I've been on a long-haul flight again, so it's time for some more microblogged film opinions!

Tangled: a miraculous reusable cure-all is stolen and burnt as a single-shot by the nobility, with a heavy side dose of "dude she's *eighteen*". Also the royal stables have been seeing some werewolf visits or something.

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Lego Movie 2: Unikitty is (kinda) a dragon now so nothing else I could say would be relevant.

Although it has an intermission in it with what I thought was a fake airline entertainment system notification that ice cream will be served with the spoon in the lid, and then soon after that actually happened, and now I'm weirded out.

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Monsters Inc.: "We want to make a film about scary monsters." "Check." "But the protagonist needs to be marketable so we're making them a big fluffy hunk." "Uh."

But I guess that Sal's "kitty" by default is kinda the plot, so. And it's not a bad one!

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Spy: The first half of this that I was able to see was actually way funnier and a more compelling intrigue than I expected. Allison Janney's fatigued leader role in particular is great.

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And hey, Spy didn't manage to tank it in the last half-hour!

Meanwhile, John Wick 3: a series of contrived setpieces and posturing, with Wick's motivations all over the place. But the funniest part is the airline censor took out all the stabbing but left in the more brutal improvised stuff. (There's not much of it; Wick spends a lot of time having dull stock ninja fights.)

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