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pun which destroyed me 

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My car insurance company just sent me a coupon for cheaper petrol…

The true horror of the Animorphs run might just be the atrocious kerning on the title screens.

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Oreo Thins
Oreo (Original)
Oreo Double Stuf
Oreo Mega Stuf
Oreo Most Stuf
Oreo Even Moster Stuf
2 Oreos 2 Stufious
Oreo Giga Stuf
Oreos: The Next Stuferation
Oreos: Eat Stuf With a Vengeance
2 Oreos 1 Stuf
Oreo Tera Stuf
Indiana Jones and the Oreo of Stuf
Oreo Wars: The Stuf Awakens
Oreos II: Stuf on Earth
Oreo Peta Stuf
A Solar System Sized Sphere Of Stuf With Two Oreo Cookies Stuck To Either Side

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Don't normally go for the two-hour-plus ones, but that tomatoan(g)us Fallout Anthology run was worth it. Great showmanship.

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I've got the Sekiro run on in the background, and it's refreshing for it to be back to the *RNG* punishing the runner, and the crowd *supporting* them.

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OH “gdq can have little a donation. as a treat.”

It's up on the tubes, and is everything I dreamed of.

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I just found out that there are people speedrunning Ring Fit Adventure…

No ladder skip yet, eh?

Also I'm loving the "MGS Tree".

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Well I was gonna sleep, but now there's a chill MGS3 run on, so I guess I get to tactically relax.

Jumping of a bullet to cross a pit is pretty ridiculously ninja.

Excellent couch co-ordination in this Adventure Island II run.

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