Nothing like stocking up on tools to work on car and keep them in car for rolling workshop XD

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@starkatt @Heffboom_Konijn I wish I had taken pics of my first self-built rig. Vixenbox 1 was in a pretty standard min-tower running an ABit MB with an 64bit Athalon CPU back when 64bit was still kinda new, and I ran Windows XP on that for years. I was really proud of the transparent and illuminated power supply. It lit up my whole room back in Sunnyvale.

@Heffboom_Konijn I don't have photos of mine that I feel like digging up but I took a dremel to the side and put in an acrylic window, did the whole lights and cable sleeving thing.

16 year old me thought it was awesome and 18 year old me was so tired of it.

@Heffboom_Konijn if memory serves me it was a socket 470 something, I got a pentium 4 HT 2.8ghz cpu, a PNY geforce FX low end card. 1gb of ram 512x2, and a seagate 256 HDD. Im surprised I remember all of that XD

Folks are talking about their 1st PC build.

Mine was this (not made by fragbox it was the case barebones shell).

I was 16yrs old got the kit on Xmas day with parts I had asked for. and the Mobo was DOA...oh I was heartbroken but we got a new one and ai built my 1st ever PC. I wish I still had pics of mine but it was basically 1-1 this including lighting as it was built into the case.

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Somedays I wish I was a Nexus 6 model...4yrs then no more hurt sounds comforting at times *sighs*

@kobunny @kelseyhusky @mawr *hugs you all* thank you for your support. it helps soooo much ^^

‪hard day today...I feel kinda broken 😔‬

‪it's a shame she won't live but then again who does...‬

I can understand that guy who asked if it was normal to be attracted to the faces of cougars now

Heck...Im such a "basic" witch. getting home from work and giddy about Netflix Sabrina season 2

Eeeeeee [woowoo intensifies]

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