Kinda grim humor 

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burger king missed out on the perfect sonic the hedgehog movie product placement, with a scene where sonic gets hit in the head and drops his onion rings all over the floor

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Upgrading my home network equipment firmware through remote access. What could go wrong.

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Not sure why I thought giant hard drives were a good idea…

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Non-binary former Borg drones are enby exbees

mh (-) 

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It's the universal non-palindrome day! This is the only date consisting of nothing but zeroes and twos that is not a palindrome no matter how you write it!


Relish it, we won't have another one of these for 20,000 years

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The sky is bright blue, the mountain is out in February, and I take back what I said about the weather in Seattle, dayamn.

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i am once again asking the US government to send me my fursona assignment paperwork

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Found an old playlist on Spotify and I couldn’t remember what it was, so I opened it and was greeted with this…

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Things that warm my gay heart: Seeing multiple gay couples having a date in the restaurant on Valentine’s.

(I rankled writing this a bit because Judy is *such* an idealistic swot, but that's because Columbo is such a great unassuming everyman, not of the chosen social class, that he constantly disarms you:
You *do* know what he means. He's a bunny.)

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Judy Hopps:
- Justice before protecting authority; goes after the Mayor *and* the corrupt Deputy Mayor
- Unconventional methods; works with the mob to get a confession from Duke Weasleton
- Made officer through determination despite being a bunny
- A Good Cop?

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- Justice before protecting authority; goes after the commissioner in "A Friend in Deed"
- Unconventional methods; works with the mob to get a confession in "Strange Bedfellows"
- Made detective through determination despite not being one of the "smart kids", "The Bye-Bye Sky High I.Q. Murder Case"
- A Good Cop

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I saw some Discourse about Columbo vs ACAB somewhere and two days of shower thinking later I give you this Take:

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The most satisfying thing to do when you get something addressed to your deadname.

Irish politics, not misery 

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Was just reminded of that time I changed my name and my health insurance thought I was trying to add my wife to my plan.

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