this is an unsubtle horntpost 

Monsters, Machine Gods, Aliens, anything really: Hey we're here to conquer your world and subjugate humanity

Me: idk I like having some autonomy

Monsters, Machine Gods, Aliens, anything really: we're gonna do it in a horny way tho

Me: I for one welcome our new overlords

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

Hot Snake Woman: I'm here to break your concepts of autonomy and bend your will into becoming my loving pet

Me: okay but whats your end goal here

Hot Snake Woman: well you see I'm very cold and you're very woman

Me: okay I'll get my comfy sweaters

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

I meant to type warm but you know what I am very woman too

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

Hot Fuckable Aliens: You'll love me with your entire heart and soul, you'll serve all my whims, you'll worship the very ground I walk on, and thank me for breaking you like this every day.

Me: Okay cool but what do you get out of this trade

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

Me: I know you're trying to do a slow burn, stockholm syndrome, enemies to lovers, conditioning, d/s training type scene but I'm tired today can we skip to the part where I'm sleeping in your lap and I can go back to pretending I'm not a well trained slut tomorrow

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt This has got me thinking of what sort of angles you could do with a story where the sub is just, really into it all from the start

You could have the classic flustered domme approach

Or a story where the domme & sub have to play the part of abductor and abductee for some wider societal reason, even tho they're both super into it

Or or have the sub be into it but get in over their head quick,,,

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo this post has been broiling in the back of my brain the entire time I ran through a nier raid and now I feel like there's this half-formed story idea of the standard "monster/alien/etc takes a person to claim them and make them their pet" and then gets very confused when the person is like "oh hell yeah, my fetish" and then they have to sit down and talk about what kinks are

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt oh no now I'm thinking about star trek tos style "what is this thing you call love?" but it's "what is this thing you call kink" aaaaaa

Alternately: show the monster/alien/etc a bunch of kinky stories/images/etc and see if that helps explain why the person is very into being subdued

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo "What do you mean you're into being subjugated and molded into my pet?" leading into "What do you *mean* we could just put up an advert saying we want to domesticate people and your 'fetishists' will come crawling!?!?"

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt "No look you don't have to *literally* come crawling we've repurposed our battlefleet into transports just sit in the seats already, seatbelts are basically bondage anyway"

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo "We'll have you all processed and proceed to break you of your illusions of having any sort of actual autonomy or rights beyond what your new owner gives you- yes yes you're welcome I know it's hot or whatever"

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt "Yes I know it's very disappointing that we're out of paper domestication contracts to sign but we assure you that you'll be assigned a new owner and broken regardless, please just get in the spaceship already"

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo "While we appreciate the eagerness with which people are signing up for Type-O xenodrug treatments we need you to understand that our local manufacturing capabilities cannot yet meet this new demand, so some of you are going to have to settle with being hotboxed on a LOT of weed for like a week first."

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt Casually converting an entire planet to a weed farm to supply your unexpectedly plentiful & eager subjects with enough drugs

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo "It wasn't a gas giant when we got here but then we had to hotbox literally the whole thing."

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt "While we process your information and prepare to assign you to new owners, please enjoy ~~the weed planet~~ the designated pet waiting annex."

*vaguely impatient moans in the distance*

"You just really caught us off guard, we had a whole invasion planned out, warships, abduction shuttles, the works! And now we've just had to improvise!"

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo "You're all so adorable when you're baked out of your brains!! So it's like not like this is a bad thing or anything-oh I'm holding up the line okay well go ahead and step outside and take a deep breath dear, your new owner will come fetch you soon (not that you'll have any concept of time to worry about waiting in a second)."

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt dsfhskjeh that's very hot - someone's last moment of being sober ever just, meeting their owner after leaving the Hot Box Planet

They could get hugged!! And carried!! Touched!!! And drugged a whole lot forever!!!

aaaaaaaaaaaaaa i'm extremely gay for aliens helppp

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo aaaaa god same im a useless mess thinking about this and its entirely your fault aaaaaa


this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt eeeeeee I have been yearning for plant aliens for years lmao, they're extremely hot and everyone should know!!!

what if the secret to contacting alien life is simply being suitably horny for the them :ms_robot_thinking:

We've been sending SETI signals about math when we should've been sending flirts this whole time!

Web 1 0 3

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@GlitchyRobo ....okay so real talk this is germinating in ny brain can I please steal this idea and write a lil abt it sgklkfsaafjk

this is an unsubtle horntpost 

@fluxom_alt kjsdl hell yeah go right ahead! We're excited to see what you come up with!!

(We also might end up writing a side story in the human domesticaiton-verse about a human who is really into it but then gets over her head cuz lksdfj we can't stop thinking about that option either aaaaaa)

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