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Hello! I'm Decimal! I'm a kirin (no, not the one from Monster Hunter) and I was on monsterpit before it suddenly went offline, so I'm trying to find the peeps I was following!

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trans person needs urgent housing in NL 

anyone have housing leads in Netherlands? a trans EU immigrant needs urgent housing within a week.

she is v mentally ill and smokes weed so housemates will have to b able to cope with that, but i must stress it is urgent, i think even a temporary stay could be lifesaving

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Stream promo, tabletop games (looking for players as well) 

Two more games to go in a month of tabletop horror games! This week is the alien dread of CHAMBER, and next week is the black-metal doomsaying of MORK BORG. There are still seats available for both games, so DM if you're interested in playing!

Tune in this friday at 7pm EDT at to watch our game of CHAMBER

When things get rough mentally, one coping habit I've had since childhood is going through the day looking for plot hooks that could be the start of my cool adventure

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stream promo, horror tabletop games 

This friday at 7pm EDT, we'll be playing CHAMBER, a game of alien mystery and cold war peril using the Paragon system!

This one's not strictly horror, but eerie adventures abound. Watch this Friday at

And as always, DM if you're interested in playing!

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PSA is a bot sending spam DMs pretending to shill for the new official mastodon app and shortlinking to very obvious virus scams

do not visit that link (i did safely to investigate) and if you do, don't download whatever the fuck is on there


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Oculess is a tool that can remove the telemetry and mandatory #Facebook login from Oculus Quest #VR devices.

Now the question is how do I use this thing with Steam on Linux - if it's at all possible :thonking:

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Tabletop stream promo, looking for players 

Last call for players! I'm looking for players for tomorrow night to play Trophy Dark- The Pried Eye, a psychedelic tragic horror adventure. Game will be at 8PM Eastern and streamed at

Drop me a DM if you're interested in playing!

On the plus side, this means the last two pancakes were basically chocolate chips with a thin pancake coating!

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Note to self: do not add chocolate chips until the batter is on the pan. Otherwise they sink to the bottom and the first six pancakes are all without chips.

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It's my birthday!!! :D
I'm starting today with some chocolate chip pancakes, swimming in syrup!
CW: food

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stole my wife's intuos to test out doing this while in VRChat with OVR Toolkit and Photoshop and was able to draw this lil doodle.

I feel like it would work better with a more optimized layout, mapped shortcut buttons, or just a different program better suited for just simple doodling. but as a proof of concept hey it works! (and i didnt draw much worse than i would have on a screenless tablet outside of VR)

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it's good to give your dragon lots of care, a tended to dragon is a loved dragon :KoboldUwU: ( @chr )

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Tabletop game stream, looking for players 

I'm still looking for 1-3 players for this Friday's horror RPG! We'll be playing Trophy Dark- The Pried Eye.

DM if you're interested in playing! And if you're interested in watching, tune in Friday at 8pm EDT at

You can find out more about Trophy here:

And the adventure, The Pried Eye, here:

Deltarune meta 

I don't like either the Ralsei with gun or Ralsei smoking weed memes.

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birdsite link, redemption arcs in fiction 

There's a really excellent thread here by Amr Ammourazz on redemption arcs in fiction and what they require to ring true.

Especially relevant to me as I'm thinking a lot about redemption arcs and what makes them deserved while I work on the Tombtown series. Not just for a certain someone, either!

Definitely given me food for thought.

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You don't need a job to survive.

You need clean water, healthy food, and safe housing to survive.

Under capitalism, however, all of those things have associated price tags. Hence the popular myth of "needing" a job to survive.

Survival should not be a subscription service.


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Stream promo 

Tonight at 8pm, join myself and 4 other team members on a trip into THE ZONE RPG, a tabletop/board game heavily influenced by stories like Stalker and Annihilation. This is a good one, y'all.

Tune in at 8PM EDT to

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