NSFW mention 





‪ I need this off my chest as its killing me and im panicky

I temp lost my health insurance due to extra income and now I have to work less hrs to get it back hopefully.

oh did I mention I take 10meds and have a 100k surgery coming up?

ya...im having an internal meltdown 🥺😰

So thats why im like seconds away from a full blown panic attacked and crying with...thoughts.‬

‪is why im not soo chatty as of late ‬

re: Happy Cursing, Amazing life change news! 

Happy Cursing, Amazing life change news! 

‪ME: practices female vocal training projecting voice up and out of mouth. ‬

‪MY Sinuses: Gah, F*** you. that feels weired and im gona mess with you hard‬

‪*ugh* ‬


Trans people are the bravest just for daring to be alive.

Love all of you :trans_heart:

Cannabis/ Zindillo Talk 

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