Moorhens (I think) being territorial on the canal today.

Caught a shot of it showing a random snippet of an SVG (rather than, y'know, meaningful chunks of my private keys or something :blobcatfearful: ).

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I've been Online enough to see how these 'battles' tend to go. :blobcatpeek:

(actually from a pretty good SGDQ run:

While meanwhile personal computing has regressed a long way.

You choice these days tends to be light mode, dark mode, and if you're lucky, an accent hue color.

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Turns out open-source moddable kart games with strong communities are pretty easy to add custom characters to...

Sometimes, the awful things of the birdsite are at least entertaining.

This was kind of a mess of over-wet dough of the wrong kind of flour I was using up and ran out of, and no precious yeast, but instead of forming rolls (it was unkneadable) I dumped it into a cake tin, and it seems to have made a reasonable light little loaf. :blobcataww:

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