:blobcatcamera: Ol' CyberShot did well once I figured out to change metering mode.


Also noticed we've got some fresh custom forum smilies^W^W emoji while posting that last too---


@mawr please.

one of these 🇪 🇲 🇴 :jeanj: 🇮 ... :blobcateyes:

current events, basically 

"Many nights, it’s all I can do to play a couple runs of Spelunky before collapsing into bed for a few hours of doomscrolling and restless sleep."



There was a Discord conversation about fighting off the Dublin winter gloom and, well, the Christmas lights are up now. :blobcataww:

soon it will be the weekend and i can return to being a cat and just lie on a warm surface and sleep all day

Paula Abdul advertising arthritis medication. But it seems like only yesterday that she was dancing on the rooftops and singing about her romantic relationship with a cartoon cat. Where did all the time go?

Working on the Christmas decorations, since I'm gonna be home for it this year...

(It's the little Tontec GPIO screen/case on a Raspberry Pi B, running some integer-only C++ with SDL1.2, because it can drive fbcon, and SDL2 can't. Might dump code later.)

(playing Rivals of Aether)
OH “A cheetah being juggled between two polar bears…I think I’ve seen that commission”

Hunh, not seen this pop up before. Ubuntu 20.04. Nice idea to guard users from sneaky tricks, I guess; and I guess it's tripped on ls -l permission bits looking like flags? Dunno. :blobcatthinking:

Sigh. I uninstall Fedilab, since Tusky is working and I don't want two sets of notifications and Android has no concept of "installed but not autostarting". I go to leave a review. Play won't let me without it being installed, and it seems it's now gone from free to commercial. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

So a good move all round, apparently. Amazed it's got a 4+ rating.

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Today's daily had an amazing find in 1-1...and then I died to, I think, bouncing off the ceiling trying to jump over a tiki trap and auto-ledge-grabbing it in time for it to punch me to death, but I can't even go back and check because I apparently *also* cocked up recording it. :ms_robot_sad:

annoying my brain by playing random tracks out of order from a prog concept album

Alright, that works then. I can impatiently share moments in the moment again, rather than having to wait until getting back home to my dark room^W^Wdesktop.

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Trying Tusky, with some birds from earlier.

Looks like the photo uploading doesn't have the editor, and neither mobile client lets you set the focal point unfortunately, but it also hasn't crashed yet...?

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