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Please see my FA for a full gallery of my art! You will find examples of NSFW art there!

If you have any questions about commissions, just ask :)

Please consider tipping!

Soul Calibur inspired commission for @ Roxy_Bat and @ Varassik on Tw*tter.

I had SO much fun working on this. I fully painted the background and put a lot of love into the costumes.

She looks like that because she only has like 5 teeth

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This would be the perfect short term job because if we end up moving, it'll be done by then

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I scored an interview with Kaplan! YES

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A nice and fun outing for a couple of cuties!

Full scene commission for @chr , ft @Zest !

Thank you so much again, I’m so glad to be back to art! 😁

Interested in a full scene? They’re on sale for $100 per order, painted shading included!

Some asshat hit my car and didn't leave a note.

Got most of it off. There's a lot of dents and a few scratches left. Put in an insurance claim.

It sucks :(


Oh these? Just my


Like I want to just delete the whole thing out of embarrassment

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Having anxiety because I was trying to have a convo with a friend and we were just not really understanding each other

How to support your local queer bear!

Commissions! I'm always open for them!

Donations! Fuel my coffee addiction and maybe some lunch

Non-monetary ways to help: boost this and other art posts I've made! :)

My profile Banner is now me in my fursuit cradling a bottle of wine

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