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kink writing; Human Domestication Guide; noncon; hypno; D/s; drugkink 

(More CWs in the link)

Premise: Humanity has just lost a war to the Affini, a civilization of advanced plant aliens who want to make cute, drugged pets of their subjects. A human, the pilot Elvira, has just been captured & delivered to her new mistress

I've written 3 additional chapters, bringing the total up to 11!

Feedback is very welcome!

Gonna take a hiatus after this, it's been many words!

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Introductions; mention of kink; plurality; boosts welcome 

Hi! I'm GlitchyRobo, previously of

I finally beat my Executive Dysfunction and made a new account here!

I'm a lesbian space robot who's into kinks, including hypnokink, D/s, robokink, and others!

I'm pro-Weird!

Follows reqs are always welcome. Boosts appreciated to help reach my followers/mutuals from monsterpit!

My headmate Red may post here on occasion too, but she'll always make it clear that it's her

if i had mental health i would simply personify it as an alter ego and then have a climactic and heartfelt final battle with it

robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

oh but that gives me the idea to replace the hearts with the spiral :ms_robot_thinkgrin:

maybe later lol

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robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

seriously this is like the most competent animation i've ever done lmao

i also made a version with a spiral faceplate pattern instead of the SMPTE test pattern, which i can post if anyone is interested haha

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robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

hi i made an animation of my robosona being cute and flustered please observe

i believe that sega should make as many sonic games as possible so that they get progressively better. that's right, i'm a sonic accelerationist

robosona posting; extremely self indulgent 

I could do any horizontal color bars flag pattern with this real easily now, too !!

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robosona posting; extremely self indulgent 

👁️ :asexual_flag: this was also fun & self indulgent to make

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The Demon-core and the lead shielding are lesbians. They are happy and cuddling right now.

robosona posting; extremely self indulgent; blender details 

Previously, I just had a manual rig with my own badly done IK setup that was impossible to pose the arms with, and would constantly glitch around in motion (in a distinctly uncute way, sadly)

This rig is a lot more versatile and easier to use, plus much nicer to look at in edit view lmao

I suppose I could even make an animation of my robosona doing something cute if I could figure out what lol

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robosona posting; extremely self indulgent; blender details 

To achieve this I entirely re-rigged my robosona model using rigify! (which is actually quite powerful, despite the lack of documentation, see )

This was slightly a pain and I'll have to do some weight painting touch ups on various locations (esp the hands/fingers) to get everything looking right, but wanted to share something now lol

I need to figure out some cute poses to pose her in now! :ms_robot_thinkgrin:

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robosona posting; extremely self indulgent 

i'm feeling very self indulgent so I made my robosona do silly poses

weed whining 

aaaaa tolerance breaks suuuuck

we're on wake cycle 3 of it, and have not had any for prollllly around 90ish hours now? (Forgot to mark the last time I took any whoops)

wanna try and avoid taking any through today at least, but might have to with how our pain and anxiety have been =V

I think this is about how long our previous tolerance break was, if not a bit longer, and it seemed to be p effective, so hopefully it'll be enough?

waking up; medical issues; maidkink; D/s kink; rambly 

Woke up with really awful acid reflux & also with maids in mansions in the D/s kink sense on the mind !

I'd prolly be more into the idea of being a cute maid sub/drone/etc if my body wasn't so physically incapable all the time lol

(Acid reflux is clearing up also, thankfully!)

blender; offer of advice; kinda a brag i guess 

we've been using blender in some form since 2013, esp modeling & using the cycles render engine in service of non-photoreal aesthetics

we've learned a fair few things in that time, and are basically always happy to be asked questions about how to do things in blender, or more general advice!

Please feel free to send us any blender questions!! Talking about it is vv enjoyable!!

star trek ds9 meme video 

I just found this and aaaaaaaa i love ds9 so much lmao

kira nerys being described as "lesbian terrorist" is so good?????

gods, it's such a tragedy that the cast & writers weren't allowed to make the show super gay 😔

voynich manuscript, plurality 2/2 

on some pages there are changes in handwriting after a single paragraph. apparently this is practically unheard of in medieval manuscripts. and I am sure people with understanding of plurality will see where this is going.

it's the only known example of of an indecipherable language (with peculiar statistical properties) which changes handwriting midway through sections in very unconventional ways. filled with impossible plants etc.

it's plural af

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voynich manuscript, plurality 1/2 

I was watching lisa fagin davis' lecture on the codicology of the voynich manuscript. apparently it is very unusual for a medieval manuscript, not just in all the obvious ways, but because it has sections (quires) which change scribes. now some of this is explainable by it being rebound out of order (which is already known to have happened around 150 years after its creation) but some handwriting changes cannot be explained by this rebinding...

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