‪ME: practices female vocal training projecting voice up and out of mouth. ‬

‪MY Sinuses: Gah, F*** you. that feels weired and im gona mess with you hard‬

‪*ugh* ‬


Trans people are the bravest just for daring to be alive.

Love all of you :trans_heart:

Cannabis/ Zindillo Talk 

Zindillo Fact :polyamory_flag: 

Zindillo Fact :polyamory_flag: 

capitalism, anti-homeless policies 

doodled a concept for a Terran marksperson's rifle

God...No matter how many times I re-watch Little Witch Academia. I was always tear up with such happiness at the end.

If you haven't seen it. you really should

it's #MascotMonday! this week's mascot is by our very own @GlitterDisaster! her name is Crackle and she is hoarding all the boops, please share them omg

Ended up drawing an author avatar for myself of sorts, since oops, all my fursonas represent aspects of myself without -quite- capturing the entirety of myself all at once. 💙 Have a werewolf~

(given my old username in a bunch of places, I feel like I've gone full circle here about a decade since joining the fandom, oops)

Weasyl: weasyl.com/~werewolfnl/submiss
FA: furaffinity.net/view/32280130/
Dropbox: dl.dropboxusercontent.com/s/78

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