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On the way home I walked past a parked-up disruptive-tech "hire car" that had a guy sat inside grinning madly at passers-by as he blasted Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" through the stereo in June, apparently so loudly that my phone passively recognized and logged it. I'm still not sure which part of this sentence is the weirdest, and kind of want to believe their insane joy was partially fuelled by hacking the RFID door lock controller just to do this.

Talking elsewhere about enthusiasts who are also queer, and realizing some nonbinary ones are probably just practicing lazy evaluation.

"What's your gender?"
"I'll work it out if it ever matters."

(Especially when you consider how many companies are falling over each-other to sell you "our brand, but with rainbows on" now fourty years later.)

There's something ironic about a celebration of diversity of sexuality and sexual identity being mostly centered these days around a reduced version of the flag that no longer actually includes the "sex" stripe due to not being able to get the pre-dyed hot pink fabric in 1978. (Diagram credit: WP)


Being mad at Mozilla again 

I finished Skyrim!

I mean, apart from the civil war quest, and the DLC stuff about vampires, and the thieves or assassins' guilds because too much doing-evil-from-basement-clubhouse goin' on there...

One of the bizarre and awesome things about chatting with colleagues who travel a lot is realising how many of us can spin a digital globe and zoom in to a great restaurant somewhere.

This planet is both huge and tiny.

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Just read toot!'s announcement about blocking gab and I fully support it.

What I don't like is the massed amount soap box suzies whining and complaining that what he's doing is "censorship".
Or "If you block this, how long till you block [utterly unrelated thing]?

Fuck you and fuck nazi's. Block their method of communication, give them no safe space, no where to relax, no allies.

Let them live in perpetual fear that they will be found.

Fuck nazi apologists.

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Loving that I missed my train because the crossing was down for its imminent departure, but another one arrived by the time I'd topped up my Leap card. DART's definitely improving.

The drizzly rain has brought out many slimy mobile home friends.

I think I can see all the way to Lambay from Bray, because there's something visible behind Howth.

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