*opens mouth to meow but only ievan polkka to the tune of wellerman with some rasputin lyrics come out*

(If you find the improv counter-ascending bassline offensive, here's a simple trio version without it.)

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Might as well use that fancy microphone for something, and the Internet has discovered precisely one (1) , .

@solitaire is to blame for realizing this works.

USPOL ; fascism in the furry community, and more generally. Why "fuck the police" doesn't mean "except for when they go after fascists" 

In 2014, fascists attacked a furry convention by releasing chlorine gas in a stairway.

Because furries are weird, ha ha, very funny, no one took it seriously. There's a video of a newscaster reporting on the story and losing their shit because hah, weird people.

Police had a similar reaction, and no one ever actually faced consequences for the chlorine gas attack.

The FBI investigated the incident, and had some likely suspects, but never followed through.

The Worst Year Ever has a 2 part episode on the incident, what lead up to it, and how the furry community has worked to eliminate fascism from community spaces. If you have an hour and a half to kill (and if we're honest, who doesn't?) I strongly recommend giving it a listen

[Part one[(iheart.com/podcast/1119-worst-)
Part two

Why am I sharing this? Because I think it's very important for people to understand what it means for the system that we live under to be complicit in the abuses that we face, even if the system itself doesn't carry those abuses out. It allows them to continue.

Anyone who could have carried out what is ostensibly a responsibility of the government, to hold people responsible for harm against others, individually decided they didn't really care that much about doing that, because hah hah, weird people. What did they expect, being weird? To not suffer from terrorist attacks?

In the communities we build, we need to understand community self-reliance. Not just when it's convenient, but as a central principle of our communities. That relying on outside forces for our protection means putting our livelihoods and communities down as collateral for protection that may simply disintegrate because the people responsible for executing that process decide they don't really care that much.

This is what we mean when we say that relying on and empowering police to carry out justice now is a failing strategy. Because they already had the opportunity to stop this. They could have stopped this 7 years ago, when fascists attacked midwest furfest. They could have stopped this by holding trump accountable for one of innumerable abuses he carried out even prior to becoming great lord and dictator of the united states. They could have stopped it by responding to hold anyone accountable for the last 4 years during said dictatorship.

The forces of government are responding only now because the fascists threatened the seats of power directly. People are only now facing consequences because the aristocracy is threatened. They cannot be relied on to protect the common people.

Make no mistake. The feds aren't cracking down now because of the threat that the fascists pose to us but because of the threat they pose to the people who give the orders.

If we're going to build communities for a better future, we need to be honest with ourselves and each other about what that means to us, and how we can all contribute to our own mutual safety.

Sitting up: "Watching a GDQ run while too tired to do anything else would be sleep procrastination, go to bed."

Lying in bed: "Contemplate the nature of your narrative attachment to this specific electrochemical reaction in the context of transhumanism. Can you ever truly escape this meat prison, or can you merely set a copy of yourself free as you fade into the long dark? How could we ever test this hypothesis?"

Sitting up again: "hee hee videogame go fast"

@fraggle well I mean by modern standards if it can't run Chrome is it even a computer

@kevincox Ah, I remember when I cared enough to nicely align things with spaces after semantic tabs.

Thankfully modern editors, linters and autoformatters beat me out of it and now I just slap down an indent and move on.

Hard tabs are a nice thing we can't have because they require a precision of intent that is not maintainable across large groups, like const correctness, or well-defined grammars, or memory ownership in APIs.

@kevincox Was fully expecting tabs vs spaces.

IE on Windows in the Vista era did actually expose it tabs in the taskbar and alt-tab as switchable windows, or could, I think. Possibly in the jumplist. Memory is fuzzy because---of course---who uses IE?

I'd look in a Vista VM, but it's got jammed trying to find updates every time I've tried installing it in one. :P

in case you’re wondering how i’d fare in a zombie apocalypse just try to see how well i can reload the pistol when things are attacking me

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As part of Christmas Will Continue Until Morale Improves, I only today defrosted the last of the turkey curry, and opened up the christmas pud my folks sent.

It's too dreary out there to take these lights down.

*sets up the black knight 2000 theme to blast from another room at 4am to make it feel like I’m at GDQ*

is this effective? no
is it as many wolves as possible? yes

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so in PF2e:
level 1:barbarian, wolf instinct
2:beastmaster dedication
4:mature beastmaster companion
6:additional companion
8:animal fury
10:incredible companion
12:additional companion
14:specialised companion
16:additional companion
You are now playing as 5 wolves :ms_awoo:

day 312 of the pandemic: cuddling a pile of fresh laundry because it’s still warm from the dryer

I wish I could find a way to explain to people who don’t struggle with it what it’s like to not have executive function do to a thing you *want* to do.

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