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My main fursona is named Gene and they are a basset hound with super long ears that allow them to glide. They are bit grumpy.

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Hello I am new to this instance. My name is Eugene and I'm a trans man and my main thing is drawing magical toon animals.

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My lizard is really shy about eating bugs when I offer them so I tried a new system of just leaving a ramekin (ya know a little bowl) in their enclosure with a few mealworms to see if they would eat them on their own. The good news is it seems like that has worked so hopefully this will help them beef up (they're a bit small for a gecko their age so that's always been a worry of mine).

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Inflation Kink, Goo/Slime 

I've had a lot of fun doodling my friend Toothy lately, very good subject for embiggening stuff 😈

The Blue bird website is making me disappointed with humanity so I'm gonna like... post a photo of a bearded dragon wheeling around a grocery cart full of blueberries to make myself feel better!

So I decided to go look at the Wikipedia article on seagulls just for fun and I do not regret this decision

Person: [replies to me mixing up Ireland and the UK]
Me: Oh that's an unfortunate mistake but I rather not point it out since its not a big deal.
Irish people in my notifs right now:

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I was thinking about how one of my OCs works at the library recently and wanted to design the main librarian.

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Oh yeah I never posted these photos of the plush I bought while I was extremely out of it on my medication.
Behold my orb fox!

insect, kinda messed up 

My beetles are getting on a bit in their age so it seems one died when I wasn't around. This could have been sad but ended up terrifying because the other beetles were like "heck yeah free protein!" and had much of its corpse eaten by the time I noticed 8,).

twitter screenshot, nsfw and fetish mention (nothing particularly graphic though) 

I shouldn't social media while I'm half awake because I nearly shared the post directly under the post I was actually trying to share.

If I'm able to track down the tweet I was attempting to reply to I'll be sure to add actual context to why I created this bizarre image lol.

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Still twitter is shitting the bed right now this was part of a reply I was in the middle of making that, out of context, seems like a giant shitpost:

twitter screenshot, transphobia mention 

This is the funniest thing I've seen on this cursed website in a while (not sure it counts as dunking or not because its a screenshot of someone else doing a bit of a dunk? Hopefully its ok)

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Also if you're wondering why I needed a paypal account specifically its because I gotta get more food for my gecko soonish. Sadly that had to involve online shopping with that particular payment method.
There are stores within walking distance that carry crested gecko diet but its a different brand and flavor. Basically there's a risk Scrafty would stick their snout up to it (cresties be like that so its worth the extra effort and cost to get what I know they actually will eat).

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I wanted to set up a new paypal and learned I can't until I get a mobile phone so after some extreme shenanigans I was able to actually figure out how to login to my old paypal account.
What I learned from this experience is my old account is so old is still has the phone number from my home growing up registered to it... a place I haven't lived at for 15 years.

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Yall, check out this amazing commision that I got from

It's me as a tamagotchi pup!

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