trans stuff, just random thoughts 

I know different trans people handle this in different ways but I'm like... a fan of referencing my child self with gender neutral terms. I don't think I had a gender as a child and I only kinda have a sorta one now? like I'm genderflux in a way that male genderness started to pop up more after puberty so gender is there... sometimes when it feels like it.

Somewhat related I wish my gender wasn't weird in ways I can't really explain to cis people ;-;

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trans stuff, just random thoughts 

@FamiliarAlien part of my fear of wearing drag is how cis people will react

trans stuff, just random thoughts 

@FamiliarAlien I kinda have a similar but opposite experience, like so much makes sense when I think back on myself as having been a little boy but then as I got older it feels like it got complicated

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