And I usually leave my horseshoes at home, but I make sure to wear them when I might need to kick a libertarian in the you-know-what.

Bought myself a birthday present, a 5 string banjo. My brother will be suitably horrified, he's an ex music instructor. Just arrived from Amazon and it only needed tuning up to play right from the box. Nothing is going to get done today, I see.

Last toot inspired by disrupted day. We were rear-ended this morning in Gary's car while stopped at a signal. Naturally, the other driver had no insurance, got hysterical, etc. Police were kind and patient, but gave her two citations. Our insurance will fix Gary's car, which is still drivable in the meantime. Her car (Cadillac De Ville) is not: her front end went under the Subaru, radiator and fan destroyed. At least no one was hurt.

I had no idea how little I've been driving. Filled my tank for the first time since July! I get 27.7 mpg parked in the driveway.

Lazy Kate on left, from is designed for bobbins from the EEW Nano electric spinner, on right. Makes plying two strands easier an is collapsable for portability. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rating from me. πŸ˜‰

🚨 Okay, new people and new accounts, please remember: 🚨

A lot of us are wary at letting strangers follow us, ESPECIALLY if you have not interacted.

1. Have at least a couple toots visible.
2. Fill out your profile.
3. At least fave a toot. (I prefer actual interaction, but I think some people accept favs as a minimum)

Tryptophane poisoned dog. Honestly, he only had a few tiny bits of the turkey.

This turkey had only half a liver, but it had a neck big enough for a baby giraffe, proof that in the processing plant the giblet bits are randomly reassigned. First time in years I have mad a turkey small enough to fit in my covered roasting pan. Just 12.5 lbs. About 5 Kg for the metric folks.

Guard cat Delta watches as I go to feed horses, padded against 60 mph winds. (A mite chilly.)

Red sky at night. Somewhat overexposed, so more faded than it should be.

Four inches of snow and still piling up. Can I hibernate now? Call me when it melts. 🐻

Sleepy lion with begonias rescued from the deck containers before the big freeze arrived. 🦁


Here it comes again. We cleared leaves once, but by Friday they will be ankle deep all over. The bad thing about living in a wooded acreage.

I'm only death for another day...

Then my seasonal job is over.

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