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Please use a Content Warning for political posts.

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"-technological progress is only made possible by parallel advances in scientific knowledge."


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dont want to alarm anyone but andromeda is heading right for us!!!

after dragging my feet bc i dont feel great abt it, i made a gfm

please help me pay off med bills related to the big C, it's not That Much luckily but its more than i can do alone. small donations stack up, and sharing it around does too. thanks ;-;


give it a read if you havent already

> **Marie:** Leah look at the first image, tell us what it is and read the list of words appearing next to it please.

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hey yall! if you liked SCP-CLUCK-J, do i have some good news for you!

it's been rewritten with a stronger ending!

its merely surviving right now, but id like to see my article do better than survive

at the moment it exists

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note: im not trashposting on the site or whatever, imo some of the better articles ive read that are funny mainlists, are mainlists that could very easily be a -J and visa versa

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this is the first time in one of my articles that the anomaly takes the backseat

the anomaly is w/e

the focus is on królik pranking davis

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hey yall! if you liked SCP-CLUCK-J, do i have some good news for you!

it's been rewritten with a stronger ending!

*middle of rosh hashanah service*

rabbi: [...]a soul scan, if you will.

*internally to ourselves*

dulce: *looks at piccalo* you better not

fermata: dont you dare piccalo! we are at temple!


piccalo: i think soul scanner is SCP-6130

fermata: you sonovabitch

dulce: are you proud of yourself?



piccalo: yes.

Reminder that the characters for Part 1 is Malik, Isabelle, Inaya, and Emhari

you WILL have to pay for parts 2 & 3 when they come out.

All of the characters are written by BIPOC

You should support the Devs ( because I said so :blobcatknife:​ )

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californian shitpost 

cal trans? good for him!

my man carl sagan's quote was sandwiched between two quotes from rabbi sages

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me, at temple: *minding my own fucking business*

the prayerbook specific for the jewish new year:

gonna go to rosh hashanah shenanigans at my former temple and visit former congregates

see yall around, and happy new year 😏

The Fairy of Eagle Nebula

Image Credit: Image Credit: NASA, ESA, The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) #APOD

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