So on the day my "god I'm burnt out" vacation starts:
- My hard drive starts failing SMART tests (without, again, actually updating the SMART health to be anything but "no problems here chief :^) "
- It turns out WD/Bezoscorp have screwed up the packaging on newer ones so they're arriving with a horrible bad-blocks-on-arrival rate.
- And WD's datasheets don't list if the slightly older matching 4TB model has the same user-addressible byte count for imaging
- Bezoscorp have started enforcing SCA

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- My bank's non-app SCA flow requires setup via full auth into their online portal...except it's fscking broken and doesn't work.
- Don't even ask about the app version. They don't even think to link to the actual store entries themselves. Good luck not getting phished given the wild wasteland that is the Android App Store. If you find it, note how every review is how it doesn't work.

My hatred for just *how badly* banks have got 2FA wrong when finally pushed to implement is considerable.

@LionsPhil Every good destress week needs a good problem to debug into 3 in the morning then wonder what day it is 🙃

@kevincox I haven't even reached the part where I hope the order *actually* shows up on the Monday I paid for and not the Friday it's now predicting, or actually ddrescuing the drive.

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