thinking about being this shape again, it's a good one....
(art by @hi_cial)

youtube has recommended us what looks to be a good video

this is what the four-armed felines look like by the way

this is torgal, one of the party members

(if someone can make an image description that'd be appreciated, we can't right now)

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multi taur art 

thought I'd post the art that my icon is from on here! this is by @chr

the idea is to flaunt my synthetic nature--the entire lower body has the texture of a neoprene suit instead of fur or skin, and the upper body has intentionally-obvious seams where it can be split apart

Because i'm proud to be me, and i'm tired of pretending to be something i'm not.

lewd-looking plant, lewd text 

today i am thinking very much about having one of these for genitals, just how it'd feel to have someone stroking and squeezing it, perfectly pure water gushing out

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