This was kind of a mess of over-wet dough of the wrong kind of flour I was using up and ran out of, and no precious yeast, but instead of forming rolls (it was unkneadable) I dumped it into a cake tin, and it seems to have made a reasonable light little loaf. :blobcataww:

sordid language, current events context 

Dublin graffiti is thirsty.

Webcomics are too real today.

(This will be , but Freefall only seems to make archive links once a newer strip has been uploaded.)

It's companion was a right bastard though.

Yes, of course I have N+2 can openers. It's the apocalypse, dontcha know? (The other one's on my Leatherman.)

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I think I just realized why these tins were on sale in a three pack.

current events mention 

A surprisingly good Survive the Internet round.

Like, actually good, not the subterfuge intended. indeed.

good news we finally figured out what this thing on the desk is

alcohol (cider tasting) 

Johnny Fall Down: Late Apples: absolutely delicious. Strong, bold flavor, but not unpleasantly aggressive. It's good and crisp and tastes of golden sun-baked apples. Definitely enjoyed this one.

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This all kinda spun out of a dumb Discord comment about Garfield phones and Planet of the Apes someone made, and that Civ joke, and then discovering there was a bad Windows 3.1 port, but neither's JS'd DOSBox nor real DOSBox could render it right... here's that, too.

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Today's distractions: I got my Windows for Workgroups 3.11 VM that had working networking get better-working graphics too thanks to old forum threads and older'd binaries.

Hi there, Ashpool the Aspirant, some random player! You're being spectated through about 27 years of tech stack.

Wallpaper is from @TestPattern ...and was downloaded and converted within this VM. :blobcatgoogly:

Centuries later,
archaeologists discover the remains
of your ancient civilization.
Evidence of thriving towns,
Pottery, roads,
and a centralized government
amazed the startled scientists.
Finally, they come upon
a stone tablet, which contains
but one mysterious phrase:

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