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kink writing; Human Domestication Guide; noncon; hypno; D/s; drugkink 

(More CWs in the link)

Premise: Humanity has just lost a war to the Affini, a civilization of advanced plant aliens who want to make cute, drugged pets of their subjects. A human, the pilot Elvira, has just been captured & delivered to her new mistress

I've written 3 additional chapters, bringing the total up to 11!

Feedback is very welcome!

Gonna take a hiatus after this, it's been many words!

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Introductions; mention of kink; plurality; boosts welcome 

Hi! I'm GlitchyRobo, previously of

I finally beat my Executive Dysfunction and made a new account here!

I'm a lesbian space robot who's into kinks, including hypnokink, D/s, robokink, and others!

I'm pro-Weird!

Follows reqs are always welcome. Boosts appreciated to help reach my followers/mutuals from monsterpit!

My headmate Red may post here on occasion too, but she'll always make it clear that it's her

kink writing whine; disassembly kink; robokink 

I've been writing it thus far as a soft and gentle kinda scene, and I want to preserve that feeling of trust and safety

I suppose I could go into detail about how the robot feels her capacity and function being reduced? That might be fun

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kink writing whine; disassembly kink; robokink 

Having a hard time figuring out exactly *how* being disassembled should feel from the perspective of some cute subby robot :ms_robot_thinking:

kink writing; language control kink; drugkink 

I have this fun idea for the human domestication guide-verse where one of the xenodrug types is one that inflicts temporary aphasia

Specifically of some type that allows the lucky victim to still understand words, but prevents them from saying anything coherent themselves

So some human who's owner decided they curse too much or such could give them some of those to teach them that if they won't use their words gracefully, they won't use them at all!

Style tip: color coordinate your formalwear to the armor plating of your heavily weaponized, five meter tall mecha

Hi! I write stuff!

If you happen to have a Gemini browser, you can find my writing here here:

If you don't, there are a couple public http proxies you can use:

My short stories are usually somewhat kinky in nature, sometimes sexual and sometimes not, and usually feature furry characters. When there is sex they're marked with [NSFW]. There is a collection of tags under each one that should double as content warnings, along with approximately how long each one is in terms of words.

If you have any feedback I'll be happy to hear it, but do keep in mind that I am not a professional writer, so don't hold me to very high standards! It just makes me very happy when someone enjoys what I write, so please don't be afraid to tell me if that's the case.

joke take about rotational terminology; highly pointless 

@GlitchyRobo clockwise and clockfoolish

joke take about rotational terminology; highly pointless 

tired: clockwise & counterclockwise
wired: clockwise & anticlockwise

robot posting; unsourced comic 

idk where this is from but someone sent it to me last year and I love it

embarrassed (+); kin? 

also idk if i've mentioned this here, but when I get blushy and flustered and glitchy my radiators get progressively hotter, till I start to thermal throttle and just get even glitchier and more blushy and aaaaaaa

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embarrassed (+) 

wow ok I just read the stuff I was posting last night and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm gay and blushy again frick

talking about my bio; kin? 

...I guess my display name already had that but hey I like being a robot and wanna make it real clear!

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talking about my bio; kin? 

wait I'm not mentioning that I'm a robot in my bio whoops

just gonna fix that quick

the click
of stainless fingers
resting softly
on acrylic faceplates :heart_cybre:

still thinking about stellaris' kinky potential; dronekink 

The most recent expansion adds an espionage feature, and as part of this you can leave sleeper cells to maintain your intelligence networks while your spies are elsewhere

So now I'm envisioning some non-gestalt species setting up a sleeper cell on some hive mind species' planet, and the cell trying very hard to blend in with the hivemind drones

They'd fail, ofc, and get to become new members of the hivemind, cuz that's hot

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