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[10 years in the future, Dr. Hermes Sagan is tied to a chair being tortured by the US **Mathematics Department of Misinformation Administration]

Agent: I'll tell you again "Aleph" doesn't designate infinite sets.

Hermes: *spits out teeth and blood* Fuck you.

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"-technological progress is only made possible by parallel advances in scientific knowledge."


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dont want to alarm anyone but andromeda is heading right for us!!!

ive calculated that i need $1043 saved for deposit and rent come august 1st, please help me leave. im honestly afraid of getting hit if i tell them "no" or confront them in any way. and im afraid of my rabbits dying because of their forced neglect.

thank you

please boost!! :boost_ok: :bun_love:

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yiddish is the only one out of the three that does not suffer from such confusion

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@DrSagan tired: "bwny" = 'büny'
wired: "bwny" = 'bwinny'

my brain at night when i do language lessons is always like

"wait, wait WAIT??? which language are we reading right now??? im very confused??? isnt buachiall* latin for boy or is that frater???????"

*i spelt that wrong but its irish for boy

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if i wasnt focused on yiddish, latin, and irish rn id add welsh

(yiddish just because)
(latin because its very easy)
(irish because im doing SCP translations for the SCP-IRL hub)

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"bwny" is legit welsh for bunny

welsh continues to be a centuries old trashposting language and i love it

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"bwny" is welsh for bunny and if i had known that sooner i wouldve done instead of because its cuter imo

i hate* that my track record right now with my SCPs is either:

1) unassuming piece that is actually really dark

2) controversial

...or both

*complains about my markiplier scp in the SCP IRC*

the IRC: E

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