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My main fursona is named Gene and they are a basset hound with super long ears that allow them to glide. They are bit grumpy.

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Hello I am new to this instance. My name is Eugene and I'm a trans man and my main thing is drawing magical toon animals.

Every time I hear any news from there its bad so I've made the sad but necessary decision to sink the UK into the sea. I'm sorry to everyone that lives there that doesn't suck you're going to have to move so the rest of the world will be saved from the cursed land in which you reside.

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personal, money related 

I would joke and say I should pair myself with someone that has trouble with things like not eating out too much or whatever but no I am cartoonish levels of a stick in the mud you should enjoy a coffee on the go from time to time. Don't be like me: man that can't even buy brand name toilet paper without convincing himself spending $2 on softer butt wipes doesn't make him a bad person.

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personal, money related 

A lot of people struggle with budgeting because its hard for them to know where to cap their spending in some area but I'm like the opposite I'm too good at not spending money on anything except adult responsibilities like bills and groceries. I literally have anxiety episodes every damn time I buy anything I don't absolutely need to survive including things that aren't usually frown upon like clothing and new sheets or something like that. Its really something else

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Me: I literally didn't spend my money on anything nice last year so I definitely have enough rainy day funds set aside to go out and get a Switch right now. I mean it'd be nice to be able to play a game that comes out in the last 4 years.

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negative, twitter 

I should maybe stop browsing Twitter for a good portion of the day that place makes me so utterly depressed in so many different ways. I honestly can't even like... write a short description for it the site is just cursed and that's that!

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Picture of me poppin' on to Mastodon so I can be a more unfiltered version of myself.

Eugene likes the anthro dog with long fluffy floppy ears best of all? Very surprising twist I'm sure!

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I have very little interest in the Star Fox series outside of its character designs so I'm gonna make my hot take: I think Krystal is plenty hot but the real best girl is Fay.

Sometimes I think about how crows seem to be able to recognize different humans and build tools without instruction and realize they're probably as smart if not smarter than humans but are just less destructive. Thing is people see them as "lesser" creatures on the basis they aren't like... building weapons in order to colonize and enslave our species which is a really terrible (and outright immoral tbh) metric to measure intelligence when you think about it for more than 3 seconds.

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sona, multi eyes, spider lady 

Thoughts on my spider lady?

Honestly I like it with the somewhat thicker outline so I think I will ultimately go with this version (also forgot to adjust the lighting on the nose in the other upload so ya know... that's been fixed).

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Oh and I should note I loosely based the shading/lineart style on the old 2D renders of the Sonic cast. I may even edit this image and make the lineart even thicker to closer emulate that.

I definitely want this piece to feel more like something you'd see in a instruction manual or a game guide then something you'd see in an animated show.

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Since this image is going to be part of a larger piece I don't plan to post it onto Twitter until the entire thing is "finished" so here's your Mastodon exclusive preview.

Behold my fursona but when they were a preteen!

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The chosen image to represent opossum on wikipedia is very good

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