I got a tiny microwave. Because thank god now I no longer have to stand awkwardly in front of the microwave in the kitchen while my roommate stares at my ass.

To clarify: My ban appeal was accepted, but then afterward I was re-banned for having evaded the ban at some point in the past.

Unbelievably, I got unbanned from F-list after 12 years.

Google to force you to let politicians through your gmail spam filters - /r/nottheonion


@BalooUriza Why are they trying so hard to attract specifically children. That's... uncomfortable.

At the suggestion of friends I have created a GoFundMe to help with tracking my donation goals each month as I move toward recovery. You can see my goal and how close I am to meeting it as well as contribute. I would like to thank @BalooUriza for suggesting that I post here as I've had much better engagement on the fediverse than I had on Twitter.


@solarbear While it would save time, if it were close to perfect it would also reduce the inherent value in linework.

Imagine an entire country of fags. It'd be a party every day. :D 🏳️‍🌈

I hate games that force social interaction. I'm playing to escape my social anxiety, not to have it thrown in my face...

Today I learned my NetMD player only copies tracks at full speed when a power supply is connected.

@fluffy There are several different kinds of antihistamine. After you take one for a while it starts to become ineffective because your body adapts to it. If you rotate between the different types as they become ineffective you might find you get more relief.

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