Created an integer palette fade in/out in Allegro 4 and am feeling *unreasonably* happy about it.

This oughta be very easy with modern shader stuff even in truecolor or even HDR, honestly. But even with 8-bit, doing saturating decrements down to zero means the darkness swoops into the image in pools, leaving the brightest spots until last: it gives an HDR-like effect on early '90s hardware. And is era-appropriate, unlike floating-point equal interpolation/big black semitransparent GL quad.

In theory this is 100% within the capabilities of GIF, but I have the horrible feeling trying to actually capture the result would take another hour, and then modern websites would fastidiously transcode it to WebM or something anyway.


I wonder if Masto can handle's a DOSBox-captured video, so it's native-res, using the Zip Motion Block Video codec. ffplay can play it right; VLC screws up the palette entirely.

Hah, no, "failed validation", I can't attach it at all. But, surprise, YouTube actually can!

I mean it's probably transcoded it into fuzzy VP9 or something, but. :P

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