I had just enough flour, downscaling the recipe a bit... :blobcat_mlem:

dark humour, deliberately bad ideas 

Oh yeah, this happened between them.

So I got to see my fox avatar simultaneously yip with joy *and* sadness at winning and losing.

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T.K.O. gave me a couple of excellent combos right off the bat without touching anything, too.

current events adjacent 

Somewhere in the ballpark of wrapping up MY OWN HEAD. :blobcatknife:

Having headwear is useful for verifying measurements, I guess. :blobcatthonking:

There's a bunch of parts that should be deeper, but once you start padding, everything wants to be very smooth.

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It's probably best I'm not doing this part next to the window where people can see the intense serial killer vibes these intermediate states give off.

Kinda grim humor 

Don't talk to me or my little old grandma ever again.

I love Shape and Size, they're my favourite mushroom variety.

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