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NSFW furry art 

Commission I got from SpaceCrusade for our anniversary! It's SO HOT

Happy 6 year anniversary to my wonderful and loving partner. Heres to many more.

Art by zrayUH, 9aia, and thetigerinspace

Fourth one is mine

Lol someone stole my boyfriend's catalytic converter

My partner just got an interview for a position in VIENNA.

I'm super proud of him. It's not high on his list and he doesn't plan on getting the job (moving overseas during a pandemic would be a nightmare), but to hear that his application was ranked really highly is great news.

My partner got short listed for a position in Riverside CA. First place he's heard back from so far.

Some candidates are: Arizona, Texas, Connecticut, Washington, DC, Canada

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My partner has applied to positions all over the country and we're just waiting for interviews

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We're going to be moving in August and hopefully we'll know in like a month where we're moving unless something goes wrong

Might wear this at cons since my body suit doesn't fit anymore. I miss suiting

Half my lights burnt out and I couldn't fix them so I replaced them. I miss the symetry but there are way more lights now!

Birdsite, COVID mention 

I'm awake very early because my partner needed to leave town for the day, and I got up to go pee. I checked my phone and someone sent me a DM about someone I was following on birdsite comparing COVID to the AIDS epidemic.

So yeah, I was too pissed to go back to sleep.

Weight loss 

Wanted to show my weight loss progress. 299 lbs to 221.6lbs

I still feel like I'm not always comfortable in my own skin, but I've done a long way.

Drawing AI generated Animal Crossing villagers

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