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Hello! I'm Decimal! I'm a kirin (no, not the one from Monster Hunter) and I was on monsterpit before it suddenly went offline, so I'm trying to find the peeps I was following!

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I don't think anyone expected me to make this shot in this shrine


About to start my first closing shift in a long while. Hope it goes quickly.

Finances , joke 

*has a financial upset because of not having insurance and needing to pay $600~ for a doctor's appointment*
"I think I've earned a dozen semi-expensive chocolate chip cookies, for not having fast food last week."

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A friend asked me to help her with an ebook she had purchased from which she could not copy any text. It was protected by DRM. It seems that printing it to another PDF file from Okular can do the trick. Don't ever do that, as it is illegal. I did not try to do it, of course. As well as I did not try to convert it to PS and then back to PDF, because it had never worked for me before with other kinds of restrictions. This is knowledge you should never acquire nor share with your followers.


Well, google maps implemented a feature where you can look at the reported cases of covid in your area.
I clicked on it thinking "Ah, probably not all that much in my area, surely I would've heard of it."
Fucking hell...

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Overheard conversation:
"Every time [person] posts something racist, I just roll my eyes and scroll past."
"Why don't you block her, baby?"
"Because sometimes she posts legitimately funny shit."

And that's it, folks. That's why white people are still fucking racist in 2021. Because we'll put a para-fucking-social relationship above opposing oppression.

capitalism complaining 

Cool, with me being cut to part-time, I'm no longer insured. My monthly ADHD prescription meds which normally costed me $10, now cost me $36.
Fuck capitalism.

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mh ~ , public thanks 

Thank you to everyone who sent me well wishes last night, it was a nice lift to hear kind words from all y'all.
Feeling a little better this morning, hopefully the day will improve.

Mh negative 

Paralyzed with far too many* things to do

*like three

Mh negative 

Yay, still feeling generally not-great from last night, fuck you for existing to where just a few moments of you trying to wedge yourself into my friends leaves a stain on my mood for hours after

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vrchat related, a silly doodle I made 

did a hasty lil redraw of a screenshot @Drako_Fenris took of @shadow8t4 and me last night with our sonas

Negative , subtoot , no one here 

why did YOU of all people have to randomly show up at my friend's fun stream

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Oh my god do NONE of the stream mods check their discord messages

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stream, self promo, retro violence, Dusk 

Vacation is over. Catch me playing more Dusk on at 5pm ET tonight!

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sona art, SFW 

New art just dropped uwu
I really really like this one, it's just super nice. 💙
by: @ribbonfemale

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