CW: explicit abuse / family / audio recording

this is part one of the threats they gave me just now

CW: explicit abuse / family / audio recording 2

this is part two of the threats they gave me just now


the abuse is explicit, listener take caution

i need help moving out ASAP

if you live anywhere in michigan or the midwest and have a spare room and can allow 3 rabbits (in the room with me) i need the help

i need to get away from them

//they need me to get away from them//

if you would like to help me save to move into a weekly motel/housing, you can find those links here:

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there is a VERY HIGH likelyhood that ill be moving into one of those three motels that i called the other day

//im not fucking around, im pissed off, abused, and hurt//

explicit abuse 1 

(posted in private and reposted for awareness)

she needs to stop texting me after i tell her im going to sleep


this woke me up at 6:30~ and i didnt check my phone but i just laid in bed thinking "my alarm is going to go off soon and i bet that text is from my mom" I tried to go back to sleep but was so stressed that i couldnt

explicit abuse 2 

when i alarm finally went off (19:30) i fucking lost my mind

i told her i was going to bed, she knows this, i told her 3x i was going to bed

the extra timer you see is in the event i cant wake up

this fucking cunt wakes me up an hour earlier than i planned

i planned for 6 hours

i got 5 because of her

explicit abuse 3 

she is actively sabotaging me

if she truly wanted me to be on my own and out of her house she wouldnt be constantly endangering my life with these little fucking games

because i will tell her "dont text me when i say im going to sleep"

and, like a script from a movie, she will respond "oh i didnt know"/"oh how was i supposed to know"

oh i dont know you fucking abhorrent cunt maybe when i told you at 2pm that i was going to sleep?

explicit abuse 4 

im so fucking triggered right now

and as you can see from my timestamps (20:42) i did not JUST wake up

i woke up at 19:30 and sat in bed having a panic attack until the second alarm went off

then i immediately got out of bed and started to clean worf's cage

(im waiting for parts of it to dry rn)

explicit abuse 5 

10mins before i started furious posting this thread i finally got food, went to the bathroom and took my medicine

but from point A to point B i lost my temper with my sisters dog who followed me around the house barking

my sister asked me firmly to not yell and curse at her dog

i avoided eye contact with my little sister while i had a moderate bipolar episode (notice: I HAD NOT TAKEN MY MEDICINE YET)

explicit abuse 6 

i can psychologically only handle so much, i can physically handle only so much

im threatened with homelessness if i quit this job, and i may have to quit this job due to them

due to her

due to my dumb bitch narc mother who's actively sabotaging me and my life and getting in the way

the medicine hasnt fully gelled yet and i still feel borderline [REDACTED] right now

im fucking stressed and pissed off

explicit abuse 7 



i cant wait for the low income housing near work, i cant wait on the list for months

i cannot do this


explicit abuse 8 (this is around where the audio recordings started) 

i just got yelled at for yelling at my sisters dog

i have a recording

does anyone want to hear them threatening to kick me out?

for being mad that they woke me up?

because its not their fault?

and mom "apologised" so i not allowed to be mad

im shaking with rage

"We dont mind helping"

yes yo do

"idk how this thing has turned on a dime"

it fucking hasnt turned on a dime, its always been like this

explicit abuse 9 (this is around where the audio recordings started) 

and op- "who are you talking to? are you complaining about me?"

*calmly closes my laptop*

"im trying to work"

and dads all like "youre going to be moving out of here faster than you think, im tired of you and your rabbits"

and then "all im trying to do is help"

yelling at me and calling me names and threatening me with homelessness

explicit abuse 10 (this is around where the audio recordings started) END 

i just got my ass chewed out again

the next time i see my sister im going to tell her not to fucking tell them shit like this because i just got yelled at threatened for nearly an hour

i get it, shes trying to help, but this isnt helping

Note: I wasn't typing all of that WHILE the recordings were happening, i typed those out in the calm between the two

Further Notice: I'm sharing these logs out of self-defense

im terrified and angry

i appreciate all the boosts and donations so far

thank you :paw_fx90_pray:

thanks yall for the boosts and support i appreciate it!! :blobheartcat:

Kind Words But Also Some Unsolicited Advice 

@DrSagan I'm really sorry you're having such a shitty day. :ms_frown:
Admittedly this seems like the sort of mistake I'd be likely to make, too. But if I'm reading this right, this has happened multiple times, and you had asked her not to. So that's not cool. Losing an hour of sleep can be hard on us NT folks; can't imagine how much worse it must be for you.
And when you're mad, it sure as hell isn't so easy to "just" stop and go apologize. Feelings can't be turned off, only dealt with.
Potentially unsolicited advice: Would it help you to set up Do Not Disturb on your phone? You can set it to enable during certain hours each day. That way even if she forgets again -- intentionally or unintentionally -- you won't know about it until it's time to wake up.

Kind Words But Also Some Unsolicited Advice 

@Mayana oh my gods thank you!! i forgot about that mode!

the threaded screenshot doesnt have a caption but it also shows "no service" so ive tried airplane mode AND im in a literal faraday cage when i sleep (all iron)

i forgot about do not disturb mode!!!! thank you!!!!

Kind Words But Also Some Unsolicited Advice 

@DrSagan You're welcome! It's a godsend because while I'm hoping your parents will be better at not waking you up from now on, you could still get a message from someone else who doesn't know (just ask Ila how many times I replied to them at awkward times because I can't do timezones), a notification from an app, etc.
There's also earplugs (since you mentioned the dog being loud), but those are hard to get used to.
Man, I wish we could be like those folks who can just turn over and fall back asleep. Lucky bastards.

Kind Words But Also Some Unsolicited Advice 

@Mayana they are indeed so lucky 😩

@DrSagan it's not right i'm sorry you're getting put through this

@DrSagan this...kind of person... the entitlement and selfishness and hatefulness, it's so... so much

@DrSagan the conditional "love" and omg the neurotypical oppression

@June ive lived with this my whole life

and thank you

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