Okay so... if I wanted to become an IT specialist of some sort to get a work from home job, where would I even start?

@Decimal from what I understand, a lot of IT specialist stuff is based on certifications. A+ is a decent basis, if not a bit of a lengthy one.

i'm not an it specialist but want to help anyways 

@Decimal assuming you don't have a degree or certification already; but I would look for and ask IT certifications you can get and see what knowledge they require

also I'd add litterally any skill or experience that could apply to it to your resume even if it's just pluging someone elses in provided devices for them

talk to people in the same or related feilds about what they do and familiarize yourself with the tech and tasks

i'm not an it specialist but want to help anyways 

@Decimal haven't gotten to jobhunting in this industry yet but I'm probably going to 100% ignore "previous experience" minimums

from the advice i've recieved the majority of the time those are unrealisticly high to try and get pre-trained staff over fresh staff

re: i'm not an it specialist but want to help anyways 

@Aetous @Decimal Ignore previous experience is good advice tbh.

9/10 times it's used to pay whoever does apply less. and sometimes it's not even possible.

I saw a job posting that asked for 10 years experience for a tech that came out 5 years ago.

I emailed them asking them if they wanted me to apply in 5 years when the tech was 10 years old or if working with it since inception was enough.

They didn't get back to me :P

re: i'm not an it specialist but want to help anyways 

@Aetous @Decimal Plus, what are they gonna do, not hire you?

If you get intimated by requirements that's what's gonna happen anyway so you've got nothing to lose :P

i'm not an it specialist but want to help anyways 

@Decimal also some advice that they always give students around here is don't be afraid to network

even if you aren't technically qualified for a position it may look good to email the companies and talk to them about wanting the position and they might be able to help

i'm not an it specialist but want to help anyways 

@Decimal also if you can ask if they are at any job fairs you can attend

being persistent about showing interest is generally highly recommended because it makes you stand out to the people hiring and gives them a very good impression of you.

so even if you are numerically less qualified than another candidate they will appreciate your enthusiasm and place you higher in the applicant list

@Decimal I'm in I.T. remote. Required skills are: Being at least decent on phone calls, using an MSP program (Managed Services Provider) and RMM (Remote Management&Monitoring), taking notes & marking time (There's a tonnn of clerical work to do), being able to pick up ticket after ticket, attending meetings, and fixing computers / telling people how to do things on a computer. Idk about your place but @ my place we can't get enough techs to deal with everything that needs to be done.

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