Me: "Hm, I seem to be having problems that, while not direct core-temperature thermal, indicate insufficient airflow and heat buildup upsetting something. Perhaps after five years, I will let the motherboard 'optimize' its fans."
Motherboard: "Y'know, these could run slower."
... :blobcatgoogly:

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My best guess is that VRChat's combined CPU/GPU load is overheating neither but gently roasting some mobo component, because adding another small fixed fan temporarily to increase case pressurization is fixing it. But the chassis fans should already be ramping to 100% when the CPU hits 70, which it is.

(So the tuner actually did a good thing, it detected how far it could undervoltage the fans and have them still spin, for idle load.)

(The other bizzare hint being that during one of the lockups, my real time clock reset to midnight. I managed to forget in the time it took Windows to boot, and Windows didn't notice time had gone backwards until told to sync either. At least I didn't have to fight ntpd's stupid "slew too big" logic. :blobcatgooglyshrug: )

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