(The other bizzare hint being that during one of the lockups, my real time clock reset to midnight. I managed to forget in the time it took Windows to boot, and Windows didn't notice time had gone backwards until told to sync either. At least I didn't have to fight ntpd's stupid "slew too big" logic. :blobcatgooglyshrug: )

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My best guess is that VRChat's combined CPU/GPU load is overheating neither but gently roasting some mobo component, because adding another small fixed fan temporarily to increase case pressurization is fixing it. But the chassis fans should already be ramping to 100% when the CPU hits 70, which it is.

(So the tuner actually did a good thing, it detected how far it could undervoltage the fans and have them still spin, for idle load.)

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Me: "Hm, I seem to be having problems that, while not direct core-temperature thermal, indicate insufficient airflow and heat buildup upsetting something. Perhaps after five years, I will let the motherboard 'optimize' its fans."
Motherboard: "Y'know, these could run slower."
... :blobcatgoogly:

That it's just a Debian package (in main, no less) and a systemd service and is using "only" half a percent CPU and 50MB is a huge bonus over anything that starts with "first, configure your Kubernetes cluster...". I have one node. And it's a tiny SoC device.

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Ok, there's some shortcomings (no per-metric retention, no push model without an intermediary, console templates are golang standard library horribleness), but fair play, getting Prometheus to do this was actually probably easier than botching rrdtool and gnuplot together oldschool.

@fraggle Is that actually Excel's help? The title makes it sound like a third-party compilation.

Man I miss how capable the old WinHelp format was.

I miss the Geocities era.

Geocities was janky af, but whoever you were it let you put together your own heartfelt, sincere, clumsy Web pages about whatever obscure crap you cared about, and that was GOOD. That's what the Internet was FOR.

Now it's all been subsumed into 'platforms' that want your 'engagement'. All curated, all polished, all tailored for optimized metrics. It's sucks. It's all so sterile.

I want the janky heartfelt shit back. :(

It's not the best moon photo ever by a long shot, but pretty happy with this from a little happy-snappy CyberShot on a plastic almost-novelty travel tripod. :blobWolfHugMoon:

@foophoof The irony of course is that back from attempted cycling, my ice cream is *too frozen* to actually get the lid off, let alone carve a portion out.

@foophoof Seriously considering starting up the aircon already. :blobcatmelt: :blobcatmelt2: :blobcatmelt3:

Also *yikes*, that really *is* hot. :blobcatfearful:

@kevincox Think of it like Safe Browsing, but for e-mail. It's even easier, because no human sends e-mail any more; it's just a legacy root-of-identity layer for account signups and fallback for notifications if the appropriate app is not yet installed.

Except that all signed e-mail is a disaster. Perhaps there should be a replacement built around modern secure distributed/federated system design. I'm sure adding another competing system will solve it. :blobcatcoffee:

@kevincox They're also a critical feature of phishing attacks and privacy-intruding tracking.

You could hypothesize about a world of digitally signed e-mail and an allowlist of recognized legitimate businesses by the megacorp that produces your MUA which lets them link to their own first-party domain, but this already fails at the first hurdle because nobody has ever made digitally signed e-mail actually work.

@kevincox ...or to stop rendering links in e-mail, since they have only bad security properties. Send them the way of remotely-loaded images, except also take away the option to let you load them.

@kevincox So you want a tool that adds timestamps linewise, really.

But gaps-every-N, at least, sounds like an awk one-liner you could just alias.

@foophoof At this point I assume my phone will be rendered useless by an end of security updates before the battery becomes more landfill fodder.

@fraggle Atari ST cartridge? atariage.com/forums/topic/7007

It'd be more like releasing a game on a PCI card than disc, given this was the integrated floppy drive era and they were mostly used for hardware expansion/copy protection dongles instead.

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