Alton showing Percy his pet mouse.

Some retro protogen I'm doing, trying to actually be accurate to specific period machines. Alton's an Xerox Alto, a crazy-ahead-of-its-time graphical workstation with a high-res monochrome portrait screen. He's a big chunky industrial boy, but pretty mobile on his castor heelies.

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Percy's an original International...Proto...Machines Personal Computer, all chunky low-res greenscreen CP437 text graphics and big floppy floppies. He's the bland sensible guy everyone is about to back over his flashy peers.

I've got a few of these I wanna do, so much so I'm kinda grouping them a bit like this by approximate design. (We'll see if health, mental and otherwise, will let me actually do the rest.)

(Also available on my FA gallery, if you brave that kind of place.)

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