I never really cared about what Opensuse had to offer, I just wanted them

PaaS (Plushie as a Service (im the plushie, and im offering u my services for free))

Finally got on Telegram! @ljames was too busy to make me stickers so I aped their style as best I could and made my own. These are so fun to draw!

made in #inkscape

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #CommissionsOpen

are we having #goblinweek here? I didn't realize it was goblin week aaa this is rough since I wanted to get it done fast!

a couple of my go-to goblins: Filth and Foul, scrap-sorting sisters bound at the neck by an unbreakable chain. god, how inconvenient

made in #krita

She's gonna prepare a big caldrum of pumpkin soup for every critter on Spook Day 🎃 😉
(Old artwork WIP from last year I just finished right on time for this year!!)

#MastoArt #CreativeToots #art #furry #furryfandom #anthro #animal #cat #cartoon #vector #inkscape

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me and the shit have come to an agreement

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tiny self-promo, if you like seeing my webdev dorkyness and/or my art, consider dropping a donut my way! ❤️🍩


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I wanna sleep but theres a fat shit stuck in me

I've never uploaded my chicken zine images I think. :o

Here's the first of two. Drawn in April 2021.

Here's an overview to the zine:
It was printed May or June 2021 iirc and the earned money went to a German chicken charity organization!


please return your excess names and pronouns so that there's one available for everyone. thank you!

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everyone should behave like a pirate to motivate myself

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