I’m looking for a cable that I’m fairly certain I own (mini DisplayPort to mini DisplayPort), but now that I’m looking for it I can’t find it anywhere. I should really sit down and sort my cables at some point.

(Except it would take me far too long to find a system I’m happy with)

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Although even just separating the cables would probably be an improvement…

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a bunch of these are completely unlabelled. time to see what’s on them

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i do have a dvd drive in my computer, but it’s disconnected since i ran out of sata ports, so time to dig out the USB dvd drive

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some of them are labelled and i’m pretty sure that mandriva linux disc was my first dive into linux

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I’m looking for a thing that I’m fairly certain I own (USB DVD drive), but now that I’m looking for it I can’t find it anywhere. I should really sit down and sort my tech things at some point.

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First unlabeled disc: Knoppix 3.2 from 2003. So I guess I was playing with Linux before that.

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There's one labeled "1337" and it has 96 zip folders with a bunch of SWF and FLV files in them with just numbered names

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I found one that's an audio CD! No ID3 tags or anything, I wonder what's on it.

…the first track is Schnappi Das Kleine Krokodil.

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This song peaked at number 1 in the charts in Norway.

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@foophoof This is the other side of the room from me and I just tried to scrollwheel down the volume on my PC because We All Stand Together was getting a bit loud. :blobcatblep:

Oh god it's Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast. You know what Pop Hits 'For Kids' needs? A song about parental divorce.

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