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Hello! I'm Decimal! I'm a kirin (no, not the one from Monster Hunter) and I was on monsterpit before it suddenly went offline, so I'm trying to find the peeps I was following!

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I keep trying to kiss this bird and he keeps bullying me instead help

I'm gonna' play some more Age of Calamity

Job, ~ 

So, I'm pretty sure he's not going to ask me "Why are you leaving?" so I won't get to say
"Because I need a full-time position, and you took that away from me. I opened up my availability to try and compromise so I could have full-time again, but you said that I needed to PROVE I was worth full-time. I have been working for this company for almost five years. I "proved" I was worth full-time four years ago, two store managers before you. I don't think I need to prove it again to you."

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Job, ~ 

Printed my two weeks' notice, left it on the manager's desk. And I think a small thing I'm kinda miffed about is that from previous experience, this store manager is very cowardly, and doesn't ever confront anyone by himself if he can avoid it.
We had someone calling our store who submitted an application and kept calling back to ask how it was going. (Bless them)
And this coward kept saying "Uh, talk later" and kept telling another manager to tell them they didn't make the cut.

Job Interview, caps, + 


video, eye contact, loud noises 

they started using a power washer RIGHT OUTSIDE MY DOOR

Selfie, eye contact, job interview 

Well, how does this look for "business casual"?

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Sona art, gift 

@Havneby painted this for me last night and it's just the most wonderful and precious gift I could receive from her and gosh she is such a sweetheart. 💙💙💙
Please come and appreciate it with me. It's a super meaningful piece and I love it and her so much.

mh - 

Man, starting to feel better from yesterday, feeling of "Why bother trying to make anything"
just in time to feel good about myself fixing something, and get told I fucked up BECAUSE I fixed it, as if the universe slaps me down and says "No, there's no point in trying to do ANYTHING productive, you're always shit and always make things worse by trying."

Work, caps, - 

Not even a "thanks for fixing it, but-"
Just immediate scolding. As far as this bootlicker is concerned, I should have left it broken and just had the whole store operating on only the one printer.

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Work, caps, - 

*brings my own tools to work to fix a printer asap instead of sending it in, hoping for a bit of praise for my handy-ness*
Manager: We should NEVER have taken it part. That voids the warranty, and these things are EXPENSIVE to replace.
*wonders why I keep trying*

Job hunt stuff, anxious 

Got a video interview today after work and before the stream and I'm anxious about doing well @~@

mh - 

Emotionally stunted peeps be like
*asks you how you're doing in the hope you'll ask back and give permission to talk about it*

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NSFW furry art, non-explicit 

Commision for @anna !!!
Such a fun character to draw ^^

What the fuck, it was 20 something like, TWO DAYS AGO

Have you ever listened to a song, memorized it, listened to it in your head for a while, and when you come back to the song, you have this moment of "This sounds wrong, not like what I've been listening to in my head!"

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Stream, self promo, Tales of Vesperia 

OK, I'm finally going to get back into Vesperia today at 5:00pm ET on after having to cancel the last few sessions for various reasons!

Subtoot, lewd-adjacent 

Played the vrc among us thing, got the "start the reactor" task, got interrupted twice and then killed the third time I tried to start it.
I bemoaned in the lobby "You didn't even let me finish!"
And this smooth mother fucker just says "You seem like the kind of person who enjoys not being allowed to finish."
WOW. Straight for my HEART. I have been fucking CALLED OUT.

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VRChat Meetup Photos 

Finally wound down for the night in my home world and just vibed for a while before heading off for the night. Can't wait to see everybody again next week <3

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VRChat Meetup Photos 

We played a bunch of freeze tag and among us, also tried out an escape room world, which was really cool until it fucking broke haha

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