Ah, Android has decided to start being Annoying and trying to interrupt me on unlock to get me to install the new, horrible version.

(It's also frequently regenerating notifications, but I can revoke that permission...which is presumably why they implemented *this* horrible thing instead.)

I also notice, thankfully in time, that this successfully derailed me from the thing I was ACTUALLY DOING, setting a time for something in the oven, which is why any popup of this form is user-hostile as hell.

@LionsPhil Oof, that's annoying.

I've been ignoring the Android 12 update because of - I want to wait to see how things shake out instead of data wiping... I'll be curious if I start seeing this dialog too. Surprisingly, it hasn't bugged me about being a month behind on security patch (using a custom kernel).

@LionsPhil …and I *just* got that popup a few minutes ago, so, ugh.

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