Alright, not fixing the photo upload crash is getting annoying. What are people using as an Android client these days?

Trying Tusky, with some birds from earlier.

Looks like the photo uploading doesn't have the editor, and neither mobile client lets you set the focal point unfortunately, but it also hasn't crashed yet...?

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Alright, that works then. I can impatiently share moments in the moment again, rather than having to wait until getting back home to my dark room^W^Wdesktop.

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Sigh. I uninstall Fedilab, since Tusky is working and I don't want two sets of notifications and Android has no concept of "installed but not autostarting". I go to leave a review. Play won't let me without it being installed, and it seems it's now gone from free to commercial. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

So a good move all round, apparently. Amazed it's got a 4+ rating.

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Ah, lack of push notifications is a bummer, even if I can see why. But I'll give it a try.

I guess I could leave Fedilab installed just to tell me when to poll Tusky. :blobcat_mlem:

@LionsPhil I've been thinking about using the mobile-web-client thing for push notifs :thinkhappy:

@LionsPhil yeah i would consider jumping ship from fedilab anyway due to implicit support of hate speech suchas (iirc) removing the gab blocks among other things

i used tusky & twidere. both have been good esp twidere if you use both twitter & fedi services & want to streamline. although twidere's lacking in some features (threading, unable to report within the app, etc) compared to the official twitter client but its more customizable & has better filtering features (some of it's paid)

@LionsPhil It doesn't have advanced editing tools, but tapping the pic in the toot still lets you set a caption.

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