Unfortunately, he can never actually reach that point because the cubicle farm of X Neo has been replaced with a collaboration-enhancing open plan office for M/Z Neo, so he's caught in the first act of the film.

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Agent Smith attempts to shoot him, but he just turns into a distorted billboard sprite of a Garfield JPEG and plays a clipped soundboard sample of "bullets don't work, Jon".

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Thinking about The Matrix, but instead of Neo being a GenXer with a head full of Shadowrun, they're a Millennial/Z with a residual self-image born of furry VRChat shitposting.

jk rowling, screenshot of awful website being momentarily okay 

Twitter-hosted chan post screenshot of text, but seemed agreeably insightful: pbs.twimg.com/media/EZ3Khv7XgA

Ikea saying the desk I'm after is in stock again and available for delivery this time, then changing its mind on the latter during checkout, is just cruel.

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out of all adhd symptoms the lack of executive function is probably my least favourite

"Baking is a science!", you cry in futile objection as I smile down from my ad-hoc tower of improvisational breads.

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:blobcatderpy: . o O { I could make tiger cheesebread. }

:blobcatfearful: (oh no)

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This was kind of a mess of over-wet dough of the wrong kind of flour I was using up and ran out of, and no precious yeast, but instead of forming rolls (it was unkneadable) I dumped it into a cake tin, and it seems to have made a reasonable light little loaf. :blobcataww:

@foophoof Nice. Maybe I should venture back up to my local one at some point, I used to do that occasionally in the beforetimes.

@fraggle Also I assume you must have discovered the shareware OS/2 DOOM port by this point in your exploring, if it wasn't the reason to install Warp 4 in the first place.

It has native GUI widgets for difficulty select!

@fraggle I do remember running some Win3.1 apps under Warp 3 because they crashed less, or at least appeared to. Maybe their reimplementation fixed that dimly-remembered memory mismanagement bug that snuck up and GPF'd you eventually.

The license that let them do that meant it always cost more than just buying Windows alone though, AFAIK.

@fraggle No, it was unstable as hell on real hardware too. Of course, contemporary Windows wasn't much better.

IIRC Warp 3 was overall a more coherent (and stable) thing, but is even more grumpy about VMs. It had a CDE-like WM instead of everyone rushing to, ahem, "make it more familiar to converts from Win95".

I can't remember what Mandrake(?) of the era was like, other than tooling around with KDE settings. And you can't even set modelines for that work with VirtualBox. :blobcatgooglyshrug:

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(they did the smash)
they did the keyboard smash
(they did the smash)
it was a graveyaksajfd;lj;lkjga;lkjdkjfl;jlkdjf

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