Alton showing Percy his pet mouse.

Some retro protogen I'm doing, trying to actually be accurate to specific period machines. Alton's an Xerox Alto, a crazy-ahead-of-its-time graphical workstation with a high-res monochrome portrait screen. He's a big chunky industrial boy, but pretty mobile on his castor heelies.

Back from when the idea of specific-function hardware accelleration was exciting.

(Yes, it's festivmus, and thus the Jazz Jackrabbit Holiday Hare soundtrack is back.)

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"the stabiilty of the sensitive and complicated Windows operating system"

Yeah that's one way to refer to Win 3.1 I guess. (This is why trusty old MOD4WIN *has* these options; to quote elsewhere in the manual "Windows is not a pre-emptive multitasking operating system".)

DOOM screenshot, sorta, so blood 

My favorite part of lf_yt's VRC Doom world might just be the pixellated live front view of your own avatar on the "status bar".

(Not to be confused with the 3/4 one this renagen has in its HUD, which is handy for telling what expression you're making.)


Oh right, I forgot to post something scary yesterday.

Uh, have a screenshot from when I was doing something unwholesome to a Win98 VM trying to find when the Media Player taskbar was introduced.

Ah, Android has decided to start being Annoying and trying to interrupt me on unlock to get me to install the new, horrible version.

alcohol tasting 

Stonewell Apple and Passion Fruit: very pale, very light, very summery. Stonewell aren't great normally, and any cider having to announce "apple" as a flavour like that is a bit suspect, but it's perfectly pleasant to sip on in hot sunny weather, if not as good as Long Ways. Sweet, but not overpoweringly sugary.

Oh, this can f*ck RIGHT off, .

Android users may wish to revoke Firefox's notification privileges.

alcohol tasting 

Long Ways Sweet Katy Cider: I'm not usually one for sweet ciders, but this is the same label as the really nicely balanced elderflower one from last year, and my trust was well-placed. The sweetness is nicely balanced with apple-y sharpness, and makes me think of Pink Lady apples, one of my favourite varieties. Very pleasant. :blobcatinnocent:

Anyway it's beautiful out.

Day off well spent (because my apartment is a greenhouse and the stuff I'd be doing at my desk is useless computer things).

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