Nice day today.

(Let's not count that the sign just out of shot warns you "don't swim here, it's too polluted".)

Also, rescued a bee from a path. Watch out for exhausted bugs in bad places.

Remembered to go check out one of the attempts at distributed-federated-E2E-encrypted-chat, but Firefox apparently read the domain-name and decided to go full information superhighway-punk on the error message:

Still haven't found out if this is actually someone's commute to the offices here.

There's something ironic about a celebration of diversity of sexuality and sexual identity being mostly centered these days around a reduced version of the flag that no longer actually includes the "sex" stripe due to not being able to get the pre-dyed hot pink fabric in 1978. (Diagram credit: WP)

The drizzly rain has brought out many slimy mobile home friends.

Owl stretching time.

(In this case the grouping in on the latter two words, since this is some delayed photography. I had to wait for the SD cards to develop.)

Have Old Fashioned, armchair, and fireplace.

Also no battery. Shame.

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