Don't talk to me or my little old grandma ever again.

I love Shape and Size, they're my favourite mushroom variety.

The true horror of the Animorphs run might just be the atrocious kerning on the title screens.

If you look reeeeealy closely, you can see a fox through these trees.

NORAD confirms Santa detonation over North pole at about 10:58.

Plugging in a USB power pack so I can run the exceedingly :sm64_r: :sm64_a: :sm64_i: :sm64_n: :sm64_b: :sm64_o: :sm64_w: colour-cycling LEDs in my headphones without having to actually use USB audio.

(hashtag 3.5mm 4 lyfe)

Bin crammed full of broken umbrellas: check.

It has been a rainy, windy day in .

Back from .
Apartment is cold because the heating's been off.
If only there were some solution, that maybe also staved off some of the PCD...

Must be almost home from , because Howth is back to being a permanent presence on the horizon.

Well since I packed all this electronic crap for some reason, and I've got hours to burn before the flight...

(Having a Real Computer was actually real helpful in a sudden panic to book rooms for the *next* con; the pipelining on these things is intense.)

I've flown all this way only to be mauled to death by @JurassicBea (birdsite) mere hours before linecon starts.

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