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Intro post, nsfw (18+) mentions 

Hey folks, I guess I should do an intro post too.

Usually I'm pretty positive, but folks who jump back through my timeline may notice that I'm carrying some baggage. I'd like to think I'm a good person, but I'm keeping an eye out for things I can work and improve on.

I play a rabbit furry on the internet.
Y'all can see art of my character at:

I sometimes do lewd role-play with friends and acquaintances, and am a fan of penis & breasts.

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uspol hot take, talking to kids, parenting 

imo, if you're complaining about it being impossible to explain this to kids, you're just using the same unacceptable excuse that parents do about queer people.

it's not that you don't know how to explain this to your kids, it's that you're unsure how to explain it in a way so that they'll maintain the same prejudices as you.

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Birdsite link, ACAB

As someone who's worked both retail and phone support, yeaaaaaah.

If we even so much as raised our voice we got in trouble. Yet cops can fucking shoot at people yelling at them and get off scott free.


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And finished it. There's playlists for both.

Fair warning that, honestly, it wore me down with all its problems over time. So if you wanna be hype about it, skip 'em.

Uncut (honestly, a *lot* of searching boxes):


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Charity Stream, Final Hour! 

oh my god we've almost reached our goal thanks to a really generous donation aaaaaaa

come on in and help us break the goal! one more hour left in this charity marathon stream of Slay the Spire!

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NSFW art, M solo 

I think he wants something.

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Incredible, the AI meme generator is way better than I am at making up funny stuff

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d/s kink, praise, reinforcing consent 

a thing we really love is, when someone is into being praised, praising them for telling us when things are and aren't okay, using safewords (if the safeword doesn't preclude dropping the dynamic, of course), etc

basically saying "a part of being good and subservient for us is being honest about how okay you are with what we're doing"

reinforcing consent: it's good

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:plush:​🏙📣❕How We're Keeping ✨Plush✨ City Safe [1/3] 

🔹 There's a lot of spammers and meanies out there right now!! :blobsob:

🔸 It's true!! And we wanted to take a moment to give you an update on how we're keeping you safe here at ✨plush✨ city!

🔹 We've got policies that help with this stuff!

🔸 That's right! Our new registrations are always go through a manual approval queue. Also, our code of conduct's "Your Account" section requires all new users to interact with our community in some way.

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Batstreet's back, baby! Streaming more of my Finally Beating Final Fantasy series!

We're close to the end, and getting in gear for the final dungeon! Hang out, put on song requests, we're gonna have an awesome time 💚

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Kobolds doing things that LOOK a lot like science, but in no way are actually science.

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just awful 

Me, when I'm trying to subtly tell someone that I recently got gold nipple rings installed onto my nonbinary transfem tits: Y'know there's gold on them/their hills.

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>Play Half-Life: Alyx for 90 minutes, sneeze once
>sit down afterwards, start coughing

it's videogames, videogames is the cure

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actually it's good to interrogate your implicit biases about other groups of people and question whose agenda they serve and where you got them

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neural network text generation is rapidly making the library of babel real

cf. this website that lets you browse through ai generated memes:

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Sometimes I write a couple words
and then I write some more
but my favorite thing is when
they fall into a score

because a poem is nice and all
but what folks really dig
is the soft familiar call
of lyrics over licks

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so far left this toot doesn't even support capital letters

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Valentine's, lewd 

Kobolds are red
Kobolds are blue
Kobolds are everywhere
Even in you 😈

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NSFW art, M solo 

[Finger on the monkey's paw curls up] You win a raffle but get a Zybourne Clock reference. Congratulations?
Zettan's character Clay Acier had an ace on the ref sheet and I couldn't think of anything else after seeing that okay

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