from the gender labs, d/s kink 

it/its, but in the sense you might talk about a pet without caring if it’s listening, because it’s not smart enough to understand you

…and even if it *did* understand you, its opinion doesn’t really matter anyway

re: from the gender labs, d/s kink 

@gardevoir oh this is why you didn't tag me i get it

re: from the gender labs, d/s kink 

@kat pffffffahahahaha

see, normally I’d do that in a reply all “(cc @kat)” but you’re way too fast for me today

re: from the gender labs, d/s kink 

@gardevoir crawling out of the nearest mirror as soon as anyone mentions tf is my aesthetic


re: from the gender labs, d/s kink 

@kat @gardevoir "They say if you mention TF in front of a mirror three times-"
Kat, already crawling out of the mirror: "Only once, actually"

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