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Grendel here, known mostly for being a very large rodent and other times as a very large horse named Blithe. Setting up here in case things ever go bad on other social medial platforms. Will probably spend most of my time writing day to day thoughts and/or kinky ideas that mostly revolve around expansion or whatever I feel cozy posting publicly.

social stuff 

Not a week goes by where I haven't been reminded of how much it feels like some of my long time mutuals just no longer interact with me in the same way they used to do.

AC Valhalla spoilers 

Finished AC Valhalla and yeah every mythic figure is Just Another Isu now, there are two "dead but not quite" protags, and they opened the door to alt-history now.

Weird story gripes aside this does feel like a wrap on the pre-Assassins era settings, but I also can't imagine where else Ubi would try to bring the series after establishing the more Witcher 3 styled open world, anything closer to the modern era wouldn't quite fit the formula they've been using.


Just gonna put this here too since I am super happy with this big horse I drew for @Grendel! Blithe good.

sinus, gross, blood 

That time of year where I always wake up to seeing red in my snot in the morning and then wondering if I really should start sleeping with a humidifier on every night.


I really need to start buying weed again.


Been feeling weird anxiety this whole weekend, and if the news wasn't enough to make that worse, it's been the ongoing issues with mental wellness falling apart in the family that's already making a member who's barely into elementary school go over the edge constantly even after so many sacrifices.


Still got one more slot left! Hit me up on FA if your interested. ^^

I wanna play a game of Lancer so baaaaaaaaaaaad.


Of course as soon as I have nothing in front of me I’m back to hating myself a lot.


Sometimes like today I really just want to know what I actually want to be on the digital space.

I feel like I'm running in circles with my own ideas and never make a meaningful effort to just have -something- I can feel okay with.

Having a very "I really wanna rebrand myself" kinds of mindset today.

exhausted, bad thoughts 

Doesn’t help I keep feeling massively detached from my usual servers.

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exhausted, bad thoughts 

Wondering if I just don’t know how to talk with people anymore.

vent, work 

Well I’m in bed but my brain is stuck on high alert after having to sit through a very stressful 4 hour call with a client where I could barely get a word in.

I know somethings going to happen on the weekend and it’s going to drag me in and I can’t get over it.

Not even lunch yet and I'm feeling exhausted mentally here.

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