for the last 8 years i had lived and worked in california and oregon. ive taken care of myself but had to move back to michigan this year due to the pandemic. (it had made work and housing difficult).

while living with my folks again ive undergone emotional and verbal abuse, and i have reason to believe that i could be physically abused if i tell them "no" or confront them in any way. i have such verbal abuse toeing physical abuse on record and witnesses.


i am currently working full time at a restaurant and am supporting myself and my 3 rabbits. my rabbits are domesticated house rabbits and for the last 2 years of their lives theyve lived in a house around people.

my parents after i moved back demanded that i keep my rabbits in their small cages, out in my dads toolshed.

im looking for housing elsewhere ASAP for my rabbits' health more so than mine


my folks have stated that they would help me find a place and help with deposit and the first three months of rent, but after my folks' decided that they werent going to help me ship my things from oregon back to michigan (re: ) (they not only lied to be they lied to my previous roommates)

i feel they will lie again

at the moment, i depend on them keeping their word since i dont have enough saved right now,

theyve shown themselves to not be trustworthy


i plan on doing all of this myself

cavet: i need to move out by august 1st and this is due to the abuse i suffered on the morning of the 12th

my rabbits' health are declining and my health is declining



ive calculated that i need $1043 saved for deposit and rent come august 1st, please help me leave. im honestly afraid of getting hit if i tell them "no" or confront them in any way. and im afraid of my rabbits dying because of their forced neglect.

thank you

please boost!! :boost_ok: :bun_love:

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thank you to everyone so far who have donated! me and my boys appreciate it!! :blobheartcat: :bun_love:

one of my rabbit's has started to pull at their fur due to stress


1) i let my rabbits out into a pen in the grass for 2 hours daily
2) one of the other rabbits comes inside with me for a few hours in my bedroom (i sneak him in)

there is not much more i can do for my rabbits other than move

i have a lead rn to move to kalamazoo or detriot, depending on how interviews go

and if they go well im going to need this funding ASAP to move in

my rabbits' health are declining

lets say that the interviews go well, lets say i opt to move into [CITY]

knowing my parents, at the last moment they will say "well i dont want you to move there/do that so we aint helpin ya anymore"

because they are spoiled pampered brats and to get their way with me they withhold any financial assistance that they promised

over the summer for moving my stuff and rabbits back here it was because they didnt want me to do that

so im raising funds in the event, in the very likely event, that these cunts decide "Well I dont want you to move there"

and i cant have that

i realistically cannot have them pulling this same bullshit game theyve done for years

its not just my health thats at sake, its my rabbits

theres so much more i want to say but im fucking tired after cleaning two rabbits cages, and i still have to put worf back into his cage when his alloated time in the pen is done

so like, imagine working full time scribbing toilets, cleaning rabbits cages, taking care of said rabbits in general, barely taking care of yourself in general, almost falling asleep at the steering wheel driving back from work from how tired you are

and then on top of that you have to deal with your parents' chaotic emotions and pamper and baby their emotions

oh! and also them lecturing you on how youre not working hard enough

i need to fucking leave

i have two doctor appointments coming up and idk if ill have energy to go to them

its just draining, belittling, demeaning, insulting, and i feel like im being burned at both ends and its because of my parents

im going to have a Not Fun talk with my boss on saturday when i see him

because im going to have to give him my two weeks/one week and be explicit as to WHY im doing this

because as it is ive just wasted all of them's time and energy hiring me

AND it puts my friend who refered me to the job in a bad light BECAUSE OF MY PARENTS

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