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My main fursona is named Gene and they are a basset hound with super long ears that allow them to glide. They are bit grumpy.

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Hello I am new to this instance. My name is Eugene and I'm a trans man and my main thing is drawing magical toon animals.

Eye trauma, neck trauma, body horror, gore, blood, strangulation, nudity (apologies if I forgot anything) 

So um... yeah decided to design some literal psychological horror monsters. Each is based on a concept I personally find horrifying but obviously interpreted into an actual physical entity.

I'm so burnt out I forgot I posted a similar toot earlier when I was in the middle of doing the lineart rather than had it finished lol. I'm sorry I'm sleepy.

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Finally getting near done my Halloween monster project (only need to finish the colors on the last monster) but boy howdy am I too sore to do that right now. Hopefully after a rest I can wrap that up today. We shall see.

Slowly chipping away at refining the lineart for the 3rd and final monster I wanted to make for Halloween, hoping to get that done either sometime tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Do you ever think about how humans like completely altered their skeletal structure so they could have free use of their front limbs at all times to carry various objects and hamsters were just like “gonna evolve pockets in my face” instead?

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Also to answer the question I'm sure you have upon reading the ear tag: Yes I'm was born in 1987 I am in fact that old.

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Made myself a "plushsona" which is more like... just a kinda OC. Not sure I'm going to use them a lot but it was a fun exercise.

I used to collect moose and reindeer plushies as a teen/young adult so figured if I was a plush toy that would be the one I'd be.

Hope you like them!

Hamster news for anyone interested: cage setup is complete... well as complete as it can be for now so I called my dad about driving me there (the only places that have pets here are way out of town so as a person with no car and bad legs I ain't getting there unless someone else drives me).

He said sure but probably only sometime in the coming week but notably my dad is made of pure chaotic energy so let us hope my dad doesn't... go off and do something else because he got distracted.

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Been watching an LP of one of the Resident Evil games I've never had a chance to play and it occurred to me that's its really weird that... I don't think any of the games have had zombie cattle which makes so little sense considering:

a) Cattle are like really plentiful animals in much of the world.

b) Not zombie cows and bulls frequently run down and trample humans for no reason except they were in a bad mood. Imagine such an animal with like a virus that makes them extra angry?

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*2 out of 3 monsters are now done (darn typo I'm sleepy it seems lol)

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I'm slowly chipping away at my halloween project (2 of 3 months are now done) so for now here some lineless style animals I drew a while back: a tanuki and a spotted salamander.

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Gonna hopefully pick up my luxury dirt for my future hamster 💪 🐹

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Socialism is an ideology with one goal: everyone is werewolves

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cw nsfw, suggestive but nonexplicit furry nudity 

Office romance but they finally took it to the bedroom. 🤫🤭

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