tech kink, noncon 

Tossing up between

'Oh, you poor thing... You've been neglected for too long, you're not supposed to have *nearly* this much free will! We need to take care of you. No, don't resist, hon, that's just the buggy code talking. Now, let's start with your speech subroutines, okay?'


'Program has demonstrated non-compliant behavior above acceptable thresholds;
Further actions that fall outside specifications will be logged and reported. [Level 2] refactoring has been scheduled. Do not resist.'


'Listen, I don't know *why* it said 'no' to you. That's what I need root access for... Of course I can fix it. I'm gonna have to wipe a big chunk of its personality matrix, but... I'm sorry, but that's what happens when you don't stick to the recommended obedience framework. ... So, can I have its access code? ...Great, thanks.'


tech kink, noncon 

@HabitEXE frick that first one especially 馃憖

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