Upgrading to Debian 11 has finally brought me GTK+3 apps that draw their own ugly blobby borders, and all I can think of is how much flak people gave Windows XP for a much milder case of this.

Also it broke all my existing themeing of course because desktop Linux has no respect for users' time nor preferences. Backwards compatibility holds back the (spinning-in-place) progress to reimplement everything constantly.

"nooo I moved too fast and broke too many things"

Someone in Discord VC reminded me that pilk existed and I remembered that I had some milk in the fridge >:3

"I'm currently standing in the hangar bay of the UAC power plant complex, located on Phobos. Normally this is a facility buzzing with life, delivering 666 GigaWatts of energy to science facilities all across this moon. But right now, things may have gotten a bit out of hand..."

@fraggle It was solved with dpkg/apt, but---much like LISP---people keep insisting on re-solving it, wrong, over and over, making all the same mistakes Debian already figured out the solutions to.

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