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dont want to alarm anyone but andromeda is heading right for us!!!

dont want to alarm anyone but andromeda is heading right for us!!!

so like the one school that is close to here's mathematics program is called "applied mathematics" which sounds fishy and is fishy

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im looking at PCC because they have a nice mathematics program

even though they do a lot of distance learning and have done so for quite sometime

if i have to go to the campus for ANY REASON

thats an expensive 7 hour flight, and really not at all doable

i will still try to talk to a counselor etc over the phone and see if its feasible

i should try to remain in state though to keep my tuition costs low

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there is one college i found so far that offers three different associates and bacholers into mathematics, physics, and astronomy

as much as id love to look into astronomy, id have better job prospects with maths and physics

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i mean im looking up colleges online too, im just Not Happy that one of the community colleges closest to me is so fucking capitalist heavy

also i dont want to hear from my parents "how will you get a job with a degree in maths/physics"

well for fucking starters, teachings. and then there is, sadly, insurance firms. and then engineering companies (like siemens or whatever)

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currently looked at [REDACTED] for mathematics and HOLY HELL NO

the degree is centered and focused on getting jobs with insurance companies


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michiganders, what community colleges are there?

HRT, masto magic 

can't find my fucking spiro


tired: multiverse theory
wired: baker's dozen-verse theory

hey yall what are some online bookstores that arent amazon

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