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[10 years in the future, Dr. Hermes Sagan is tied to a chair being tortured by the US **Mathematics Department of Misinformation Administration]

Agent: I'll tell you again "Aleph" doesn't designate infinite sets.

Hermes: *spits out teeth and blood* Fuck you.

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"-technological progress is only made possible by parallel advances in scientific knowledge."


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dont want to alarm anyone but andromeda is heading right for us!!!

me, whenever i do anything remotely crit related in IRC:



POWER!! ! :scp:

*maniacal cackling*

bunny / sad / not my bunnies 

my folks found a baby rabbit in the barn, this isnt going to turn out well

y'all i am happy to inform you that there is a Pokémon Transformation SCP Article / CW: gore / body horror / dark / yes this CW is warranted 

re: brutal

@ myself: don't worry me, once you have a working draft to receive more crit, this'll come back to you

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*i ask for a two sentence synopsis of their narrative. this is after work shopping their idea with them. if they are unable to do this concisely, i am unable to give them a greenlight

i found out last night that this exercise has its roots in the animation industry! i didnt know that! i was more or less thinking of my english classes and if i was a tutor! how would i help a student narrow down the core concept for their essay? (or w/e)

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two crits completed! and oh gods was i brutal :blobsweat:

one person couldnt give me a concise, fleshed out synopsis* of their narrative (so i declined to look at their updated thread)

and the other person, well, uh...there kind of is a narrative there, i cant relate or feel for the characters. had to elaborate on how "nothing under the sun is new" and "only your person experiences is what makes the narrative stand out"

aye kookaburra :blobsweat:

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this is the first time i been in a cafe in a while!! and this is the first time i been in a cafe and did SCP things*!

*other than reading

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folks, i regret to inform you that i am once again...back on my bullshit!! :blobcatbluecoffee:

youtube. i appreciate you serving me SCP related videos based off of me watching some of markiplier's related videos, as well as some of the videos the SCP writers have sent me but

do not


what did i do today? :scp:

-1st read through of a 10k draft
-did initial crit
-2nd/3rd read through of 093
-analysis of 093
-2nd read through of 10k
-did crit for flow and continuity

I might be burning myself out with SCP

*i say to myself as i totally continue loitering in the SCP IRC with my many SCP related tabs open*

i should take a break

*i say to myself as i totally continue reading SCPs*

sometimes.....when im not tryin to trashpost or write with my accent

my writing comes off as....SCP Lite

folks, its begun, the beginning of the end- my mind is melding with the hivemind that is the SCP Wiki

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