dear god I'm not sure I can take too many more shots of brits yelling and flagwaving

at least the french entry this year was a matrix rave scene, not pure, distilled nationalism

oh heck yeah, bringing back last year's winners have been better than any of the actual entrants this year unfortunately

#eurovision was more fun when it was HAPPY about being gay af.

Belgium doing a Bond theme this year I see.

More intersting than most of these, which have been durges. :/

Developing a new software release automation tool called WOPR that simplifies configuration by simply brute-forcing any credentials it needs for a launch.

@retr0id pick-n-place machines hate this one weird trick to simplify your two layer board routing

Did some work yesterday putting together packaging for the macOS version and uh... I guess I just can't help myself

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Firefox really just does not respect users' preferences any more, does it. Apple levels of "we know best".

once again wishing there was a debug interface for my body actually telling me why i have a headache

I think the most annoying thing about the MS AV in Win10 is that "allow on device" doesn't work. It treats things like VNC as "hacking tools", but 1) if you're not fast, it'll automatically quarantine them before you can allow them, and this includes just after restoring them from quarantine 2) it doesn't propagate that allow to volume shadow copies, so redetects it there and then fails backups.

It's 2022 and AV remains an absolute curse.

Percy's an original International...Proto...Machines Personal Computer, all chunky low-res greenscreen CP437 text graphics and big floppy floppies. He's the bland sensible guy everyone is about to back over his flashy peers.

I've got a few of these I wanna do, so much so I'm kinda grouping them a bit like this by approximate design. (We'll see if health, mental and otherwise, will let me actually do the rest.)

(Also available on my FA gallery, if you brave that kind of place.)

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