pretty happy with how this end-of-demo celebration animation is turning out, ngl.

@knownrobes fuck yes babey its salt marsh harvest mouse time
these lil bebs are very special to me because they live in my backyard & they're super endangered
they're endemic to the SF bay salt marshes & are adapted to high saline levels--they can basically drink saltwater to survive if no fresh can be found. they're also good swimmers!
vp mike pence, a known piece of shit, hates these mice in addition to hating lgbtq+ folks, & thinks we spend too much $ on them, to which i say FUCK YOU MIKE

love to do that bit with my friend where she starts telling me about books and I pretend I don't know what books are

Full offense I know stuff has to start getting better soon, doesn’t feel like there’s any other place to go than up -

just general misery Oof 

Tired: dull cisguys as the main character to a queer-coded villain.

Wired: queer-coded main character against a dull cisguy villain.

I PUT the C in COOL and the C in COOL stands for COMMITTING FRAUD

I'm so tired but What's Up Yall!! Just made my acct and I'm ready to Snzz the night away

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