Everyone please look at this picture of Snufkin......

k thank u

I would get a Deftones tattoo but the only recognizable symbol other than their name is the white pony logo, and people would prob think I just like horses lol


- If you dissolve peeps in vodka, it's delicious (but the eyeballs don't dissolve so you're left with a drink full of black dots unless you care enough to filter them out)

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I don't drink a lot, but I love trying things and here is a recap of my findings:

- Southern Comfort is good with Coke
- Jack Daniels is good with Coke
- Rum is good with Coke
- Margaritas are delicious
- Gin tastes like boat cleaner
- Beer is good (and stuff)
- The only wines I have ever enjoyed are cheap and sweet as hell
- I always expected brandy to be a very rich, sweet, flavor-packed beverage but it's not. It isn't horrible, but definitely not what I expected

The nonbinary urge to get a haircut, but you don't know what you want, and you don't know where to go, because all hair-cutting places are either cheap franchises with mixed results or aggressively gendered

I was trying to get ray tracing working in Skyrim and it isn't working at all, but here's a debug screenshot if anyone needs vaporwave album art

I'm noticing that it's stylish lately for men to look like they belong in a barbershop quartet.

I'm into it?

Update: I am now keeping myself from ray traced Minecraft because I'm too lazy to install the new graphics card

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UPS shipping delays are keeping me from ray traced minecraft and I'm a salty pup

@captainbozo gave me an in-box of one of my favorite childhood game system(?) toy things and it was really sweet and I just wanted to share 🥺

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