I'm not sure if I'll really stick with this year, not least because I'm travelling when it starts.

But here's a large idiot cat batting at a desk bell for RING. Please stop. :blobcatglaredrink:

(Man, I really *was* on the juice yesterday; that was MINDLESS.)

Today's is BAIT.

Cat "there's something on my tongue" recoiling face imminent.

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Between some last-minute tourism, losing a weekend to travel, and jetlag, got a bit behind on .

So it's catch-up doubles time. FREEZE, resolved by BUILD.

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HUSKY, possibly caused by stealing ENCHANTED squeaky toys like a big jerk cat.

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FRAIL, which is somewhat fitting given I'm sketching this at 5am after waking up an hour ago due to some insane neither-timezone jetlag.

(Man these prompts are, uh, not the most uplifting, hunh.)

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The obvious one would be the single-pawprint-in-it--hide-indoors thing, but honestly I like snowsculpting too much.

(Yeah I'm lagged a day.)

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GHOST, ANCIENT, and DIZZY (which is really...not easily forthcoming of late)

Credit to the ANCIENT inspiration goes to Hunefer, 19th Dynasty (1300 BCE) scribe, I think: commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Cat

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Has already stepped awkwardly into the utility belt. At least it's not trapped around their neck, I guess.

And having long hair in the dried air as the heating kicks in, I'm certainly zapping metal objects a lot.

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Gonna bite the heck out of this if it would only stop vanishing.

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'Tis harvestime, and the pumpkins are RIPE.

Riffing off the Scoundrel Vagabond from ROOT (ledergames.com/root-the-riverf).

And that's a wrap!

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@LionsPhil Your sketches are seriously adorable. Please keep it up. :)

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