Another of the is the Chicory or Cichorium intibus, also called blue cornflower. An introduced species here, common along roadsides. Scraggly plant with beautifully colored blossoms, each lasting a single morning and closing by noon.

And these vigorous and aggressive cultivated lilies are of Asian origin I believe. Pretty invaders.

The fuzzy pinkish purple umbels are Joe Pye Weed, or Mistflower (Eupatorium sp.) There are several native species but I don't know one from another.

Now . Here is a Michigan lily (Lilium michiganense) standing six feet tall and blooming in shade.

@makyo woa, that's awesome! Ive never imagined her in anything like that. its cool to see her in other genres like fantasy

Even the vegetable garden has . First snow pea blossoms finally appear. A bit late, I think due to so many gloomy cloudy days.

Wild strawberries suddenly appeared around my juvenile lilacs this week. 1st photo is a closeup. 2nd has a dozen or more tiny berries in it. See how many you can find?

Catalpa blossoms (C. speciosa I believe) on trees in our front yard. Catalpa is a legume, and bears long bean-like pods in the fall. The flowers are intricately striped and dotted, with a rich fragrance to rival tropical orchids.

Trouble is, the big standard Linux distributions are leaving 32 bit processors behind or even dropping them entirely. This is typical of Microsoft, but unworthy and lazy of Linux in my opinion.

Wow. First real linux nightmare I've seen in 25 years or more. Setting up an old 32 bit system with Puppy Linux. What a half-baked mess of a distro.

OMG! The sun came out... For all of 60 seconds. It's been looking like deep November here (withou snow, but still gloomy) for weeks.

While I'm still sorting through junque, here's another object that is all but obsolete now. We don't even have a landline phone here because the quality of the line was poor and AT&T is just trying to drop all twisted pair service rather than fix it.

""""""Christians"""""" making an arse of themselves 

@Altivo: Err, no, cancel that. You didn't need a cassette adapter to play a cassette. Dumb horse. THIS is what went with the cassette adapter. To play CDs of course. Anyone young enough to ask what a CD is?😜

And the other half of yesterday's question. This is what you plug it into. Still works, too. Even the batteries were still good.

Cleaning out desk drawers to make room for new junk. Anyone remember what this is?

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