why'd they call it programmer socks when they coulda called it softwear

If anyone lives in or near Washington and needs a roommate hit me up! I need to get out of my mom's. :boost_ok:

we're $1600 away from goal!!

Help me and my partner out, we are trying to raise money to avoid becoming homeless, as our landlord decided to let us know that can't renew our lease only 3 weeks before it's up

he had previously told us we could renew our lease this year

Commission info in thread

paypal: http:/paypal.me/muttmusk

Cashapp: $Muttmusk

Venmo: Muttmusk

#mutualaid #MutualAidRequest @mutualaid

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Colonial Pipeline shut its entire network after the breach of its computer networks, the source of nearly half of the US east coast’s fuel supply, after a cyber attack that involved ransomware.

poor colonialists 😢 so sad 😢

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(urgent) looking for translation jobs in EU, please boost 

I have a friend currently in Hungary on a work permit for an internship. they're looking for jobs so they can extend their work permit and not have to fly back home.

they work in translation and are fluent in Arabic, English, and French and have a few years of experience.

if you have any openings where you work and your company sponsors foreign workers then please let me know and I'll send you a resume!!

the existence of adhd also implies the existence of ad4k


“Oh, welcome! Pardon my state, I wasn’t expecting customers today.”

Shares and feedback mean the world! <3

<banjo-kazooie character noise 1>/<banjo-kazooie character noise 2> pronouns


Pringles should be at least twice as thick

called him a fucken wire shit boy (I regret this, I'm sorry clippy)

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excuse me friend did u know u got some spaghetti on your head

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A sheit end to a fairly nice day but what can ya do
At least I can sleep it off for as much as I need
Then again I'll prolly wake up at 8

RT @stecman
Got tired of waiting to select which OS to boot, so I made a physical switch

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