Funny scalie take on dumb feral consent chart 

@LionsPhil @Metaph hilarious and want to boost but responding instead so I can add CW; if you feel up to a humorous reference to the anti-feral virtue signaling going around check the post I am replying to

:dragnthink: Far as my understanding of them in D&D goes, could be anywhere between Dragonborn (real) and Anthro Dergs, except they can start with wings and a tail without feats or houserules. So safely in the "OK" bracket.

@LionsPhil EXCUSE ME my dragonborn is a KHAJIIT who does in fact have a LUXURIOUS TAIL (but is not in fact a dragon in any other way) (and also kinda does the soul voring thing so) (uh) (......) (actually never mind)

(Same, actually.)
(And they're also a big hunched-over werewolf.)
(And so's their wife.)
(...yeeeah the soul-voring's kinda bad. :dragnsad: )

@LionsPhil "what kind of deviant doesn't house rule in tails" YES THANK YOU

@LionsPhil thank u for giving me more fuel to finally leave that website for good. also lmfao these are solid shitposts

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