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My main fursona is named Gene and they are a basset hound with super long ears that allow them to glide. They are bit grumpy.

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Hello I am new to this instance. My name is Eugene and I'm a trans man and my main thing is drawing magical toon animals.

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Animaniac fandom, biphobia I guess? 

I just saw people giving someone on the birdsite grief about having an HC that Yakko is bisexual because "he is a child". Thing is I'm pretty sure he's canonically equivalent to a 14 year old human... ya know

The same age when figured out I was attracted to guys, gals and nonbinary pals.

My only regret in picking a basset hound for a fursona is their tail is like... boring generic dog tail. Big fluffy dog tails are the best type.

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You see these two move into your Animal Crossing village; wyd?

Shares and feedback mean the world to me <3

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chubby furry art 

I cannot wait any more, it's deer time

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Since I like games like Danganronpa and Zero Escape I decide to google to see if anything else out there exists and discovered a game called Exile Election. The game wasn't localized but someone on youtube did a translation as she played it so non Japanese speakers can experience it that way at least.

I bring this up because my dyslectic brain keeps reading the title as Elite Erection and I hate it 🙃

Every time a new animal species is discovered my brain's immediate gut reaction is to call them "planet Earth DLC" and I needed you all to know this.

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Since its Rhinovember I decided to draw a comic idea I had a while back and instantly remembered the reason I don't make comics a lot is because I always feel the need to fully color them/give them a background.

Anyway Yvonne was a bit too quick on the draw using transformation magic. You see its never a good idea to point a enchanted book in the wrong direction as you warm up a spell that has random results if you haven't decided exactly how you plan to use it yet!

still nsfw but less joke this time 

Tbh though November probably would be the appropriate time to educate the public the health benefits of masturbation and like maybe write up reviews on various sex toys meant to be used while doing that. I'm sure some people already do that to combat this stuff but it'd be nice if there was like a larger community effort to do it.

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nsfw joke 

I know the month is almost done but since its now pretty well known that "No Nut November" is like... a culty far right incel type thing next year we should all participate in Nonstop Nut November.

For 30 days straight we must nut endlessly for the greater good!

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🏜️🐓Plush themed scene commission for Marshall the Rooster!🐓🏜️

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Please enjoy the best of a series of photos I tried to to take of my mom’s very wiggly dog

trans stuff, just random thoughts 

I know different trans people handle this in different ways but I'm like... a fan of referencing my child self with gender neutral terms. I don't think I had a gender as a child and I only kinda have a sorta one now? like I'm genderflux in a way that male genderness started to pop up more after puberty so gender is there... sometimes when it feels like it.

Somewhat related I wish my gender wasn't weird in ways I can't really explain to cis people ;-;

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Slowly chipping away at a new art, hoping to get it done soon...ish. Its a comic I plan to fully color so it may take a bit longer than a usual piece.

When I say I'm AFAB that's an acronym for:
Fuck you stop thinking my genitals, you fucking weirdo

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