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Human Domestication Guide Art 

Affini taking pictures of herself & her beloved floret cuddling at daybreak!

Working on this kinda made my heart melt a bit t b h sjkhdfgkjshdf

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kink writing; Human Domestication Guide; noncon; hypno; D/s; drugkink 

(More CWs in the link)

Premise: Humanity has recently lost a war to the Affini, a civilization of advanced plant aliens who want to make cute, drugged pets of their subjects. A human, the pilot Elvira, has just been captured & delivered to her new mistress

Elvira is now a lovely broken pet, and Akash's escaped floret has been recaptured!!

Chapters 14 & 15 are written!!

Feedback vv welcome!!!

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Human Domestication Guide Fanfic Link 

Ok there's enough Human Domestication Guide fanfic (and more on the way???? aaaaaaa??????) that I've made a to collect them

please go read them they're great

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robosona posting; flustered robot!; kink?? 

hi i made an animation of my robosona being cute and flustered please observe

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Introductions; mention of kink; plurality; boosts welcome 

Hi! I'm GlitchyRobo, previously of

I finally beat my Executive Dysfunction and made a new account here!

I'm a lesbian space robot who's into kinks, including hypnokink, D/s, robokink, and others!

I'm pro-Weird!

Follows reqs are always welcome. Boosts appreciated to help reach my followers/mutuals from monsterpit!

My headmate Red may post here on occasion too, but she'll always make it clear that it's her

diy hrt; help for a friend; boosts appreciated! 

My friend who lives in the philippines (outside the metro manila area) has been DIYing hrt (estrogen + spiro), and has been unable to get E from her normal source (a local pharmacy) for 7 months and is looking to DIY online (locally if possible due to legality) if doctors don't pan out. I've sent her but I'm hoping that someone might have information on DIY & 'legit' trans healthcare specific to the philippines that I could share with her!

Acceptance of the diversity of life does nothing for comedy but enhance your repertoire.

Acknowledgement of diversity without acceptance reduces all "jokes" to the same core of hatred, inherently limiting your comedic potential.

Once you learn to accept life's many forms and expressions, you can finally make jokes as diverse as the universe you're a part of.

It was Sunday, and the sky above Rita opened onto a golden world of radiance and beauty. Nobody took any notice. Except for Rita. And she had places to be.

Illustrator source:
Some other comments:

transformation, petplay kink, implied institutional kink, dubious consent, depersonalization 

Person who's recently discovered they're a pet (and has to hide it if they want to stay a person) is sitting around and hanging out with some friends, between them on the couch. They're having a good time but their head has been fuzzy the whole evening, and it takes a lot of concentration to not zone out or groan at the discomfort

They're listening to their friends talk past them when a spell of blankness hits, and they know they shouldn't react, but it's getting really hard to focus, but if they try to deal with it now they'll definitely look suspicious, and it's really too early to send them home without-

Their friend is asking if they're okay, and now their other friend is pointing out the pair of ears that have appeared on their head. The pet startles, disoriented, and tries to explain; it's not so bad, they can keep it a secret, nobody has to know. Their friends are telling them that's not how it works, and they know that but they're pleading with them not to call the Registry anyway

And now their friends are shushing them and comforting them, keeping them in their seat. They're on the verge of panic, trying to tap into that flight response, but there are fingers in their hair, and they've spent so long avoiding touch and affection that it overrides everything else in their had. All those feelings they try to ignore flooding in at once, and they stay put, even as one of their friends gets out their phone

They don't pay attention to the call, or what's going to come next. Someone's going to come along with some equipment and a collar, and that'll be it for their hopes of staying a person. Maybe some part of them knows that. If only the gentle patronising encouragement and attention wasn't so nice, so perfect, they might've had a chance.

Probably not, though. They let out a relieved sigh and sink back into the couch.

another day another instance of me creating increasingly baffling porn with Grace in it. I don't know how to explain this, much less tag it. You've been warned 

a commission for @hearth guest starring one @BestGirlGrace doing


okay like it's team fortress 2 spy sapping sentry, right? but like, Hearth is the sentry and also super cute and instead of sapping its a yeehaw (which is an in-joke reference towards aural sex based on this whole thing with Grace which, like, okay so to explain that we have to roll back to this old political cartoon-

Everything is a UFO if you're really bad at identifying things but really good at throwing them.


Shushing and gently cooing things like "easy now" and "settle down" at a pet while making it very difficult for them to actually keep quiet

monsterfucker nonsense 

tonight I was finally made to read Bloodchild and while there is a lot that could be said about it as a serious fic with a serious perspective I am a hopeless monsterfucker whose brain just shut down and demanded to be held down by my weak bee wings

monsterfucker; kink writing; not technically kink fiction; kink fic rec (CWs inside) 

On a totally and completely unrelated note, go read Burnouts in Paradise

it's very good and monsterfuckery! There's drugs and spiders and neural implants that serve you ads in addition to translating bug to english with built in tone recognition!

thanks @fluxom_alt for recommending this to me dkjfhgjkdhfg

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monsterfucker; kink writing; not technically kink fiction 

you ever think about how you got assigned to read octavia butler's bloodchild in high school and were then sent down a path of monsterfuckery with a side for domineering aliens who don't quite understand humanity but also think we'd make great pets or such?

yeah me neither haha

Femdom and girlboss are eerily etymologically similar despite their disparate definitions.

twitter screenshot, hypno, the kink post equivalent of bait and switch jokes 

people liked this one so i'll put it here too

(i think hypno is cool, though i am not particularly into it)

Human Domestication Guide dream report 

The other night I dreamed that an Affini wanted me as a pet again. I cited my "as long as I can read fanfiction and play video games" clause about being enpetted, and we immediately got bogged down with debate over precisely what video games I was allowed to play that my prospective owner approved of (due to I guess violence etc).

The dream then got distracted with other things.

weird furry kink content 

sufficiently advanced furry porn is indistinguishable from horror stories

me, swirling my coffee: so, tell the truth
carmen sandiego, leaning back and smoking in the non-smoking cafe: rarely
me: let me ask you the question first
carmen sandiego: shoot
me: your first name
carmen sandiego: yes
me: you chose it, didn't you
carmen sandiego: why would you think that
me: because it sounds like "crimin'"
carmen sandiego:
me: like it was a verb, "to crime--"
carmen sandiego, leaping out of her seat and flipping the table: NOBODY EVER GOT IT BEFORE!! YOU'RE THE FIRST ONE

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