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Mastodon is a lot like bojack horseman

- mostly pretty funny but sometimes sad
- will last for about six years
- half of us are animals


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#feditips for new people: One of the most powerful things about the fediverse's anti-harassment tools is that you can block entire poorly-moderated instances at once. Look for "domain blocks," "instance mutes," or similar in your settings; this applies based on the domain name (which you can see after the second @ in a username), rather than individual users.

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TURKEY THAW ALERT if you have a frozen turkey weighing about 1,017 pounds TODAY is the day to move it from the freezer to the refrigerator for it to be defrosted in time for Thanksgiving (2022). If you don't get it out in time you can put it under cold running water for about 509 hours.

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I love it when I choke on my own spit immediately after answering covid screening questions and desperately need to cough for like thirty seconds straight in the waiting room

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misread howlongtobeat as howlongtoboat and that should totally be a website

I should probably use this account more

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I feel like you should learn to socialize with bots before you are allowed to join ranked posting

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@owashii Heya bud, thanks again for the tutorial on swapping out the joystick on my joycon. I've just finished going through the repair, and your tutorial was extremely helpful. Hopefully i wont have any more issues with it!

I'm thinking of swapping out my right analog stick too, since the replacement sticks i bought came in a pair. there doesnt seem to be any drift on that stick though, so in your opinion, should i swap it out, or just leave it until there IS a problem?

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Like seriously, the fact that you can use a ps4 controller on the ps3? Awesome. But the ps3 won't register the headphone port on the ps4 controller iirc. Am saddo.

I think I need to get headphones for my whole heckin TV, that'd solve all my issues with every console haha

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So I just discovered last night that you can plug headphones into a Nintendo Switch while it's in docked mode and that overrides the audio to the TV. This solves one of my major problems with my switch. Now if only my left joycon didn't have drifting issues, I could resume trying to find a way to use headphones to play ps3 games too

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