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"Seattle Dry Cider": vinegar, let us not dwell on it.

Angry Orchard with the save, though. They're doing a proper cloudy one! It tastes of apples and not sugar or acid or fizz! :blobcataww:

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There's a PDP-8 set up with CHERMO-II chess software, and I dragged @TestPattern over to pit his big weasel-brain against it.

With a bit of help from @Kaltren and I, we won! (But, dang, it sure was predicting some moves ahead successfully on '60s tech.)

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There's a bunch of stuff I snapped that I'm not gonna all thread here because honestly seeing photos of various terminals isn't *that* cool. :blobcatcamera:


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And look at this little guy, down in the "retro basement" area.

Wrong nostalgia for me, but he nomf.

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Feeling old by seeing the micro I spent most of my youth on. (Almost; no TV modulator in this version---just a 1024STF.)

They had a 400, but no 800XL though.

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Having games on the Xerox Alto (holy cow, I got to play about on an Xerox Alto---what a beautiful high-res screen and text for 1973!) seems like a waste when I could be doing WYSIWYG DTP on hardware a decade older than me.

I played with some old computers I never though I'd get to touch at the Living Computer Museum.

This thing had a TWM-like window manager.

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I hope he gets his money. It reads like it ought to be pretty open-and-shut if all the details of the story are correct. It's only been a couple of years since Bobby was having to turn to crowdfunding to raise money for cancer treatment

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I may have :blobcataww: 'd slightly at seeing Sea Wolf.

Once I'd dragged @TestPattern over, they set a high score. :blobcatheart:

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Also this weird two-player baseball game. One "flipper", one shot, gotta then push buttons to run, while the other player pitches and tries to catch you out. (@Kaltren and Burq playing.)

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Speaking of modern, cheesy sexuality aside, the Elvira table is a ton of fun. Anger the crate. Do it. :blobcatowoevil:

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Cueball Wizard has a weird gimmick with captive pool balls you can hit with the pinballs. Kinda frustrating, honestly.

And some later 70s/80s sci-fi art. I managed to light everything but the 'R' in Future Spa, alas. :blobcatmmm:

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Love the art of the 60s/70s tables. Texan is so old bumpers are with individual points. These old tables are brutal; none of the replay-ball safety nets of the 80s onward. More balls per play, though!

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