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GHOST, ANCIENT, and DIZZY (which is really...not easily forthcoming of late)

Credit to the ANCIENT inspiration goes to Hunefer, 19th Dynasty (1300 BCE) scribe, I think:

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I...uh. :blobcattilt:

I guess they have no rat traffic and no hilarously incompetent yet expensive rat driving instructors.

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scared of homophobia haha ironic 

I don't know how to express how "millionaires want me to die" feels to straight white dudes and don't want to bring it up to people who aren't since they probably don't want reminded about it

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What's particularly annoying is that it seems to have correctly feature-detected and aligned it in all the adjacent photos, and I don't see any obviously wrong matches, so it's just being particularly cantankerous. :blobcatflip:

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Ok good, I've put enough manual control points to stop it duplicating the big round Gasworks building...

...and now it's doubled-up the football pitch. :blobcatglaredrink:

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This is the impious year of 2019, and nothing is sacred anymore.

does like to troll me where Google Photos has failed to stitch something.

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gay furries with big tails must have the weirdest sitting positions in chairs

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spent the better part of the day theming my phone's home screen...

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what idiot called it "machine learning" instead of "bias automation"

Yep, a status byte. For user ID, mostly! The attribute bits are packed onto the filename, because this is the hardcore 7-bit ASCII world that cares not for your future codepages or UTF-8.

And, wow, that mixed binary-and-BCD multi-unit local-time datestamp encoding. Yikes.

(Suitable for DOSish archaeology, both of these toots are 386 characters long, although this one deliberately.)

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