A weird sight in Ireland---no wind, and blue in the sky.

Not used to seeing brutalist architecture around here, but apparently Dún Laoghaire has some.

Windows XP as the newest mention *and* USB 3? What *year* are you from, mduse?

ukpol, horrifying space monsters 

Got my ominous glowing red CST trackball at work the same day I put on the newly arrived shirt, and a couple colleagues have the blue one, so it's time for the Marble Madness OST all afternoon. :blobcat:

It's Antoine-Augustin Parmentier's birthday!

He's a major part in why you get to enjoy all the delicious forms of the potato, rather than it just being dismissed as animal feed unsuitable for humans.

He didn't just get them declared edible in France; he made them sneakily desirable with tricks like posting armed guards around the "valuable" crop that were instructed to take bribes and leave them stealable at night.

Happy birthday, Antoine!

"You cannot escape computers", he says, remarking on this from his portable computer.

Nice day today.

(Let's not count that the sign just out of shot warns you "don't swim here, it's too polluted".)

Also, rescued a bee from a path. Watch out for exhausted bugs in bad places.

Remembered to go check out one of the attempts at distributed-federated-E2E-encrypted-chat, but Firefox apparently read the matrix.org domain-name and decided to go full information superhighway-punk on the error message:

Still haven't found out if this is actually someone's commute to the offices here.

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