@Altivo: New banjo arrives via stork (well, FedEx) and is pretty, but too cold to tune or play yet. 🐴

So the 18 inches of snow is almost melted. In its place we got a half inch of ice crystals and sleet last night. Everything is covered with Kosher salt, looks like. Only slippery. Very slippery.

For the Celsius folks, Argos points out that -27 F. is -33 C.

Officially sore, after shoveling a lot of snow four times this past week. Next up: frozen and sore. Wednesday's forecast high is -18Β°F.

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"Snow will continue..." With 12 inches on the ground (10 of it from Friday's storm) we had first freezing drizzle and now steady snowfall. That to be followed by a week of bitter cold with subzero temperatures (F) at night. Enough winter. I'm ready for spring.

@Altivo: Now is your chance folks. If your sky is clear, move fast to catch a glimpse. Awoo!

Soup du jour at the farm: Zurek staropolska (rye sour old Polish style.) With a blob of sour cream and some croutons, buttermilk biscuits on the side.

Anyone else notice that Wal*mart puts the slowest cashiers on the "express" line? A dozen items, and I could have waited in line at the regular cashier and been out faster. 😜

Mice leave tiny pawprints in the snow. Print of my boot toe at bottom.

St. Distaff's Day (Day of the Rock) and Plough Monday. Both on the same day today. Not a frequent happening.

Classical guitar report: three full days after string change, the treble strings are *still* stretching. That is, they go flat shortly after being tuned.

Jeez. Square cross-section knitting needles were a thing for all of 15 minutes, it seems. Easy to find a year ago, now they've vanished.

New strings on my classical guitar. Now to retune it a million times in the next 24 hours until they stretch enough to hold pitch for playing...

Checking birthdates and math, discovered that Tess was born in South Carolina. This explains a lot. I got her from a big farm in Wisconsin, always thought she was a midwesterner like me. 🐴

Horse birthday! Happy birthday to all the equines. My boys, Asher & Archie, are 26 now. Lady Tess is 24. (And as a horse, I'm 70! As a human, 50 weeks left at 69.)

Here's to a better new year for everyone (except dRumpf and his cronies)!

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