I bought these stickers at a con about a year ago and they’re so pretty! I want more but I don’t know who made them so I can’t seek them out to order more (that’s assuming they have an online store too)

I can’t think about the shadow queen from ttyd without remembering that siivagunner rip that had the dk rap going “S! Q! Shadow Queen!”

mental health, spiraling 

i just realized i completely missed a test in one of my classes and i started panicking for a little while everything felt cold and i was spiraling hard but ive moved onto dissociation and i dont know if this is better or worse

Lily: can i be in the front?
me: sure, go ahead
Lily: Yay! *darts to google and looks up beesechurger*

minecraft awesome parodys is the lawful good version of super minecraft kid

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imagine trying to spoon a kobold but they're too excited about it and their tail keeps wagging and thwapping you

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dolphin crashed right at the end of a fire emblem chapter and took my whole laptop with it

honestly kind of pissed especially cause everyone in the dawn brigade sucks and that makes it hard but I could probably replicate it. I’ll use save states too since I already did it once

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me and norah we’re playing among us yesterday and since we were the only people left in call I said that we could collaborate if we wanted. I was in imposter and I led her to medbay and immediately killed her. it was kind of funny

fire emblem community discourse 

@CrimsonLeaf Like honestly I feel like a lot of the reason mangs has been forgiven by a lot of people is cause chaz got accused too and he was like “oh no this one is fake guys!” and everyone else hopped onto that because chaz was a trusted figure. I hope you’re happy dude. fuck you

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fire emblem community discourse 

I really fucking hate mangs, and I also hate chaz for taking advantage of the situation to make himself look better while putting down the voices of people in the community who actually were sexually harassed

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