoughts-

These [non-native] red lilies seem perfectly happy in spite of drought conditions. The native day lilies next to them aren't even budding.

Looks like he already has someone stuck to the sole of his right shoe.

I recently had the honor of recording an audio version of Mary E. Lowd's story, "A Sense of Clarity" for The Voice of Dog podcast. As with all of her writing, this one is clever and brilliantly done, with promising conclusion. Please give it a listen. 🐴


What is life, after all, without a little risk? Delta, the largest of our three cats.

@Altivo: Iris from our late friend Izetta's garden. We have three of her 12 cats as well.

Apropos of nothing, wild geranium is now in bloom. One of my spring favorites.

@Altivo: Getting an appointment was difficult and took days. In contrast, the actual vaccination was quick, filled with laughter, and painless.

A dozen English muffins, fresh from the griddle. (Was a Baker's dozen, but I ate the runt of the litter.) 🎠

Making Picalilli, a sweet pickle relish without cucumbers. It has cabbage, green tomatoes, sweet peppers, onions, and spices.

This year's largest beans. The straight one is 12 inches (30.5 cm) and the curved one is 13 inches (33 cm) Scarlet runner, quite tasty, with bright red flowers.

I voted. US citizen? Then you should too. It really matters this time.

New toy arrives! As if I didn't have enough already. But I wanted to try this and had some Amazon credits. Once tuned, it sounds pretty nice. (And weighs a heckuva lot less than my banjos do.)

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