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Please see my FA for a full gallery of my art! You will find examples of NSFW art there!

If you have any questions about commissions, just ask :)

Please consider tipping!

I set up a fancy spreadsheet to calculate my total income, federal, and state taxes.

Since I'm an independent contractor for my current job I have to do my own taxes *scream*

Blood, eyestrain 

🛑 head empty 🛑

Wanted to do a fun little design for myself. Really happy with how it came out. It's like a t-shirt design!

Scheduling a second interview with the dog walking place! I'm so excited!

I realized over the pandemic that I don't /want/ a 9-5 job anymore. I don't want to go to the same place every day and do the same thing. This would be a great way to mix things up and also do my design job on the side.

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I think the phone interview with the pet place went well. He said he'll get back to me with a couple days to let me know if they want to proceed with an in-person interview. Keeping my fingers crossed. What I lack in professional experience I make up for with person pet care.

My availability lines up with what they're looking for (primarily a day shift, like 10am - 3pm). He said their regular employees that work this shift can make up to $1000 biweekly.

My current job said I can get more hours if I get my own Photoshop and Illustrator so I did the responsible thing and stole them

Last night at 10:30 I was falling asleep and drew this in my notes app.

Farmer Claire

I'm calling the CIA if I see you cut your pizza into 5 slices

I didn't get the design job i was applying for, so I can show you the banner ads I made for a fake event that was part of the interview process.

I learned a lot and had fun designing these!

I bought this new top, and the photos really don't do it justice. The gold accents are sparkly. It's just my style!

Setting up an interview with a local pet care place. It'll be cool to have one work from home job, and one job that I can get out of the house and walk around

Onboarding with my new job tomorrow. Excited to get working again. Even if it's only part time

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