Because of recent earthquakes and the war it's a good idea to have emergency preparedness kit. Here's a good guide I think for bare minimum:

やばばばばばば~!Spent so much money on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in arcades. So exciting to be able to play them all on PC and Steam Deck! (☆▽☆)

RIP as we know it. Bandcamp's OG artist-first mission and the profit-first corpo mission of VCs behind Epic are incompatible as evident by Epic supporting N-F-Ts. Epic doesn't want "an open internet"; they won't even let Linux users play Fortnite even though Linux can

Halo Infinite is dying I think. Not just player numbers, but other things too. It has been several days, but on their Ultimate Challenge name 大名 is still spelt daiymio which is very wrong.

Rescue Rangers movie could be a great movie with meta commentary on the death of the Disney Renaissance and western animation, but Disney has a bad track record w/ live action adaptations. Using cel shaded CGI instead of 2d animation also isn't encouraging for the theme

Valve does what Nintendon't.
Looking forward to having high a quality transparent Steam Deck shell to relive that 90s aesthetic thanks to Valve publishing CAD files.

If the idea of playing GM optional Ducktales inspired oneshot TTRPG sounds interesting you should check out Feathered Adventures in the next 10 days!

If you have any personal data on Gumroad you may want to delete it if possible, switch to using an alt email if needed. Hopefully the furry fandom can find a better platform to sell VR avatars

Similar to much of the book banning happening in America, a mayor is withholding 110K in funding from a library unless they remove queer friendly books from circulation. You can help donate here:
You can follow updates here:

First publicly documented case of ransomware used to impact military deployments? And it even involves trains! 💚 🚄

Super excited~!

Every day since the harassment investigation came to light not playing any Blizzard titles despite the Orisa reindeer skin temptation looks like a better and better decision.

Shout out to all the furs running in turkey fursuits on Thanksgiving. Don't forget to stay hydrated!

*wakes up, checks phone* Thanks BLFC for showing my hunch to limit con going to DCFurs, けもケット、JMoF, and Kemocon remains a good idea. Good grief. Hope they get barred from future cons.

Shame what's allegedly happened with Shuri, but hopefully Marvel is able to find someone for Ironheart at least that isn't anti-vax

Twitch has been hacked. You should change your password, and enable 2FA, preferably TOTP (Authenticator App) based.

Especially since the hackers seem to be 4chan types angry about recent anti-hate raid steps taken to help harassed furries and others so you may be a target w/ breached credentials

Sure would be nice if dressing up as a raccoon on International Raccoon Appreciation Day, especially when aligns w/ granted you a free donut. (✧ ∇ ✧)

Metroid fans once again get the short end of the stick for This was the last *prime* chance to release Zero Mission, Metroid 2, Super Metroid, and Fusion for Switch right before Dread comes out for easy money. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

You had to be there.

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