So, if moneybags spoiled rich boy Musk does buy Twitter, do we prepare for a new influx of Mastodon users and servers?

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@Taris Probably a good idea, though I'm not sure what can be done. I'd rather not see all that conspiracy theory and political hogwash here.

@Altivo easy enough to block and defederate when necessary. Admins and mods need to care for the communities they steward

@Taris I figured that, though I haven't looked into the way server admin works.

@Altivo all you need to do when there's something against your server policies and you think it's a problem is click the report button on the post. Include a short 'why' for your admin, and the click the option to mute or block that account.
One of the most important benefits of this is a tally is kept for all reports on a particular server and if an admin sees a growing number of reports, they might silance or block that whole instance 👍

@Taris @Altivo same, unsure if blimps will get an influx but trying to be ready all the same.

@duncandahusky Awww! At least the node I'm using has been refreshingly peaceful and happy all this time. Hope that isn't spoiled.

@Altivo There have always been waves of users leaving Twitter and joining Mastodon that come and go like the tides-- but every time we have one, our numbers stay a little higher than they did beforehand :blobuwu:

@khakidoggy I for one will be happy to see more of you here if that happens. 🎠

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