@Heffboom_Konijn Yeah, I've a lot of Thoughts there that seem along the lines of where you're going with this.
I mean I have to figure this whole consideration of mental health is pretty new to the human race, like, as a whole. I think past my lifetime the line between 'neurotypical' and not will be less and less. We'll accept the spectrum nature of it all and hopefully treat everyone in general with more kindness to their brains and emotions

‪can anyone tell me a percentage of “neurotypical” folks? I feel like more and more thats a unicorn. is such a person an accurate baseline? subjective is an understatement here‬

‪4 pre for surgery ive. im working on my last will and testament and I gota say. its oddly cathartic now thats almost done. its over 8 pages now with very a detailed estate and instructions. also my detailed instructions for my remains/funeral service.‬

‪I feel soo calm now oddly‬

‪As an autistic person whos hearing is up to 11 and I hear everything wish there was a way to turn off my hearing without big headphones or muffs cause folks be giving you uncomfy looks :( ‬

@Heffboom_Konijn That is bloody intense with your bright hair!

I love it. And it goes will with your optic shields too!

NSFW mention 





‪ I need this off my chest as its killing me and im panicky

I temp lost my health insurance due to extra income and now I have to work less hrs to get it back hopefully.

oh did I mention I take 10meds and have a 100k surgery coming up?

ya...im having an internal meltdown 🥺😰

So thats why im like seconds away from a full blown panic attacked and crying with...thoughts.‬

‪is why im not soo chatty as of late ‬

re: Happy Cursing, Amazing life change news! 

Happy Cursing, Amazing life change news! 

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