Ok, there's some shortcomings (no per-metric retention, no push model without an intermediary, console templates are golang standard library horribleness), but fair play, getting Prometheus to do this was actually probably easier than botching rrdtool and gnuplot together oldschool.

It's not the best moon photo ever by a long shot, but pretty happy with this from a little happy-snappy CyberShot on a plastic almost-novelty travel tripod. :blobWolfHugMoon:


It's a lovely sunny St. Patrick's Day, and I've spent it tidying up the box tech debt that's been building up in my apartment over the past year, culminating in finally getting a desk built and set up this week at the cost of my remaining floorspace. :blobcatflip: Which I have now recouped through more aggressive repacking. :blobcataww:


I was tired of still being tired all the time halfway into my week off, so decided to replace napping with Beat Saber.

Then got a bit excited about new maps and did a second burst of it.

So that's two hours of aerobics (and two showers) after...far too much 🥔 . I'll try not to have a heart attack.

Dear ...why *does* the default XFCE spin have four different things fighting to control keyboard layout, not counting dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration?

The Rust borrow checker seems to do enough verification that I'm not telling it insidious lies (including through omission) that I'm a little surprised it can't just infer the worst-case of any return branch, and needs these annotations at all.

Slightly bleak humor 

(I'm also kinda pleased with this one for a very abstract prompt, which kinda requires you've paid some attention to this month's Awful Twitter People.)

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Slightly bleak humor 

All of these were correct to the degree that I forget which one was actually the *answer*.

(If you find the improv counter-ascending bassline offensive, here's a simple trio version without it.)

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Might as well use that fancy microphone for something, and the Internet has discovered precisely one (1) , .

@solitaire is to blame for realizing this works.

Added some temporary "purge a wedge of snow from the bottom if it reaches the top" code, and now it's nicely tumbling down with the simplistic angle of repose behaviour.

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And now time for the traditional evening meal: buttered cold turkey sandwich avec Texan BBQ prongle cromch

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Bit late, and the gravy didn't want to behave, but the stuffing came out great. :blobcatmmm:

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Things I am glad I bought: a decent microwave with a defrost setting that works, and a temperature probe to verify that before and after the oven.

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