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Environment and talent 

Talent is just passion that is nurtured. Everyone can have a passion, and we'd all be considered geniuses if society nurtured us in an equivalent way to how talented people are nurtured. What kind of environment creates a genius? Does one think of reaching for the stars if they can't be seen from smog? Does one wonder what lies in the ocean depths when plastics and oils obscure the view? Does one's brain or body reach their potential when they eat poison or drink lead?

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The future that I aim for is one that supports Transhumanist vision and Indigenous wisdom. I dream of a future where our technology allows for enough food for everyone to eat and enough water for everyone to drink, and the intellectual foresight to not pollute our air, land, or water. This planet is a heritage for all the species that are born upon it, and our enemies are those who would destroy that heritage to turn a profit.

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This might seem weird, but I really don't like being complimented on my appearance. Specifically because so many people seem to think I want to be "handsome" or "manly" because I exhibit those traits, but those were the default settings I had no choice in, and I don't like them. I can't say that I'd prefer to be a woman because I am genuinely agnostic about that (aka how tf would I know unless I could freely choose)
But I do know that I am not interested in typically masculine or feminine things

I wonder if the Dark Souls Carving voice guy and the Breath of Fire 3 fishing voice guy know each other

If you're interested in art, I'm going to try to take on as many commissions as I possibly can in the next couple of months.

You can see my portfolio and examples here:

Average rate is ~$50 for a colored and shaded fullbody, please DM me if you would be interested and I can give a more specific quote and estimated time of completion!

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Plants, climate and politics 

I wonder why I never considered trying for a job doing plant stuff. I mean sure, none of my schooling focused on it, but surely there'd be places offering entry level positions if you have the willingness and desire to work in the field tending to plants, right? I mean, plants are the most surefire thing that can help deal with environmental disaster, so surely there's some sort of incentive to creating jobs and getting more people to work in that field, right?

Sometimes I think about this when I'm out in the yard and identifying species on plantapp. Like oh hay this seems to be an ash tree. Oh hay plantapp says they're threatened or endangered. Oh hay for justifiable reasons they need to be removed (attracts pests, growing in structurally inconventient spots, etc). Oh hay there's not enough space for them to grow to transplant them around the house.

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There needs to be like, an organization that you can simply donate tree cuttings to. Like a place that you can send them in after you identify the species, they confirm the identity of the species, and they either propogate them if they're endangered, threatened, desired, or needed, or convert them to biofuel or whatever if they're not endangered, threatened, desired or needed. I'm sure there's a way to restructure our current yard-waste disposal services to suit that need :think_shark:


I made a soup with a couple shiitake mushrooms and a salsify that I pulled out of our yard and I gotta say salsify doesn't do much to satisfy the taste buds, despite the perfect wordplay opportunity :(

Oh shrinkwrap modifier, why didn't I realize your usefulness before now

Song lyrics, uspol 

Waterproof ballot and a bulletproof wallet
The rich flood us all and the feds won't audit
There's a permit in their pocket to run a counterfeit market
Ain't no forfeit of the racket just 'cuz the poor can't hack it

Capitalism woes 

Not making money wouldn't be a problem if we didn't live in a society where most people have to buy food, water or shelter to survive because we don't have an agreement the basic needs of the human body and mind should be met to allow them to live, prosper, provide and contribute.

One reason why I hate compliments 

For all the compliments on my music I got from friends or family members or acquaintances, not a one of them purchased a single track. In my 7+ years of making music and from the 200+ pieces I composed, I can count on one hand the amount of dollars I made from it, and none of that even came from anyone I know or knew personally.

To be clear, music makers should make the music they want to make, but there's no mystery as to why they might stop making it.

Oh retopology, I wish I didn't overcomplicate you. There are more vertices in the diameter of the middle toes than there are on the outer toes and it bothers me

I can't post on cohost yet so I'm just filling out more of my profile until I can.

Showed my dad the black widow that's taken up residence on the side of the house just to be safe and to my delight he saw it for the good neighbor it was and didn't want it killed either c:

Family rant 

Anyone else have such a strained relationship with their family that you expect any call from them to only contain bad news? And then you feel guilty for not trying to foster a better relationship with them? But you remember how every time you've tried, it just felt like you were wasting your time with people who share nothing in common with you? Like sorry fam, but I absolutely hate sports and alcohol and do not want to crack open a beer and watch the game with y'all.


So I get a call from my mom saying that my uncle is In hospice after a surgery for his cancer and am talking with my dad about setting up a zoom call or something so they can see and talk to each other at least one last time and he dies that very night before any calls could be made. I didn't know him very well, so I can't say I'm heartbroken or anything, but that's the state of affairs with my family and communication, such that I didn't even know he had cancer until that phone call

AI generated image 

Gamer reacts to no desert until he eats his vegetables

I don't know what cohost is but as if to try to counter my habit of always being unaware of current or trending topics or things I made an account on it


Once I've reached goal number, I shall establish a new goal number of zero for I shall become a sentient cloud of stinky little nanobots

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