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Glad you asked!
1. Pages load twice as fast
2. Laptop battery lasts longer
3. My privacy isn't invaded by 50 different douchebro Silicon Valley companies
4. Your fucking site doesn't slow down my computer to a crawl and I can actually read your fucking articles

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Nice day today.

(Let's not count that the sign just out of shot warns you "don't swim here, it's too polluted".)

Also, rescued a bee from a path. Watch out for exhausted bugs in bad places.

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Civ V shitpost 

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mastodon's distributed group of admins took more immediate and decisive action against the far right than twitter has in 13 years

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Yeah sex is cool but have you tried an original IBM PC power switch *clunk* #retrocomputing

Just had a pretty amazing game of ROOT.

Four mostly-insurgency factions.
One mostly-counter-insurgency.
The latter did not fare well.


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It's been estimated that today's #Cloudflare outage is effecting about 10% of all websites world-wide.

If a lot of your online world is down right now, your word and research topic for the day is #decentralization

Valve are going to leave it until right near the end of the summer sale, then all the people who've piled on (rightly) pushing Corgi to an unassailable lead are going to hear that most dreaded phrase:

Teams Have Been Auto-Balanced

Remembered to go check out one of the attempts at distributed-federated-E2E-encrypted-chat, but Firefox apparently read the domain-name and decided to go full information superhighway-punk on the error message:

Advantage of cycling through unexpected heavy showers: when the sun comes out and catches the droplets on your glasses, you get ~magical rainbow vision everywhere~ .

Happy Pride Month? :heart_sparkles_gay:

This Super Metroid/Link to the Past cross-randomizer is crazy. I'm kind of impressed there's sufficient differences in memory layout to multitask them, and then there's inventory cross-sync and mapping the item sprites and descriptions between them on top of that.

(Also Patti(?)'s a great snarky commentator.)

Poking the kind of darkness with a stick indeed.

Honestly it's pretty great. (Grand Poo World 2.)

This Mario ROM hack is so full of helpful things!

This is kinda a fun toy:

My year contains both the information superhighway and nuclear winter.

That was a great Zelda randomizer race. Some really solid runs in general this year.

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