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My main fursona is named Gene and they are a basset hound with super long ears that allow them to glide. They are bit grumpy.

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Hello I am new to this instance. My name is Eugene and I'm a trans man and my main thing is drawing magical toon animals.

I know this is kinda coming out of nowhere but one thing I've noticed from looking up pets over the years is the stereotype that women are scared of mice and rats is really backwards. Like the vast majority of people I see keeping those as pets are women and about half the people I see breeding them (often as feeders for snakes and other reptiles) are women as well.

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Hey redbubble? This is maybe not the best setting for your auto-generated sample photo

transmisogyny... well maybe 

Also the "weird looking person" in one instance was just an older man wearing heels (possibly a closeted trans fem given they were returning the dress for "their wife". There's a good possibility that was a cover story for returning clothing they bought for themself but couldn't try on until they actually got home :/ ).

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Lately I've been watching this video that's a big compilation of scary stories from across the internet. While most have been pretty good sadly more than one of those stories can be basically summarized as:
Narrator: "I was at Walmart and a weird looking person stared in my general direction and I thought I was going to die so I summoned the mall cops and they said they couldn't do anything wtf?!?"

Its like 10pm on my birthday and I just realize now I didn't announce it here oops

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I mentioned a little while back I wanted to draw a big bad wolf just for fun and I finally got around to it!

:O I got a couple of follows from a French furry instance and it makes me wish I wasn't super rusty in that language (French is technically my first language as I'm Acadian but no one around where I live IRL speaks it. I was forced to become a dreaded anglophone in order to survive!)

Very messy sketch I'm working of a big bag wolf. Made a collage of some big bag wolves in media for some needed inspiration (early WIP).

Sorry for not close captioning this image like I usually do its 5am and my brain is super fried.

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Poor Édouard doesn't get drawn enough but at least Santa remembered this old dragon this year. Yvonne also got presents even though she definitely doesn't deserve any!

Anyway Merry Christmas and stuff to ya'll that celebrate that.

thanks youtube I definitely wanted to watch a video that's first 2 minutes involves turtles loudly boning in the background.

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🌸When you want to play, but your paw fluff covers the whole controls….

A big fluffy taur for @avie ! 💕💕 Thank you!!

Like my art? Send me a tip!
Commission info!

Twitter screenshot, not dunking. nsfw 

Me unironically it seems:

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Twitter screenshot, not dunking. nsfw 

I saw this while scrolling and couldn't reply to it because it was 18+ and I'm losing my entire shit. I mean I don't doubt the person that owns this room could be great in bed but also I think I would be too distracted and stressed out to get in the mood because of all the clutter and stuff on the floor oh no!

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Instance to block/suspend (grooming, zoophilia, pedophilia, check linked Twitter thread for receipts)

#fediblock on zetamu [dot] club for the reasons above. Also reports to the host and registrar might be a good idea, holy shit.

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