Don't talk to me or my little old grandma ever again.

I love Shape and Size, they're my favourite mushroom variety.

@foophoof Cool! That is definitely on the list of countries I want an excuse to visit some time.


Aw man, the accessibility text truncated the best part.

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if you cook a pizza in the Acorn Rocket Ship, do you have to cut it into 10 slices?

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Rearranging the planes into a tree structure. Boston Log(n) Airport

See I can do that without external chemical influence thanks to that wonderful lingering failure state of "too dehydrated to sleep, too tired to get up and drink", it's great*.

* It's not great, and the weird half-dreams are all anxiety.

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billie jean is not my mother
she's just a girl who claims that i am her son
billie jean is not my mum

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The insurance also covers misfueling.

“Hey…I accidentally put positrons in my battery and now the car is gone. Yes I’ll hold.”

pun which destroyed me 

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My car insurance company just sent me a coupon for cheaper petrol…

The true horror of the Animorphs run might just be the atrocious kerning on the title screens.

I get the obvious part, but what's really stumping me is why that half of the numberplate is uncensored.

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Oreo Thins
Oreo (Original)
Oreo Double Stuf
Oreo Mega Stuf
Oreo Most Stuf
Oreo Even Moster Stuf
2 Oreos 2 Stufious
Oreo Giga Stuf
Oreos: The Next Stuferation
Oreos: Eat Stuf With a Vengeance
2 Oreos 1 Stuf
Oreo Tera Stuf
Indiana Jones and the Oreo of Stuf
Oreo Wars: The Stuf Awakens
Oreos II: Stuf on Earth
Oreo Peta Stuf
A Solar System Sized Sphere Of Stuf With Two Oreo Cookies Stuck To Either Side

The lampposts are swaying gently in the breeze.

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