New month, new icon! This one's cropped from a genuine vintage TabbieWolf piece. (cw: nudity)

I’m 36 (of 40) weeks pregnant and could go any time, trying to get our little family into our own housing away from my controlling parents before birth. My wife has good Union job prospects, we’re just running very low on time

any assistance will go towards rent and deposit, goal is $2k. I know it’s a lot, it can be a loan if need be, just mark as such! thanks so much y’all for getting us this far! #mutualaid
$app: $glamorshark
venmo: @londonshine
revolut: @glamorshark

imagining A Guy whose pinterest front page is just "epic cyberpunk street techwear cyborg" and it's just me lmao
#art #mastoart #CreativeToots #cyberpunk

Companies keep thinking people want an ultra realistic VR experience when really I just want to hang out with friends and we all look like we're from Banjo Kazooie


Bite me based on how hard I pull the leash

I need a muzzle with big sharp teeth so I can bite people's necks with varying degrees of force depending on how much I love/hate them.

"Not my video, got it from discord"

If I ever become a so called "youtuber" it'll probably be because a very dumb 4 second clip got 4 million views and I don't want to go out with that legacy

Im convinced the corporate-owned internet is an experiment of how much you can take away before everyone quits

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Youtube and tiktok 

Our new shorts have no indication of length or ability to choose quality or option to skip to a certain part and most of our users don't bother captioning them

Outer Wilds 

Outer Wilds is a game where you have to be smart to get the stupid ending

I like when food is heterosexual or whatever you call it

New Mastodon logo v2c (improved).really.Copy Of Final(2).svg.png.jpg.bmp.jpg.jpg.jpeg.jpg.jpg.webp

Twitter, commission 

Otter out on last day of pride month

Send some love to the artist on twitter if you got it

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