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Human Domestication Guide Fanfic Link 

Ok there's enough Human Domestication Guide fanfic (and more on the way???? aaaaaaa??????) that I've made a to collect them

please go read them they're great

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kink writing; Human Domestication Guide; noncon; hypno; D/s; drugkink 

(More CWs in the link)

Premise: Humanity has recently lost a war to the Affini, a civilization of advanced plant aliens who want to make cute, drugged pets of their subjects. A human, the pilot Elvira, has just been captured & delivered to her new mistress

I've now written chapters 12 & 13!

Feedback, as always, is welcome!

I think that chapter 13 might have some of my fav writing I've done yet in it!

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robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

hi i made an animation of my robosona being cute and flustered please observe

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Introductions; mention of kink; plurality; boosts welcome 

Hi! I'm GlitchyRobo, previously of

I finally beat my Executive Dysfunction and made a new account here!

I'm a lesbian space robot who's into kinks, including hypnokink, D/s, robokink, and others!

I'm pro-Weird!

Follows reqs are always welcome. Boosts appreciated to help reach my followers/mutuals from monsterpit!

My headmate Red may post here on occasion too, but she'll always make it clear that it's her


I wanted to know how to typeset an arrow with a hook to show injectivity but searching for "latex injection" isn't giving me what I want

if robots are beep boops does that mean dolls are tick tocks

Oh, to be a 40' tall mobile suit, strapped into a repair hangar as youre buffed and refueled, sparks and smoke filling the air as your body slooowly comes online, greeting your tiny pilot with a deep and contented "ping" that echoes throughout the facility.
Everyone turns. You're massive. You're terrifying. You know it. You'd smile if you could

request for income help and such, boosts welcome, etc 

hi all!

so, we're finally fucking moving by the end of this month (aaaaaaa)

we get some income from doing freelance contract projects for software dev and accessibility work, and we have some savings, but, like. extra income is always welcomed, especially when steadier through things like patreon, because we're disabled and the inability to work consistently is always looming over us, plus just, moving costs, medical costs, groceries, all of the things.

so like, short version, we'll be scraping by okay but like if you want to help out or spread this around, we'd appreciate it has all the ways you can support us, like patreon and paypal, with a wishlist. enter offer code 69!

we do digital glitch art, with commission info at

we release music rarely and you can download it for free at and consider tipping above if you like

She flopped down on the bed, despairing.

"Nothing looks goooood… what the hell am I going to wear?"

"Mistress, with all respect, the time to worry about your wardrobe for this party was two months ago," her sub said, as she re-hung an armful of rejected jackets in the closet.

"I didn't know it was happening two months ago!"

"And the *best* time was two years ago."

She rolled over to eye her sub.

"Pet, we weren't even dating two years ago, let alone," she waved an arm at their bedroom, the prints of women artfully bound and kneeling, the row of hooks holding riding crops and bits of harness, "this."

"Mistress, did you have all these wonderful things ready to go the first time you brought me home?"

"Of course not! I got this stuff as we went along and figured out what we liked… oh."

"Look on the bright side, Mistress: you'll certainly be ready for the next one."

"But we're still going to *this* one," she said in a tone that made her will clear.

"Yes, Mistress," her sub said obediently, and then, "I have some ideas."


"Nope. No way."

"Please let me serve you this way, Mistress. We're nearly the same size."

"And totally different styles."

"Not an unbridgeable gap."

"Plus I'd be leaving you short."


"Don't pout. In fact, wipe that expression off your face, and kneel for me."

"Yes, Mistress!"

"Better. I think you'll find this position improves your attitude. With that in mind, perhaps you'd care to recite whatever impertinence you had in mind just now." She took a crop from the wall, lifted her sub's chin with it. "Proceed."

Her sub's eyes were wide and her breathing fast, but the girl proceeded as ordered:

"Mistress, you might want to look good for this thing, even if it's not quite what you had in mind. You will enjoy yourself more if you try."

"Look, I know you've got your whole style thing figured out, and I like it, but I can't dress like an off-duty decker. It's just not *my* thing. I'm not a hundred percent sure what my thing is, yet, but it's not so much that."

"I know we're not the same person, Mistress, and I wouldn't want it that way, and I've figured for it: I have some things that may be more to your taste. This may shock you, Mistress, but I had a," she gulped, "lacy phase."

"You did *not*."

"Some might even accuse me of having been a smidge vampiric."

"I cannot *imagine* this. Who am I even dating?"

"Your loyal servant in all things, Mistress." A ritual phrase, accompanied by a low bow reinforcing her sub's obeisance.

"My loyal servant in all things." The ritual response. She felt a brief frisson of pride at how well this one had stuck.

"Please allow this servant to dress you."


Three outfits later, "Ufff. I still don't know. Honestly?"

"Yes, Mistress? Not the leather pants, then? I rather like them on you."

"No, the leather pants are fine, it's just… ugh. You've got this whole thing down and I don't. You always look *so* good, and I'm already borrowing stuff that looks better on you. I worry that, together, we're going to look like a cyberpunk hottie and the awkward goth kid she has to babysit."

She sat heavily on the bed. Her borrowed pants creaked. Her lacy top rustled. Her corset just felt weird all over. She looked into the bedroom mirror and saw an uncomfortable stranger.

"I just wanna take all this stuff off and wear black jeans and a T-shirt."

Her sub knelt at her feet and laid her head in her lap.

"Taking liberties, are we, pet?"

"Does this displease you, Mistress?"

"You know you're cute when you do this. I'll allow it. This time."

"Mistress," her sub said, looking up at her, "do you remember what you were wearing the first time we met? When Leah introduced us?"

"Not really, no. I remember it was board games and barbecue night…"

"I do. I remember you were wearing that one jean jacket with the patches, and a tank top, and ripped leggings. It looked, well, I'm sure it was comfortable, Mistress, let me put it that way. But I wasn't impressed. Then you actually started talking, and after a minute or two, I was already thinking that I wanted you to take me home and do stuff to me."

"So… my clothes are fine?"

"*No*, Mistress. Because I want *everyone* to want you to take them home and do stuff to them, without you even having to talk. That's what clothes are for. And Mistress…"


"I wouldn't outshine you. I wouldn't want to, and I won't let it happen. Think of me as your last and most impressive accessory. They will know who you are and what you can do, and so will you, because you are wearing these clothes, but most of all because *you will be holding my chain*."

She opened her mouth, and closed it as her brain caught up. Her sub was pushing her buttons, dammit, but she knew which ones to push.

"Well now. Holding your chain, hmm? Of course I'll be holding your chain. It sounds like you do know your place after all, pet."

She wound her fingers into the girl's hair.

"Yes, Mistress!"

"All right, then. I suppose it's my duty to keep a wayward thing like you in line, and I'll have to dress the part."

"Thank you, Mistress. Look, if you really hate it, we'll go home, okay…"

"*I* decide when we go home, pet."

"Seems like the outfit's already working, Mistress."

"Was that more impertinence, my servant?" she growled happily.

"I don't know, why don't you come down here and _mmph mrph_…"

They were almost late to the party. □

gameing; metroid prime 2 

(prolly should've uploaded the picture of u-mos first cuz then the joke would've worked better but oh well)

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time; existiential? 

You ever think about how time keeps happening and things keep changing and get filled with a hollow dread? haha yeah me neither what even is time

yet another affiniverse one-shot that ran away with me 

like A Shadow on the Waves, this one isn't even particularly horny??? this time it's a post id-death recovery fic that my brain refused to stop hyperfixating on until I powered it out

cws for id-death, sad feelings, drugs (ofc), more feelings of melancholy and loss than anything intentionally horny, and also painting

so is matrix 4 gonna have an opening bit like

> Dear "redpillers" --
> You got it exactly backwards.
> Signed,
> The Wachowski Sisters

or what

Abscission update, six more chapters!!` 

🖐️ "try updating in these time windows to maximize engagement"

👉 uhhhhhh idk i update whenever zzz

the dirtworld version of a community is not the real one and the online one is not derivative or imitating it. the fucking ableism in this.

like it can be interesting to talk about how online and offline spaces within a community differ and how they overlap but neither one of them is "the real community" and the online one is not just "kids imitating the aesthetic". that's just elitism, ableism and ageism. fuck sake.

Not that I get mad about this every 8 minutes or anything

nsfw, nothing, mia why 

woke: horny robot model kits

bespoke: cumpla

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