Okay, today is going to be weirdly structured for me.
I asked my manager yesterday, considering my car troubles, if I could only work a half day today. She approved, so I'm going to work for four hours, hopefully have some pizza from work, then drive my car to the mechanic, and walk home.


Well, I did it.
Dropped off my car, oriented myself with my phone's navigation, put on a podcast on my earbuds, and started walking.
And didn't stop walking until walking through my door at home, only about 25 minutes later. 10 minutes shorter than google maps said it'd take.
And apparently I beat the absolute highest temperatures today, it was only about 91-99F on my walk.
Holy shit though I feel sore. and sweaty. and so goddamn tired.

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And I've done it again!
Mechanic called, said they already fixed what they assume to be the problem (replaced a valve that was leaking) and filled up the free-on!
And they only wanted 80 bucks!
So I walked back over, and let me tell you, my shins were aching within the first two minutes of this 20 minutes trek!!!
But my car's ac is COLD again! It was so absolutely worth it!
And now I really need to shower before the end of today, because I probably will not be able to move my legs tomorrow!

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