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Pretty I’m just going to cancel BLFC if I can’t find others to fill this room space, already been kind of meh on going but I dunno if I can find space at FWA that’ll let me suit at that con.


I really hope no one has ever tried to fit me into the ‘tech bro’ group, because I sure as hell feel repulsed by it, and I don’t make any where near the amount to what White McSuburb pulls from building software for police cameras or something.


Wish I wasn’t living so far from friends.


So not looking forward to Spotify nerfing my free access.

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Finally cleared Hades with all the weapons at least once, so I guess I can start focusing on the modifier challenges for that sweet sweet titan blood.

Only pain is trying to find enough other mats like keys and gems for unlocks, the handout for those feel so slow right now and I don't know which materials I should be trading away for extras.

oh no the minotaur in Hades is really cute, he's trans rights colors and his mane is a pompadour with a spit-curl

Also better is if you do a trial of the gods room and remember that "oh right the gods are petty shits but change their mind once you survive a brawl".

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So decided to get Hades since I could get it for $10 on EGS and people this is probably the game I need from Supergiant Games since Baston. Leave it to them to make a dungeon run game with enough mechanics to keep me engaged.

Also the character designs are amazingly good and I love how all the Olympian gods and heroes are just there to root for you to get out of the underworld no matter how many deaths stop you.

How is it I can miss gym but also hate going there?

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Work dread 

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