alcohol tasting 

Stonewell Apple and Passion Fruit: very pale, very light, very summery. Stonewell aren't great normally, and any cider having to announce "apple" as a flavour like that is a bit suspect, but it's perfectly pleasant to sip on in hot sunny weather, if not as good as Long Ways. Sweet, but not overpoweringly sugary.

Oh, this can f*ck RIGHT off, .

Android users may wish to revoke Firefox's notification privileges.

alcohol tasting 

Long Ways Sweet Katy Cider: I'm not usually one for sweet ciders, but this is the same label as the really nicely balanced elderflower one from last year, and my trust was well-placed. The sweetness is nicely balanced with apple-y sharpness, and makes me think of Pink Lady apples, one of my favourite varieties. Very pleasant. :blobcatinnocent:

Anyway it's beautiful out.

Day off well spent (because my apartment is a greenhouse and the stuff I'd be doing at my desk is useless computer things).

Browsers really did come along and just eat all the RAM, didn't they.

88MB for a GUI with FTP client and photo editor running.

I have located FRIEND in VRChat.

(It's an aquarium instance. Um. It's favorited, but the VRChat web portal is so useless I can't turn that into a, like, *link* to it.)

Antivirus is such security theatre.

As the filename suggests, that's an archive I made myself, of some the process of being backed up again, as it has been for *checks date* since 2017.

Ah, checking the date made it "detect" it in the normal on-drive version.

Now I get to play a game where it tries to quarantine it repeatedly, snatching away the UI to say "leave it alone, idiot".

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