Finally got that snow clock that's in a toot from a year ago somewhere more-or-less finished off and up on GitHub:

Marvel at my (very dusty) woodgrain tape deck hiding in the background of the enthralling demo video.


It has also been time to turn on the Pixmas tree lights, which are now running off a Zero.

Yes, I can SSH to my christmas tree.

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Ideally I'd find some way to software-control the USB bus power, so I can kill the hub the "old" lights are connected to (it's still crazy futuretech to me they have an IR remote, which I'm holding off-camera). The hard part is probably that I'm not sure those lights have good default behaviour on power restore.

(Yes I know about RGB-addressible LEDs; programming a controller for some of those is my next lighting project. :blobcatrainbow: But I've got these fixed-function ones for here.)

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