Anyway it's beautiful out.

Day off well spent (because my apartment is a greenhouse and the stuff I'd be doing at my desk is useless computer things).

Browsers really did come along and just eat all the RAM, didn't they.

88MB for a GUI with FTP client and photo editor running.

I have located FRIEND in VRChat.

(It's an aquarium instance. Um. It's favorited, but the VRChat web portal is so useless I can't turn that into a, like, *link* to it.)

Antivirus is such security theatre.

As the filename suggests, that's an archive I made myself, of some the process of being backed up again, as it has been for *checks date* since 2017.

Ah, checking the date made it "detect" it in the normal on-drive version.

Now I get to play a game where it tries to quarantine it repeatedly, snatching away the UI to say "leave it alone, idiot".

And yep, once again a full-screen (not over the taskbar this time, at least) wizard that insists you go through setting up switching to Edge, and won't respect close signals. So you gotta End Task it. Then unpin it from the taskbar and delete the desktop shortcut again.

I'm really quite amazed they're not catching more flak for this. The web's beaten people down to accepting this kinda thing as fine, I guess.

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Microsoft are just increasingly sticking a finger up at that '90s antitrust trial, eh.

At this point I'm wondering if there's an intentional "let's see how far we can push it, now we can gesture at the likes for ChromeOS as doing way more OS/browser integration than the IE4 shell ever did".

Just listening to some tunes on my discrete component '90s hi-fi stack.

Ok, there's some shortcomings (no per-metric retention, no push model without an intermediary, console templates are golang standard library horribleness), but fair play, getting Prometheus to do this was actually probably easier than botching rrdtool and gnuplot together oldschool.

It's not the best moon photo ever by a long shot, but pretty happy with this from a little happy-snappy CyberShot on a plastic almost-novelty travel tripod. :blobWolfHugMoon:


It's a lovely sunny St. Patrick's Day, and I've spent it tidying up the box tech debt that's been building up in my apartment over the past year, culminating in finally getting a desk built and set up this week at the cost of my remaining floorspace. :blobcatflip: Which I have now recouped through more aggressive repacking. :blobcataww:


I was tired of still being tired all the time halfway into my week off, so decided to replace napping with Beat Saber.

Then got a bit excited about new maps and did a second burst of it.

So that's two hours of aerobics (and two showers) after...far too much 🥔 . I'll try not to have a heart attack.

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