Brain: I'm really stressed, but at least I'm asleep. Hm. You know what? Let me imagine more stressful things! That'll be fun!

Nightmares are ridiculous.

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@solitaire You fool
You have been educated stupid
It's 2 within, 14 without
This is the structure of the harmonious 4-day cycle wolf cube

Are you writing first-person trekslash about Parallels again?

Sat in a pub that's also a hardware store, because Dublin.

And obviously my SIM card is the wrong size, despite checking it should pop down to the right size. Sigh.

@fraggle I wondered if this is because they wanted to aggressively assert that there was no required ordering, but then I saw one of the nodes was "Basic concepts", so...

Owl stretching time.

(In this case the grouping in on the latter two words, since this is some delayed photography. I had to wait for the SD cards to develop.)

Trying to pick a hostname for a new phone and being irritated that in 1986 Roberta Williams didn't see fit to name the cat Manannan kept as a pet.

@fraggle It's giving me terrible anxiety how many times in this video the tiny surface-mount components drift out of place or smear solder across connections.

( 66.0.4 for Win64 should now be available if you check for updates and should fix it. If you did any mitigations, undo them!)

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