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That Star Wars - Escape From Yavin 4: The Lost Maps; Subtitle Harder [Deluxe Remix] run was hype as heck.

And cool, pronouns in the player broadcast graphics!

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“Sarah, you travel a lot, so you probably have all your shit together when it comes to travelling?”
Me, realising I have packed several wool sweaters for a vacation in Orlando, Florida: “…yes. definitely.”

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What I should be doing: Packing.
What I am doing: Figuring out what percentage of the Aer Lingus fleet I've flown on.

It's a great film and all, but why's McClane think a pair of burning rags will do anything when there's a whole absentee fleet of emergency vehicles with lights that show up after, anyway?

Starting the decade off right with what I didn't get to in December: watching Die Hard 2.

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rat rat rat rat 

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they tend to go kinda nuts here with the new years eve fireworks but i've never seen it appear in the goddamn weather report before

If you look reeeeealy closely, you can see a fox through these trees.

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A sign I might have too many computers: Somewhere in my apartment is a modern-ish Lenovo ThinkPad. In the search for it, I have found 8 laptops which is not that ThinkPad.

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Back home in my apartment, time to convert my home servers to NixOS.

Please send some shark repellant my way.

Helping my Dad set up his new Pi for Christmas: something is slow about NTP setting the clock, so updates fail due to being signed from the future. Doesn't look like there's a graphical package manager preinstalled or anything, so off to the terminal already.

I'd make "maybe 2020 will be the Year of the Desktop" jokes, but meanwhile the Win10 media center was stuttering and throwing "file suddenly doesn't exist" errors trying to play a video from the fileserver, so.

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That's 6 feet? Holy shit how big are those connectors

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browsing stuff on my phone while AirPlaying a movie to the TV at home with the family: because i like to live dangerously

Toy Story 4: good? Holy cow, my cynical "wring some money out of the license years later" take was a mile off base. The plot's something different; the characters are great, have kept their development from films past, and aren't beholden to But The Plot Says Thou Must; and the pace keeps up without endless self-doubt naval gazing.

(Actual after-credits bit, too!)

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