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Intro post, nsfw (18+) mentions 

Hey folks, I guess I should do an intro post too.

Usually I'm pretty positive, but folks who jump back through my timeline may notice that I'm carrying some baggage. I'd like to think I'm a good person, but I'm keeping an eye out for things I can work and improve on.

I play a rabbit furry on the internet.
Y'all can see art of my character at:

I sometimes do lewd role-play with friends and acquaintances, and am a fan of penis & breasts.

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Alton showing Percy his pet mouse.

Some retro protogen I'm doing, trying to actually be accurate to specific period machines. Alton's an Xerox Alto, a crazy-ahead-of-its-time graphical workstation with a high-res monochrome portrait screen. He's a big chunky industrial boy, but pretty mobile on his castor heelies.

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Poem: Where do we go from here [1/3] 

I remember when I was a kid
we were gonna be so big
the adults in my life would write and recite,
"The future's lookin' so bright,
you're gonna need shades"
despite it not being that way.

The sun above us burns so hot;
they were right, it's very bright
not the way they thought,
with their greedy ways of stealing pay
Caused by what they wrought
burning trees on Earth Day- caught;
but it's we who are to blame?

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Twitch Stream 

Sorry for bein' a bit late, was in a funk this morning and a friend pulled me out of it. vampire survivors got an update so we're startin' with that!

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Hey if you're heat-insecure this winter make sure to DM me. I can't do much but I know how to keep you and your pets from freezing to death. I've lived outside.
Long and short:
Insulate your floors and walls with cardboard/blankets.
Stay in the smallest room of your house, all of you.
Put a flower pot on chopsticks over a candle, makes a super good heater that doesn't use up too much oxygen. Make a few.
Only drink hot drinks. If hot water is weird, drink teas. Caffeine will make you colder.

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nsfw furry porn!! penis!!! 

whatcha lookin at?

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nsfw furry porn!! m orca + f wolf, tied to a pole and full of CUM 

Patreon reward for PsychoSodaPop!

strapped to the Fuckin' Stick

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just :transgender_flag: CSS 

In case y'all ever needed or wanted it:
background: linear-gradient(90deg,

There's some CSS styling that draws a semi-translucent trans flag as the background to any valid HTML element :3

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oh yeah i should change my icon into the tasteful crop of the commission @Kaltren got me hold on

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NSFW art, M solo 

whoa it's Panko but his dick is out!

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robot spider nudity 

this is a Bug Report appreciation post. Please appreciate here

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NSFW art, M solo 

oh no, Panko is bottomless again

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another day another moment of me thinking this is probably one of the best things I've ever drawn (for @chr )

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NSFW art, M solo 

A colorful animal beckons you

Bad joke: A crow, rooster, and seagull were all flatmates in an apartment complex, loudly cawing and squawking and crowing at practically all hours of the day. Why didn't their neighbors have a problem with the noise? 

They didn't hear a peep.

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Kanamori has ended up being my favorite character in Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken, because she deftly illustrates the importance of having a competent, observant producer on a creative project who'll fight for the rights of her subordinates

whenever you're dealing with the cat-herding of keeping a bunch of creative people on task, it's important to have someone whose primary role is to keep everybody focused on the three key goals: 'on-time, on-budget, and without destroying our lives'

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