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Hello! I'm Decimal! I'm a kirin (no, not the one from Monster Hunter) and I was on monsterpit before it suddenly went offline, so I'm trying to find the peeps I was following!

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Continuing to post this because I still do not have anywhere to live other than back with my parents.

Hi my name is Hearth and I'm a trans woman in Florida.

My lease is up at the end of the month and I'm trying desperately to find work and somewhere to live. If you know of someone or somewhere with space, so I don't end up with family. If you have anything, please let me know!

If anyone knows somewhere that might be hiring, preferably remote, I have a ton of experience in tech and will gladly apply.

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I would like to (dis)prove something my transphobic father said.
#transgender people, did you choose a name that’s a diminutive of or sounds like your deadname?
Preferably boost for a larger sample size.

food, neg 

the apple pie I bought for discount tastes like the pie dough wasn't cooked fully or something.
normally I love apple pie, but I think I might just throw this one out.


I was hoping to relive a childhood wonder and then slung some time in a group call with a friend, instead I just got uncomfortable and frustrated with the person playing, then feeling out of place in the call and just crashing.

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begpost, boost please 

im on unpaid medical leave, coping with ptsd from trauma i sustained on the job and continued abuse and exploitation from my employer

trying to keep a roof over my polycule's heads without taking on a ton of debt while i move onto the next chapter of my life as best i can. any amount is appreciated - it'll be going towards rent, food, debt, and moving a partner out of a bad situation out of state

with love and thanks,
-eri, alice, lily, and jm

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i was noooot expecting this video this video to make me legitimately tear up but damn i think a lot of these things she talks about regarding her journey working to overcome her internalized ableism and suffering under societal ableism in the context of having #adhd

definitely worth watching bc i think everyone with ADHD needs to be reminded of the things she is talking about

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Treating burnout as an individual failure rather than a symptom of society-wide malfunction under late-stage capitalism and a rising tide of fascism is simply another attempt to vampirise us, goddammit.

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i hope that the london metal exchange never switches away from open outcry (having people trade face to face instead of electronically) because it results in absolutely fantastic photos

job hunt, neg, also some ph- 

interview went fine, but i still don't wannnaaaaaaaaaa
also my right wrist hurts from assembling a chair with lots of screws and then doing a 3 minute typing test for this very interview.
got one of those hot water "bottles" filled with hot water and that's honestly helping a lot

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job hunt, neg 

ugggh, video interview in about an hour for a job I don't want.
only applying for it so that I can still be getting money while waiting for other work from home jobs to open
anxiety, stress, ugggggggh

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money request, donations, please help 

so my friend from America needs help with his rent, he is quite poor and their rent needs to be paid in 2-3 weeks and we have to do something

please help if you can thank you

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"This can't be propaganda! I learned it in 10th grade!" Are. Are you fucking serious. Do you know what propaganda is

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Hello, a friend's wheelchair has broken and they're currently raising money for a repair/replacement, any donations would be greatly appreciated

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