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Human Domestication Guide Art 

Affini taking pictures of herself & her beloved floret cuddling at daybreak!

Working on this kinda made my heart melt a bit t b h sjkhdfgkjshdf

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kink writing; Human Domestication Guide; noncon; hypno; D/s; drugkink 

(More CWs in the link)

Premise: Humanity has recently lost a war to the Affini, a civilization of advanced plant aliens who want to make cute, drugged pets of their subjects. A human, the pilot Elvira, has just been captured & delivered to her new mistress

Elvira is now a lovely broken pet, and Akash's escaped floret has been recaptured!!

Chapters 14 & 15 are written!!

Feedback vv welcome!!!

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Human Domestication Guide Fanfic Link 

Ok there's enough Human Domestication Guide fanfic (and more on the way???? aaaaaaa??????) that I've made a to collect them

please go read them they're great

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robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

hi i made an animation of my robosona being cute and flustered please observe

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Introductions; mention of kink; plurality; boosts welcome 

Hi! I'm GlitchyRobo, previously of

I finally beat my Executive Dysfunction and made a new account here!

I'm a lesbian space robot who's into kinks, including hypnokink, D/s, robokink, and others!

I'm pro-Weird!

Follows reqs are always welcome. Boosts appreciated to help reach my followers/mutuals from monsterpit!

My headmate Red may post here on occasion too, but she'll always make it clear that it's her


introducing vatican 3, we're putting indulgences on the blockchain

instead of "snap my choker," consider: void my warranty

sonic fans say they want a serious story and then point to the game where sonic climbs into a space shuttle inside the great pyramids of giza in order to go to space to land on a satellite where eggman's nose is a doomsday laser cannon as their example.

Oh you're an alpha male? That explains your low penetrating power

what if,
covering robot gf in stickers like you would a laptop or something,,

i love RTS games, i wish executive function was real

history joke 

Part of the Lend-Lease Act's success was in sort of exploiting a loophole in the US's enforced neutrality, but I'm convinced that a much bigger part of its success was the catchy alliterative name.

Perhaps the war could have gone differently if aid was given more freely with less of this elaborate lending framework- But this possible policy never got a catchy name.

I propose:


"Transgender medicine" and regulations and requiring prescriptions for hormone therapy are just a means to limit the number of trans people.

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"I found a synthesizer"

<redditor voice> Bullshit. You didn't find a synthesizer. You bought it and you want me to upvote your post. But I am not a fool. I will not be tricked. I have downvoted your post instead. And so should everyone else

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