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Please see my FA for a full gallery of my art! You will find examples of NSFW art there!

Please consider tipping!

Next week is my last week pet sitting. The week after we load all our stuff into the moving containers. Monday the 18th we leave Michigan!

I've been slacking off promoting myself but if you wanna see me thrive you can throw me a few bucks

Weight loss 

Now, 220lbs, arguably in the best shape of my life. I own several more rompers now!

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Weight loss 

3 years ago, 289lbs feeling good about myself. I was so happy when I bought this, my first ever romper.

Don't even ask me how it managed to bite me because I do not know

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A mosquito bit me right under my lip so now I've got a juicy bottom lip lol

The container takes 7-9 business days to travel, which is why we're leaving later. We'll drive down and arrive in northern CA on like the 21st to stay with my partner's dad a few days

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Gonna be a weird few days before the move. Our moving containers will be picked up on the 15th, and we'll leave for the road trip on the 18th. We'll only have a blowup mattress, some camping chairs and a small table for furniture. Probably gonna try to spend time out of the house that weekend, go out to the lake one day.

Mental health 

Last week the company that was supposed to deliver our moving container cancelled.

This week the company that was supposed to help move our piano up the stairs in California cancelled.

It's just one thing after another. Like major things.

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Mental health 

I'm just barely keeping things together mentally right now so all the little things are adding up. We keep hitting so many snags with this move and I just want to give up.

I've started playing The Evil Within 2 and I'm enjoying it

Hey all! Been quiet here because things are so crazy. We're moving in 3 weeks and I don't feel prepared at all

if America wants to tell people to arm themselves maybe, in light of things, you might need to. and riot. and burn down the homes of your oppressors. and run them out of all the places they feel safe. and burn down the homes of their police and their protectors.

Politics, violence 

Reject modernity

Embrace tradition

I love drawing suggestive but not inherently sexual stuff like this. Just me and my friends having a fun time!

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Sketch is pending approval but my friend commissioned me for some dommy panda art and I love it

Here's an old piece that I never finished. Should definitely revisit it sometime.

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