Metroid fans once again get the short end of the stick for This was the last *prime* chance to release Zero Mission, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Fusion for Switch right before Dread comes out for easy money. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

You had to be there.

*Notices your Epik 180GB bulge of neo-nazi website domain info, emails, code* OwO What's this?

Nice stuff for the bellingcat types out there.


On the recent Cowboy Bebop reveals, it's strange that this close to streaming Radical Ed is missing from the cast list as Ed shows up before the halfway mark. As a hacker enby very much influenced by Ed, mannerisms and all, Keiji will be sad if they do Ed dirty.

Giving thanks to the trailer leak gods. It's absolutely everything I wanted it to be.

How do we know US and world govs will not do enough? 630K+ ongoing deaths in their country and Americans don't trust a body of scientists to do basic things like get a shot and wear a mask. No way Americans will vote for more strict environmental policy in their country or UN.

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TFW the IPCC publishes a on about the world exceeding The Paris Agreement within 2 decades and the US and world govs are unlikely to do anything.

Would outcome be any different if Florida hanging chads hadn't happened in 2000?

It took 16 years after being allowed, but the first nonbinary, transgender athlete took home an Olympic medal, and a gold one at that! And I had tickets to see the historic match were it not for spectator ban even for Japanese citizens. (;_;)

As a skater w/ a fursona influenced by , super excited to see cool Beat in another classic, Now if only they'd fix JSR saves on Steam...
🎨 : mausttrap

Relevant to any furry in the queer community who use apps like Grindr, this is a must read. Grindr sells your data to whoever which can mean you'll be outed to your employer or potentially the government. Bad outcomes if either is hostile to queer community or just hate harassment from strangers.

As a Metroid fan, it's crazy that the Steam Deck will be better than the Switch to play on & is only a little more $. Switch only has Dread, not even GBA titles. Meanwhile, Deck can play all titles including Dread; hardware exceeds recommendations to run Yuzu (Switch) emulator

*starts compiling list of artists that do plush style for future reference*

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