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*SLIGHTLY* disappointed that i can’t make my hair look like space irl, but i’m working on it

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roses are red
violets are blue
worship the hive
we love you

roses are red
luminol is blue
im luminol
pet my long tail

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@Heffboom_Konijn Probably cause all the bad shit we were seeing in 2016 hasn't really...stopped?

@Heffboom_Konijn time is an illusion that has stretched 2016 out for years to prove it's point

@Heffboom_Konijn I keep looking at the calendar and going "holy fuck it's 2019???"

Got called “Sir” like 4 times today, thats unusually rare and makes me question myself :(

look folks who misgender, its stupid hard to keep my vocal training up all damn day and god forbid I slip I otherwise Im automatically not the gender you say

remember how we all joked about surviving 2016?

It still feels like 2016 has never ended

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sometimes this meatsack im stuck inside of doesnt look half bad lol

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